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“Prescriptions arrive very quickly. Extremely easy to order meds online. Staff is always friendly when calling the apothecary. Much easier than going to a local pharmacy.”

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“This place carries the best CBD product at a reasonable price I've found to help my 12 year old dog with his arthritis. It's called Viddlez and I can't find it anywhere else. They also do tap to pay!”

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“A true old-time neighborhood pharmacy. Good prices, friendly people and a good amount of convenience store items. Support a small business like this one, you won’t regret it!”

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“I take a very expensive medication and when I switched insurances, Adzema could no longer afford to cover it. However, Jay told me he did not want to stiff me on the last month so he gave me the medicine even though the pharmacy lost money. It gave me time to find a new pharmacy before I was due again next month. Thank you Jay & Adzema. Would definitely recommend this pharmacy you don’t see that kind of generosity most places.”

4.8 Superb18 Reviews

“They are seriously the best - thoughtful, friendly, helpful, kind, sweet to my children, etc. etc. etc. Whenever my kids need antibiotics, they'll call to see if I'm on my way in so that they can start mixing them and I won't have to wait which is HUGE when you have sick littles and are coming from the doctor's office. I even received a personalized phone call wishing me a Happy Birthday!”

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“Very efficient staff, they great you, ask if there’s any thing you need. And will sit and explain any questions with you. They have delivery service, but they close at 6pm, that’s a problem especially if you just came from a hospital late in the day.”

4.9 Superb13 Reviews

“I have been getting some of my medications that require compounding through Asti’s and I am very pleased with how professional the entire staff has been . They are extremely busy from my observations, but are extremely efficient in handling my medication needs.”

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“We went to get our flu shots at Rite Aid @ 900 Mt. Royal Blvd. The pharmacist who took care of us was extremely nice & gentle. I didn't even feel the needle. The employees are very friendly & helpful.”

4.6 Superb18 Reviews

“Brittany, the pharmacist, is phenomenal! She makes sure the prescriptions I need are in stock and available when I need them. This was not the case at the Allison Park location. Brittany obviously loves her job and her customers. The entire staff at this pharmacy is the best at what they do! It is definitely worth the extra time to get to this location.”

4.6 Superb18 Reviews

“I love this pharmacy. The TM system to notify when prescriptions are ready is so useful. The staff is tremendously helpful. So grateful I picked Rite Aid as my pharmacy of choice.”

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“Great staff. They really do their best to have everything ready on time for refills, and quickly for walk-in first time prescriptions too. This has not been the case in my experience at some other CVS locations in the area. And they're friendly and nice people too!”

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“I haven't been here. Do NOT park in the Ladle Parking Garage at Sidney St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 - IT IS A SCAM! They do not clearly display the cost until you are stuck and parked and I was charged $14.74 to park for 29 minutes on a Sunday”

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“Cannot say enough good things about this location! The pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and front end staff are always so kind and courteous. Prescriptions are timely and the pharmacists are so friendly. They really care about your well being. I hate going to the doctor but always look forward to picking up my prescriptions here. By far the best pharmacy I’ve been to in years.”

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“Sam and friends!! Yall been nothing but courteous and respectful towards me since I started going there 5 years ago..Thank you for awesome professionalism aside from my sarcasm its always a pleasant visit to get my med or meds”

4.9 Superb8 Reviews

“I had to switch to CVS Pharmacy after my health insurance started charging extra for Rite Aid prescriptions. I was a little bit reluctant but a year later, I have to say this CVS has exceeded all of my expectations and saved the day on several occasions! I am traveling out of the country and needed to get my flu shot as well as Hep A vaccine. I traveled all over the South Hills at several different urgent care centers and called around to PCPs to try to get an ASAP appointment. I had no luck. I found one place that was going to charge me an arm and a leg & didn't take insurance, and I was about to give in to that ripoff. I basically gave up on trying, then on my way home I stopped by CVS at almost 8:00 in the evening to pick up my prescription and get a quick flu shot, and there on the counter was a flyer for Hep A vaccine. I COULDNT BELIEVE IT! They ran my insurance and I was able to get both the flu shot and Hep A at no cost. I cannot thank them enough (though I thanked them a hundred times while I was there) because they truly came through for me when I had no hope!!! [just an FYI - I do not know if they always carry this vaccine or not, so don't quote me on that. they just happened to have it available when I went! They do however have the flu shot and it is done right there at the pharmacy. Quick and easy]. Because they truly saved the day for me, I had to go on Yelp and write a review. This location is top notch and they make everything so easy. I will continue to give them my business because they have earned it. I also signed up for text messages, so they let me know my prescription is ready. If I forget for a couple of days, they'll send another with an expiration on when they will be returning my prescription to the shelf. I can appreciate this extra step because sometimes life just gets so busy you forget to do little (but very important) things like this! I love the pharmacy drive thru- they are open late and I am able to swing by and pick up the prescription in seconds. When I venture into the store for prescription pick up and/or browsing, I'm always able to snag a few things on sale or clearance that saves me a trip to the grocery store! I don't care about the other reviews, or that this is a huge corporation, they have earned my business and my trust! Thank you CVS West Liberty Ave for making my life just a little bit easier!”

