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“Yes, everything was nice and helpful at beginning even I was charged 10+tax in cash. The nice lady reminded me my smart watch need to store too while I thought only my phone. off cause she checked my photo for potential buz. However things turned to very bad and rude after I came back just in 5 to 10mins for us Consul changed my appointments date without my notice, no email no inform for 1 year.\/. The mgr boy refused my refund request for I just came back in mins, no body will ask for a storage just for mins for nothing, all persons for locker there for us visa appointments. They have no strong reason not to refund, they said they meed pay for the store rent, pay for other costs, lied say there is a person paid for locker for just 5 mins...all kind of excuses until I said I will post my review and experience in social media, the boy turned to very rude, said you dare!go away!no money back!get out! technically they stole my money and verbally insulted me. Never come to the store again, I'd rather go a little far to the nearby Staple with same price next time!UPDATE:The owner apologized for his rudeness and disrespectful to his customer later after my review post, and offered a free storage locker next time I come. So I'm glad the issue was solved”

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“Great place to get a passport photo. Friendly, professional, patient, and goes above and beyond to make sure the photos turn out perfectly. Best price in town, too.”

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“Absolutely the fairest prices convenience store wise.Julie is very kind (but also a powerhouse and wise to what hood she is in lol)She treats everyone well no matter the situation.She always listens to her clients needs and tries to provide requested products .I have two shops in Parkdale that I am completely loyal to,hers is one of the two.”

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“Is this the superstar show played on Mauril? Yes, not only Netflix played it, Mauril(English learning app) or CBC also have it on their play list. I saw Simu Liu appear on the show so I thought it must be in Toronto, and let me check it out on Google! Then it came out as in Toronto! What a surprise! Good luck with the business however since business really needs solid good stuff to customers but not only the laughter.”

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“This is by far the best Convenience store in the neighbourhood. The owners are wonderful, helpful and kind. It’s very hard to see this in a Convenience store, normally the owners or employees are miserable and angry. (You all know what I am talking about.)QQ Convenience is very clean and easy to walk into and find what you’re looking for.I must also mention how delicious the beef patties are. Veggie and chicken as well.Definitely worth making this your local store.”

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“I love this convenience store! The staff are always incredibly friendly and helpful. The shop is small, but incredibly well-stocked, and they always seem to have exactly what I need. I usually expect convenience stores to be overpriced, but somehow the prices here are as low (and sometimes lower) than the grocery store. I'm not sure how they do it, but I am very grateful to live near such a neighborhood gem.”

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“Happy to visit this store for my temporary stay & visited many stores in this area but this is the best ppl find with all varieties which I need as well for talking”

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“Amazing, convenient and variable shopping items available there. Even the crew working there are gentle and helpful in all ways ..Would like to recommend to all. Must visit specifically to all candy and drinks lovers !”

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“I had an excellent experience at this convenience store taking passport photos to renew my passport. Patel was incredibly polite and patient, ensuring every detail met passport requirements. His expertise and friendly service made the entire process a little less painful, unlike self-serve kiosks and my previous experiences with taking passport photos.Bonus, it's conveniently located. There's a great selection of coffee shops in the area! And don't forget to check out their fantastic candy selection while you wait for your photos to be printed!Thanks a bunch Patel!”

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“One of the best places to get your donuts in TO! They have lots of variety that won't break the bank. The staff are friendly and very welcoming. Watch out for queues on the weekend though so better come early to avoid them. Also try their boba tea, I mean, they're generous with the pearls and that's saying something ??”

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“On 6th March Monday morning, I got an email from a company called Coinvic about cryptocurrency investment plans. The email also contained a website link and three phone numbers which I was to contact in case I was interested. I reached out to an agent called Marcus Gilliani who explained further how Ethereum will soon blow up. He also guided me on how to navigate my platform which included how to deposit and withdraw. I'd previously heard numerous stories of how people gained millions in this market and so I thought it would be the best way to multiply my retirement funds. Being as naïve as I am, I made an initial deposit of $70,000 which was projected to increase to $120,000 in a fortnight. I checked the mobile application and for sure, my account balance increased continuously and I remember how anxious I was for the due date which was on the 21st of March. I even waited for midnight to withdraw but I was so disappointed when I was told that there was an error and I should try again in 3 business days. I immediately contacted Marcus who told me that a high number of clients made withdrawals which slowed the platform and that I would be able to withdraw if I upgraded to Platinum membership, whose members are given first priority. Once again, I deposited $10,000 but I was still unable to withdraw. I reached out to Marcus again but he did not respond or pick up my calls and this went on for one week. I was really desperate to get my money back and so I went online and found a blogpost with a list of websites which are dedicated in helping cybercrime victims. I clicked on punkerscyberorg and went ahead to contact them. I explained to them and 2 days later, which was 30th March, I got back $75,000 since I had to pay for the services. Just search punkerscyberorg to get help or reach out to their WhatsApp +44 7848 161773 .”

