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“Reza was extremely patient and helpful today. We had a lot issues and he addressed all of them fully. He recommended great products that will help with our health issues. We’re very grateful.”

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“High quality snacks sourced locally, and soap/detergent refills help me reduce plastic consumption.You can’t find these snacks easily elsewhere and they have always been very fresh. The hand soap/body wash smells really pleasant and is very mild. The dish soap is also very pleasant and works well.The owner and other staff have always been super helpful and knowledgeable. I love that this store allows me to shop locally, eat delicious locally produced food and reduce my environmental footprint all with reasonable prices! These soap refills are cheaper than plastic-bottled commercial alternatives. Win win win win!”

4.8 Superb39 Reviews

“Thank you so much for catering our HQ gathering. Food as absolutely delicious and was delivered exactly as promised.I am a regular shopper here and I can honestly say I am grateful for the quality and options that I find here.The staff is so friendly and a special mention to Michele for the catering”

4.4 Superb106 Reviews

“So lucky to have bare market in the neighborhood. The selection is great and we've massively decreased our waste. Not only that, but the prices are better than grocery stores and you only get what you need.”

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“The best vegan deli sandwich I’ve ever had. The bread was fresh, the pesto was delicious, and I was surprised to hear it was made without any oil. We will definitely be back.”

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“This store has had several incarnations after its longtime owners sold it. Here is to hoping Greenwood Market stays. It is small, clean, well-stocked and priced and is my go to for fruits and veggies. Run by a lovely young family.”

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“Great selection in a small store. Veg is always fresh. I find prices a tad high but this store is very good for service from the staff - just ask if you need something.”

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“I LOVE this store! It has all the grocery items you need, including lactose free milk, great selection of produce, some pre packaged salads, deliciously marinated chicken, pork, brochettes, burgers, dry staples, a lovely baked goods counter…a deli counter, cheeses…pop in on your way by and plan dinner on the fly! The owner is there, kind, responsive, helpful. So happy they opened.”

4.7 Superb30 Reviews

“Dropped in here last week after being recommended by Dr. Adrian at All Access Health and Fitness. Ryan was very knowledgeable and helped me make the right decision for the products I was looking for. I'll be back for sure!”

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“Excellent store. Produce was fresh, prices were good and staff were friendly. We used to go to WF up the street but now I think we'll just stick to Sweet Potato. Store seems to be much improved from when we first came in the summer.”

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“Perfect, this store has everything that I wanted and came in for, they staff were also very helpful, they walked me to every item that I needed. Superb staff. Well run business, as these days, it's hard to find good and hard working staff.”

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“I'm suspicious when it comes to markets with Asian products, especially Korean products, but the Galleria is certainly a great option for those looking for good values, variety of products and good options for different items!The grocery store is very complete, with a little bit of every item, including skincare and hygiene. The place is always very clean, including the refrigerators, which makes me very happy, since the store is right in front of the avenue!They are close to the Eglinton metro, the bus terminal and easy stops for taxis and private cars, in addition to having private parking in the area.The corridors are spacious and the store does not have steps, in addition to having an automatic door, facilitating the entry of customers using walkers, canes and walkers.Worth knowing!”

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“A neighborhood gem still nun by a local family, Maselli's has been part of a weekend dinner party since we arrived in Riverdale 30 years ago. Classical Italian staples are front and centre: fresh veal and cheeses in the meantime butcher section, nduja, olives, lemon juice, oils and, of course, fruits and vegetables. Buy some fresh taralli for the walk home. ( They also stock Puroliva shaving supplies from Naples, Best. Shave. Ever.)This is my party shopping happy place, and it packs a really big store into a smaller, intimate space.”

4.5 Superb40 Reviews

“Such a great shop. This store has a really large selection of vegan items. The staff is really kind and helpful, and I appreciated that they were masked when I went!”

