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“I was at this location on 10/5/2023 for the very first time, in fact the first time I have been to any Trader Joe’s location. My primary reason for visiting was to pick out flowers for my sister’s bridal shower flower bar. The selection of flowers was amazing and the employee towards the front entrance was quick to get me a few buckets of water to ensure the flowers made it on my 1 hour and 15 minute car ride home. I also did actual grocery shopping while in the store too. The selection was great and when I appeared to look confused about where to find something, employees were quick to ask if I needed assistance and pointed me into the right direction (or even walked me exactly to where the item was). Then upon checking out, the cashier was so incredibly friendly and engaging. He even helped me take everything out to my car. I will definitely be back in the (hopefully) near future.The flowers for my sister’s bridal shower today on 10/7/2023 also held up beautifully and they were a huge hit with the guests!Also just a side note - you cannot beat the prices of the flowers at Trader Joe’s! I paid $190 for all the flowers pictured versus the over $500 that my local florist wanted to charge me… for flowers I would have had to order versus just walking in and grabbing at Trader Joe’s. The better choice seems very clear to me.”

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“Probably one of the better paying lots I've seen for a Trader Joe's. Very very busy on Sundays. Good selection as always but it's a bit smaller inside than it could be. Good employees too.”

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“I loveeeee this place. They have both salads and sandwiches MTO as well as homemade hot and cold items. All of the MTO items I have gotten have been delicious. The Brussel sprouts in the cold items are amazing. Anytime I am dt I always stop to see if they have Brussels. Would recommend for lunch. Guys behind the counter are great at service and making food.”

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“It is very nice. Organized well, signs displayed very well. We went to the biggest vendor. They are pleasant hard working. Today was our second time there and we will be back again.”

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“Enjoyed the fantastic selection and fresh meat at Pennsylvania Macaroni Company! Unfortunately, encountered some rudeness from a female cashier, which impacted the overall experience. Hoping for improved customer service in the future.”

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“Aldi is the best! This one has self checkouts, which I have not seen at other aldi! I also think this one is on the slightly larger side, with more selection and a lot to look through in the "aisle of shame" (though let's be real, there is NO shame in the great deals on stuff you didn't know you needed!!)”

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“Love this store. Usually well stocked. And ordering for pickup is really good. They have it ready when it is scheduled. The only problem is with the delivery part. They are partnered with doordash and they are awful. Out of 4 times trying to get delivery 2 times the driver didn't show up.was called by a Kuhns rep. and was told it wasn't doordash's fault but and error made at the store. Kudos for owning up to their own mistakes.”

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“Wonderful staff. Best breakfast sandwiches in town. Incredible selection of fresh and healthful items; original art and beautiful cut flowers; specialty local items you’ve never seen before; coffee to go; etc. It really has to be experienced. Also, it’s on the next corner down from Randyland!”

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“The owner is great. Gave us a free tour and free popcorn to go with. The sandwiches were tasty, they have a fresh herbal garden in the back they use for their menu. Highly recommend stopping by here if you’re visiting Pittsburgh.”

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“Oh MY Dear,,..Mrs Gina is so kind and her veggies and fruit are always fresh. the service is excellent and friendly. the prices are great! If you are ever in Bloomfield stop pass, u will be back.”

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“I was having my car towed to a shop to have it repaired and the AAA driver who was Towing my car spoke about this store I don't want to pronounce the name because I don't want to mess it up but this Market was everything that the driver said it was and what the driver said was that they had the best sandwiches well I was hungry one day and as I passed the store I decided to make a short left turn park my car and then throw off into that facility oh boy am I glad I did I got an Italian sub sandwich and I have to tell you this homemade sandwich that they put together was just awesome it was so delicious and to add a topping to that they had homemade pastries and I purchase chocolate chip cookies and their peanut butter cookies were to die for why do I say that because I'm a peanut butter cookie crazy woman I love peanut butter cookies so if you're ever in the area stop off at the family store it's a modest Market and they have beautiful fruit also it is well worth the efforts and the husband and wife couple that runs it they are so friendly so kind and attentive they definitely will see me again and probably again and again thank you”

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“Love the deli sandwiches, la prima coffee selection and the Leona's ice cream sandwiches. Fairly small but good produce selection. The prices will be higher than a large store like Target but that is to be expected for Mom and Pop shops like these.”

