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“Always greeted friendly when entering the building. Tellers are helpful and nice. Grant is amazing in helping with loans and running the Beaverton Branch.Much appreciatedMelissa”

4.9 Superb47 Reviews

“DRIVE UP ATM – Dispenses cash in $1s, $5s, $20s, $50s - The newer bank location off 3215 SW Cedar Hills Blvd next to Oswego Grill is the only drive up, and drive through ATM in town that I've seen that distributes cash in $1s $5s $20s and $50s ... so fancy and convenient, especially for disabled people and during harsh weather. You can even choose which bills you want. Easy to reach the control pad out your driver side window, newer ATM machine. Although I don't currently bank at Unitus, they partner with my small credit union, so thankfully no ATM fees for now. Otherwise no drive-up teller window, used to be a B of A prior, sits in large shared shopping center with lots of parking. I've also seen these modern ATMs inside the entry way at other Unitus branches.”

3.7 Good26 Reviews

“I had an appointment with Shivani Marathe at the Nimbus Branch. She was extremely helpful and patient in explaining all the products and banking benefits. Thank you again Shivani.”

3.5 Good37 Reviews

“THIS LOCATION HAS A DIFFERENT ADDRESS THAN WHAT IS LISTED. They've moved to 2840 SW Cedar Hills Blvd. Just so y'all know and don't spend forever trying to figure it out like I did! Really nice when I called in to ask, by the way. Thanks BOTW!”

4.2 Good8 Reviews

“This bank has incredible employees, goes above and beyond in customer service and Sarah the manager, is absolutely wonderful. It's clear she works hard to set an example and the whole team works together to provide. In these times, this bank provides old school service that is so rare and appreciated.”

3.9 Good10 Reviews

“Had to make an appointment to get done what I needed. The customer service was way above and beyond! The patience and information delivered was outstanding. They are short staffed like the rest of other businesses currently. However, my experience didn't make me feel rushed or like a bother. I completed 100% of everything in one visit and one person:)”

3.2 Average30 Reviews

“Had very pleasant experience last night. James and Mo went above and beyond to make sure my loan was finalized last minute and in record time. My situation may very from others of course, but that didn’t stop them from staying late and providing the uncommon and much appreciative customer service thats so hard to find these days. Cheers guys if your reading this ✌?”

3.7 Good7 Reviews

“I left a credit union for this bank and couldn’t be happier. They are friendly and feel like a neighbor. This bank is close and they take deposits with your phone as well as outside. But the best part is the drive up teller. Omg so handy. Everyone from the manager on down the line knows my name and treats me with respect. I will never leave this bank!”

3.4 Good12 Reviews

“First Citizens Bank in Beaverton, OR is here for your personal, small business, and commercial banking and lending needs. This stunning Beaverton branch is gorgeous inside and has some wonderful helpful business bankers that will help you with your financial needs. Anything from small business to larger scale they are much needed and welcome in this growing community and are here to stay. I attended the ribbon cutting event with the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce welcoming First Citizens Bank to the area!”

4 Good4 Reviews

“I came to the Beaverton Town Square branch after starting a process with the Peterkort Branch. I was worried about glitches in the process, which unfortunately turned out to be true (including some mistakes I had made). Associate Banker Natalie Lisichenko handled my case professionally, even though I was not presenting my best self that day. Stephanie Campbell stepped in to assist and spent valuable time with me to walk me through every step and ensure the process was completed accurately. This was very generous and gave me great assurance during a very difficult time. I really appreciate Stephanie Campbell and Natalie Lisichencko's professionalism and caring hearts. I am very grateful for their assistance.”

3.3 Good12 Reviews

“Before banking at KeyBank I was saddled with horrendous overdraft fees at a rival U.S. Bank, that shall not be named. The account manager at Beaverton KeyBank hooked me up with a Hassle-Free checking account and now my overdraft nightmare is literally over. KeyBank has been the best bank to do business with as they have a product for almost everyone. The Beaverton branch has terrific people from the top down. My experiences have been nothing short of fantastic, each and every time I've interacted with them. In person, at the ATM, or on the phone, nothing but courtesy and professionalism. You can tell they really care about the customer experience. Thank you, everyone at Beaverton KeyBank, for making my banking experiences exceptionally pleasant ones.”

3.2 Average11 Reviews

“The new BMO office is great. The staff are friendly knowledgeable and experienced. They were able to assist me with an estate and trust issue promptly. For the detailed situations to get the accounts up and running properly, it was easy. They reached out to their support team,as needed,and we got accounts set up. Access to the appropriate beneficiaries, ATM debit cards are provided from the branch while you wait on an official one. Such excellent service. I am so thankful this has now become a BMO bank!”

