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“The Ebensburg Aldi's store was exceptional. Employees were helpful and friendly.I was a little lost because the Johnstown store is where I usually go, but this store was on my route today. Not a big deal. It was a pleasant shopping experience, all around.”

4.5Superb85 Reviews

“Wonderful customer service! I ordered a cake from the bakery and it was the best cake we've ever eaten! Highly recommend bakery and deli. Very clean store!”

3.8Good91 Reviews

“Food is top notch, Sheetz doesn't come close. Also very friendly, and not in the "I'm working so I have to be polite", kinda way, but genuine. Same people have been working there for years too, and low turnover is a good way to judge employee treatment. In that way, getgo and sheetz both take good care of there people.”

3.9Good24 Reviews

“Clean store as it is new. Hopefully it stays that way for awhile. It is difficult to see getting out on the road way as the weeds and big bush is blocking the view.”

3.9Good23 Reviews

“We had got a flat tire and these guys were so professional and fast we were in an out and I was so happy for the service we received there. Would highly recommend!”

3.7Good146 Reviews

“Called ahead to see if I could arrive early and they said no problem after checking to see if they could accommodate. Lady on the phone was very pleasant, also the dock clerk was very friendly. Plenty of space to back into the docks. Porta potty outside. Didn't take long at all to unload a full trailer. Overall great experience, would definitely come back to this location.”

3.6Good30 Reviews
3.1Average12 Reviews

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