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“Me and my boyfriend love Groceria!! We go probably once a week to pick up the necessities. The people are so nice and are ready to give recommendations! Highly suggest stopping in.”

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“Cod sandwich with tartar sauce was awesome, workers were really friendly eat in area was clean and sanitary, I will be back again the next time I’m in Pittsburgh”

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“This Aldi's was so much nicer that one of the others I went to. I wonder if the neighborhood made a difference. The one by the waterfront was older, grimier looking. This one was clearly nicer, newer looking. The aisles were nice.”

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“Bought their borsch, olivier, and medovik along with a few other items - all really good. Their olivier was even better than my babushka’s. Owners are really nice too! I highly recommend this place”

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“Quantity shopping - no small packages, similar to Sam's or Costco WITHOUT the membership. Just wish that the Coffee was still offered. bring your own bags or use empty boxes that are available.”

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“The best italian sub I've had near Bloomfield! Staff is always welcoming, it's super clean and you can find more options such as tortellini, ravioli and house marinara sauce!”

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“Omg what an amazing discovery I stumbled upon during a Strip District Open Streets event. Lots and lots of selections and preparations of various oils, sauces, spices, vinegars and balsamic which you can sample until you find the one best suited for your purchase. There were lots of other kitchen items for sale here too. We really enjoyed our visit and the quality customer service we received on Sunday last month. We will be back as recurring customers to try and take home more options! Pleased with our find.”

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“Top quality meats from a historical Pittsburgh site. If all the top restaurants and grocery stores carry their product I believe it means it’s a very top quality product and in consistent demand due to the preservation of old traditional curing recipes.”

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“The parking lot is small but I never have an issue getting a space. You need $0.25 if you need a cart which you get back when you return the cart. It's clean. I come often.”

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“Certainly the best grocery store for its size in the city! One of the best foodie destinations in Pittsburgh.Updating to say incredible Pastrami and potato pancakes. New space is nice too.”

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“Not many people know of this place but this one has a very good quality of veggies and groceries, especially a range of cream sodas and they also have great take away options ranging from salads to sandwiches, all great quality. This place deserves more customer share in Squirrel Hill”

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“Always amazing. Run awesome deals all the time. Frenchie is hilarious and always has an amazing vibe. If you’re thinking about coming… here’s your sign to go ”

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“Went in earlier this week around 1:50p-ish and wasn't 100% certain of close time but, the younger guys were super sweet, kind, understanding and helpful. They explained what they have and when they closed down. I got the stuffed cabbage and it was spectacularly delicious!!!! I will be back and will be back often!!”

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“Here you can find plenty of vegetables and other groceries. They have very good nuts, different olive oils and many other things.Also they have beautiful flowers you can find.”

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“Last week I stopped in to The Open Road and was greeted by Mel, the very knowledgeable and friendly owner of this establishment. Mel helped me select several neat and tasty beverages to take home. The customer service and selection are both exceptional here. I will definitely return to shop again when I have the chance and would also recommend this store to anyone looking for unique non-alcoholic beverages curated by a passionate owner/operator. Bonus points for the Phony Negroni bottle making a cute bud vase after consumption :)”

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“Aldi is a great place to save some serious money. Products like Salad mixes, shrimp, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, pineapple, are available for a cheaper price compared to Trader Joes, Target and Whole foods. They have a great variety of cheese as well. These consumables are basically the same everywhere but sold at different prices. Great place for everyone, why spend more when you can save more?. Go Aldi!”

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“Nice selection of organic and healthy foods, good prices, a bit cuter size than the big chain stores, yet you find a lot of things. Female hygiene selection is bigger and better than at the local huge chain of healthy food store competition.”

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“Looking for authentic Greek foods and ingredients? THIS is the place hand's down! Be sure to stock up on their olives, tzaziki, and fresh cheeses! Also stop in for an amazing lunch every Friday.”

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