4.6 Superb10 Reviews

“I had a good experience. I had a cup of coffee at thier Starbucks and was subsequently able to do my shopping quickly via the self scan registers. I am glad that gift cards can now be purchased via the self scan registers.”

3.9 Good41 Reviews

“The pharmacy employees are very joyful and polite. So many times I have been walking up to the pharmacy and they have already had me pulled up on the computer. Will take time with you if you have any questions or concerns.”

3.8 Good68 Reviews

“The absolutely worst mailorder pharmacy. Many times they do not have the medicine and expect the patient to go out and buy it or go without. Their delivery is a nightmare. I had meds written for pneumonia symtoms and a week later it is still not here. A pharmacy tech I deal with is nice and the only redeeming aspect of CCN for me. I recently left a hospital after i was attacked downtown ********** which resulted in 4 brain surgeries and an ankle rebuilt with metal. CCN was difficult to deal with and messed up many new prescriptions and refills. Today I have to go to an ****** care to take care of meds CCN never got to me, I have been a pharmacist for 30 years and any pharmacy I was in charge of would never have allowed the many mistakes of CCN to happen. I cannot believe they allow a delivery person to decide if he will or will not leave much needed meds. Totally incompetent system. ”

4.1 Good20 Reviews

“I visited the store on 2/19. I had to pick up a prescription that my doctor called in. Prescription was ready when I got there. Staff was very friendly and helpful!”

4.2 Good16 Reviews

“For the most part Sam's club is a great place to shop. There was a few things they didn't have that I needed. Like chicken wings for example as of many of the stores they would have been crazy expensive so I didn't get any but I didn't see any in the stores well. But overall a great place to shop.”

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“Best gas rate, bulk quantity available in every category, sometimes long queues at counter, some people of staff not give good response , please try to order jalapeno.”

3.8 Good50 Reviews

“This here has stations was damn near 20 cents cheaper than competitors! It had a lot of pumps open and for good reason too. This is part of the reason why I hold on to my membership. The location is perfect as well, close to the airport and about 15 min away from Pittsburgh.”

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“I originally purchased my CPAP through MedCare. When trying to re-order a mask they couldn't even tell me what I had been provided. They unfortunately couldn't help me unless I drove 90 minutes to their offices. So, I called Westbrook Rx and they were able to determine what I needed based on the brand name & a description of the mask. The new mask was reasonably priced and arrived in 2 days. They were so very helpful!”

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“Personally, I like the chain of these stores. There is a large selection of products, you can always find an employee who will help and advise you (as was the case in my case). Various promotions and discounts. You must understand that there are a lot of chain stores in the USA and the fight is for yours ?:). Teacher benefit.”

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“The Rite Aid at the Pittsburgh International Airport is a valuable resource for travelers. Some items can be bought for a better value than the other stores in the airport plus any other needs that might arise after passing security.”

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“When Eckerd and Rite Aid merged, I had a bunch of Rite Aids near my home.A year or so ago, my Rite Aid was closed and I moved to one of the other close Rite Aids. This one is a stand alone with a drive through.The personalization just isn't there. They make the same mistakes with my name and even when I call, they don't see it. This doesn't include the pharmacist who has post it notes about the issue all over, but it still happens.”

3.8 Good31 Reviews

“The customer service and associates are so nice and greet you when you enter the building. The pharmacist was very helpful and was able to find me deals and savings on my prescription.”

3.9 Good20 Reviews

“Been getting my scripts here for years. But they went above and beyond to help me out when I lost my insurance. I wasn't sure how it would work but they gave me piece of mind until I got covered. Never missed a dose.”

4.7 Superb6 Reviews

“I recently visited Bloomfield Drug Store. The new products and revamped area in from of the store are fantastic! Probably the best place to shop in Bloomfield for unique and specialty items for the entire family (kid’s educational toys too?). They have their own brand of supplements, and the pharmacists can explain why each one is best for you.I have used Bloomfield in the past and when I stopped in, they still remembered me with the same friendly service and called me by name. The pharmacists went out of their way to explain the prescriptions and what the options were. It was not the typical chain store pharmacy experience.I highly recommend stopping in again if you haven’t been there in a while. Totally great experience.”

4.4 Superb8 Reviews