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“One of the best Taiwanese markets in North York. Many local products that you can’t find anywhere else and high quality ingredients like spices, dried foods and desserts. There’s also a kitchen, you can try some freshly made Taiwanese snacks while you shop.”

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“Pasta is incredible! The goods in the store are fantastic. My wife and i did the pasta making class. Which was so much fun. So happy this little spot is right around the corner.”

4.6 Superb30 Reviews

“Anything you need for Japanese cooking you'll most likely find here. So glad this place exists !!Prices can vary based on the product, so I recommend checking costs before paying.”

4.5 Superb35 Reviews

“It’s been my first time trying food at this location, they have different menu every day and also fresh! I enjoyed. Great staff as well and lots of unique filipino and asian products to find!”

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“Fresh meat, dairy and condiments, and even prepared foods all under one roof! An always obliging and friendly staff ready to serve, and doing it with a smile! Beef of course grass fed. I really like this place and I’m sure you will too. Bon Appetite!”

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“A charming Farm Boy store, tidy and brightly lit, with plenty of free parking available. Came in to buy a cup of coffee, and they boast a well-supplied coffee station offering two varieties.”

4.2 Good77 Reviews

“Best kimchi ever, beats restaurant kimchi I try to come here as often as possible I’ll never buy regular branded grocery store kimchi again. It’s crazy fresh”

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“Absolute best place to buy bangladeshi foods and meats. The man behind the meat counter is the nicest person ever and cuts meat well. Highly recommend this place for fresh meat and fish”

4.4 Superb32 Reviews

“if you are on the budget this market is a go to ? they have varieties like asian condiments and seafoods also produce if you are hungry while shopping there is also a cooked food inside..”

4.1 Good107 Reviews

“Great service. Murad , is very professional and he goes out of his to satisfy his customers. He carried my heavy box of groceries to my car! Prices are great. Great variety of east African groceries. I would highly recommend them!”

4.5 Superb23 Reviews

“Stumbled on this hidden gem biking by. The staff were so helpful and friendly. I bought some farro (delicious grain that doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels) in bulk which is hard to find at a reasonable price. Wish more people knew about and supported this co-op!”

4.6 Superb18 Reviews

“I found so many rare and unusual plants there! Most of my collection comes from them now! Rose is taking a good care of them with passion. She definitely is a plant lover!I like to go there just to have a chat with Rose about her plants, trying to get a discount, but good luck on that!!! She is tough! I’m so happy that my money goes to these beautiful people to buy a plant at the end….. full price of course!!!”

4.6 Superb18 Reviews

“Domino Foods in the lower level of the St. Lawrence Market is a fabulous bulk food store. This is a great way to reduce food costs, because you only buy what you need. For instance, I needed three dried porcini mushrooms for a recipe - and found them at Domino Foods for a dollar. I saved money by not buying a large pack of dried mushrooms that wd sit in my cupboard forever. And I got to select the ones I wanted. Plus, I brought my own container, so sm reducing plastics as well.”

4.5 Superb19 Reviews

“I do all my grocery shopping here. There’s a meat counter as well as a cheese counter. You can get a sandwich made here. Lots of interesting pasta. You can get turkeys for the holidays. I spend way less here than when I was shopping in a big grocery chain store. The couple who own the place are the nicest people ever! An absolute pleasure to shop here!”

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“I love this Longo's and it’s my go-to grocery spot! They've got everything – from the freshest produce to killer baked goods. And guess what? They've got this coffee ground station that's basically heaven for caffeine addicts like me. Plus, there's a florist in there – like, who even does that? It's not just groceries; it's a whole experience. Totally my vibe, always something cool to snag, making it the top pick for my grocery adventures!”

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“Very good Indian store specially for South Indian n Lankan. I wish they keep more north indian n Gujarati products. You can buy steel utensils, diwali items, readymade sweets boxes, Indian vegetables like drum sticks, beans, agarbatti , mukwas soaps etccccccc”

4.1 Good61 Reviews

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