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“The best convenience store I've ever been to. Shout-out to the staff members. They do a really good job. Wide range of product. Fair prices as well. Overall, a good experience.”

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“We just moved from living up the street from this place for 10 years. Now that I have been exposed to regular convenience stores and can no longer come here, I realize what an amazing store Lucky is. Wonderful family running a very clean and well stocked store. Great place.”

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“If you’re looking to get more fresh, whole food plant-based nutrients into your diet, freedom jars makes for a convenient choice! As a nutritionist I recommend their salads and breakfast jars because they are balanced and use high quality ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re choosing to fuel your body with. They are all so flavourful and satisfying too! ?”

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“Today was my second time visiting and the two people working both remembered me. I’m new to the city so that was very warming. Both are so friendly and welcoming. I came back for the great snack selection but going forward I will not only be coming for the snacks but the interaction as well.Never been to any store like this before. Thank you for the great city seeing tips as well!”

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“Love this place. Love the grocery selection - which is often evolving based on customer trends. I often try new products in their snack and beverage sections while relying on staples like oat milk, condiments, baking ingredients. Check out their sale rack too… another opportunity to try new things for cheap! Hard-working family owned it seems too ♥️”

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“I recently visited Joy Convenience Store and had an amazing experience. The owner was friendly, helpful, and genuinely cared about customer satisfaction. The store was well-stocked and organized, offering a wide range of products. Overall, I highly recommend Joy Convenience Store for a delightful shopping experience.”

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“(Translated by Google) It's a good place to find Brazilian products, such as tapioca, kibe, bread cheese mix, guarana, dulce de leche, chocolates (Sonho de Valsa, Batom, BIS), among many other types of product at a good price.(Original)It’s a good place to find Brazilian products, such as tapioca, kibe, pão de queijo mix, guarana, dulce de leche, chocolates (Sonho de Valsa, Batom, BIS), among many other types of product at a good price.”

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“where else in niagara falls can you buy a jesus and mary chain, or waylon jennings t-shirt??!!how about insane clown posse or exploited!???rock world is the about an ol dirty bastard or nirvana poster..???”

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“Proper Queen St. OG. Only the 905ers and condo yuppies complain about this place because they don't get it. This what Toronto was before they all moved in and ruined every interesting neighbourhood. Appreciate this store while these sort of places exist, because soon it'll be all Rexals and Circle Ks.”

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“This is one of the best convenience stores in Toronto. They got everything I need. The staffs are so nice and helpful. Moreover, it opens 24 hours, isn't that great or what? Keep up the good work guys~!!”

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“Nice little convenience store with good selection of snacks (which is what I came in for). What stood out was the unique bong designs that I haven’t seen anywhere else. They even had some Rick & Morty ones.Definitely will return whenever I’m in the area.”

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“Great selection & friendly staff. They always give my dog a treat at checkout which is super sweet. Very convenient shop to have the in the area and appreciate the neighbourly vibes!”

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“Good local convenience store with a variety of items & goods. Has a nice patio space outside surrounded by plants which makes it a great spot for enjoying a refreshing beverage/ice cream.”

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“Narrow space upon entrance but gets wider towards the back. Clean and nice space. Was impressed that the shop owner wiped the items we bought before handing them to us. Fair prices. There's also an ATM inside.”

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“They always have what I need in stock and the owners are friendly. Most of what I buy is cheaper than the adjacent No Frills and I would rather spend my money at a family-owned business anyways.”

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“Nice little convenience and grocery store. Quite spacious and clean. Very good variety of flower plants and other plants at good prices. Would recommend to those looking for household essentials, plants and other items. The owner is very kind.”

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