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“Cheri Frazell was the perfect lending agent for a first-time home buyer! My Husband and I were beginning the process of buying our first home and Cheri was recommended by our realtor Alicia Dart. The 2 of them were our dream team! Cheri was so helpful in guiding us through all the financial hurdles of purchasing a home. There was so much information to digest and being new to the whole process it could get a little intimidating and confusing at times. Cheri was always wonderful at assuring us that we were on the right path and doing everything we needed to do. She was always quick to respond to any questions we had and helped break down some of the financial jargon into layman's terms. As scary as it was signing so many binding documents involving large amounts of money, we always knew Cheri was on our side. She was always on top of things each step of the way making sure that we didn't miss anything. The whole process went more smoothly than I ever could have imagined and it was all thanks to Cheri. My Husband and I are now homeowners and we could not have made it happen without her. Thank you so much Cheri!”

5 Superb13 Reviews

“Mike was so helpful and made the home buying process incredibly easy! He was always checking in and was always available to answer any questions. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in buying a home.”

5 Superb10 Reviews

“DRIVE UP ATM – Dispenses cash in $1s, $5s, $20s, $50s - The newer bank location off 3215 SW Cedar Hills Blvd next to Oswego Grill is the only drive up, and drive through ATM in town that I've seen that distributes cash in $1s $5s $20s and $50s ... so fancy and convenient, especially for disabled people and during harsh weather. You can even choose which bills you want. Easy to reach the control pad out your driver side window, newer ATM machine. Although I don't currently bank at Unitus, they partner with my small credit union, so thankfully no ATM fees for now. Otherwise no drive-up teller window, used to be a B of A prior, sits in large shared shopping center with lots of parking. I've also seen these modern ATMs inside the entry way at other Unitus branches.”

3.7 Good26 Reviews

“The best Service in friendly Spanish. And they solve everything in your favor by providing several options. Thank you On point for your services and your efficient staff.”

3 Average10 Reviews

“Very personable teller service; I appreciated that they allowed me to adjust my cash into differently sized bills without hesitation.My partner, who is a Wells Fargo customer, originally tried at the branch in the parkade. They require your debit card and a government issued ID. Oi! What happened to "all debts public and private" for the mighty US dollar.OnPoint does have one ATM at this location, available 6 am to 11 pm, when Fred Meyer is open.”

2.9 Average10 Reviews

“Very thankful for Jessica helping me open an account no sweat. Good interaction and I was in and out while I had my daughter. Sure I had to schedule an appointment but it worked. Time and money most people will complain about however, my outlook of living is the thankfulness of where I live and this country in comparison. With that said enjoy your freedom and the 4th of July.”

2.5 Average11 Reviews

“Yesterday I visited OnPoint and was helped by a most delightful Membership Relationship Officer, Arun Singh.She was pleasant, efficient and bottom line helped me with things I didn't even know I needed to ask.Normally I don't review financial institutions... this time I will make an exception.”

1.7 Poor11 Reviews

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