3.1 Average14 Reviews

“I was sprinting to get to the bank before closing on a Saturday because I needed to get cash out for Chinese New Year. I got there 30 seconds before closing and Eric, the bank teller, not only let me in but went through all the $20 bills I withdrew to check for the newest ones. (It's tradition to get new bills to give). Such great customer service!”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“I like Bank of America, but I don't like going into the actual building of Bank of America. Because it's always full with people, and there's always a line.”

2.9 Average28 Reviews

“Kenia (I’m sorry if that’s the wrong spelling) went above and beyond, right at closing, to help me get my great grandfathers watch from the safe-deposit box, for an important wedding. Thank you so much.”

3 Average12 Reviews

“The best Service in friendly Spanish. And they solve everything in your favor by providing several options. Thank you On point for your services and your efficient staff.”

3 Average10 Reviews

“I was sprinting to get to the bank before closing on a Saturday because I needed to get cash out for Chinese New Year. I got there 30 seconds before closing and Eric, the bank teller, not only let me in but went through all the $20 bills I withdrew to check for the newest ones. (It's tradition to get new bills to give). Such great customer service!”

2.9 Average14 Reviews

“My credit card was compromised twice in a week!The people at Rivermark totally understood and happily made me a new card. I felt embarrassed that it happened twice, but they didn’t judge me just helped me. Thanks!”

2.9 Average14 Reviews

“Becoming a member was a very pleasant experience. Kylee was professional, knowledgeable and patient. My subsequent use of the ATM, website and telebankers has been easy and everyone I’ve dealt with has been pleasant and helpful. It has all been a reminder of why I love credit unions.”

2.9 Average13 Reviews

“I had a very pleasant experience a financial services representative, Nathan Raey. He took the time to listen to my needs and then proceeded to make sure he addressed them all, to my complete satisfaction. I genuinely appreciate his active listening to what I needed professionally. But he was also very human and our discussion also included human interests.I'm a big fan of credit unions in general and of First Tech in particular. It's people like Nathan that exemplify a genuine commitment to personalized customer service.”

2.8 Average33 Reviews

“Very personable teller service; I appreciated that they allowed me to adjust my cash into differently sized bills without hesitation.My partner, who is a Wells Fargo customer, originally tried at the branch in the parkade. They require your debit card and a government issued ID. Oi! What happened to "all debts public and private" for the mighty US dollar.OnPoint does have one ATM at this location, available 6 am to 11 pm, when Fred Meyer is open.”

2.9 Average10 Reviews

“My wife and I receive the absolute best personalized customer service here ! Where else can you walk into a bank branch and be greeted by your first name ? They are outstanding !!”

2.7 Average23 Reviews

“I absolutely love the customer service at this branch. I opened multiple accounts and was extrremely pleased with the assistance given. Later I had to remove money in large sums and was waived fees that were attached. Every time I went thereafter the same people no matter which one it was provided courteous and efficient customer service. Everyone is professional, friendly and efficinent. Thanks US Bank for this team! Lana”

2.6 Average18 Reviews

“Another bank I tried always seemed to have some technical issues and couldn't provide me with banking needs. I then found Bank Of The West and they are AMAZING. I have always been treated professionally and kindly. When I'm the one at the counter or in drive-thru they are always focused on me and it's like this for the other customers I see. Excellent business practices and customer service.”

2.6 Average29 Reviews

“My biggest complaint is that they don't have a branch where I moved. Great PR, great customer service, friendly staff, great policies. Honestly, I've never liked a bank before Banner Bank and I'm nearing my fifth decade of life. I don't know how anyone would rate them less than 4 stars.”

2.3 Poor3 Reviews

“My review is for this Branch specifically. Not only this branch but more specifically Ryan Buckley. I've been dealing with what most people dread the thought of, fraud! I found out Wednesday morning that a fraud check was written on my account and I was in such a panic, I called the customer service hotline to begin my morning. To say the lady who answered the phone was not helpful is an under statement. Not only was she not helpful, but when I explained to her the situation (my own mother stole my bank account info and wrote a fraud check) the rep. told me there was nothing that could be done except contact my mother and tell her to pay me back. (We havent spoken in about a year). After hearing that I was furious. At this point all I wanted to do was close my account with Chase and open elsewhere. I decided I would go on my lunch break to a branch and try to find solutions- since my paycheck was going to be direct deposited that night. When I walked in I was hesistant since this isnt my normal branch. When meeting Ryan he did everything he could- calling every number he knew to ask for ways to assist, and looking for his branch manager for ideas as well. When I thought all hope was lost, he tried one last number and we found the best solution for the problem. This is probably the best feeling when you're being taken care of. Ryan really knows what its like to give top notch customer service, and I hope everyone here knows what a great employee they have!”

2.3 Poor3 Reviews

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