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“I needed repairs to my exhaust and everyone knows how expensive most shops will charge you!$!$!$ This place was exactly the opposite and repaired my exhaust the right way! If It was Midas or Monroe they would've charged me for a new muffler and all sorts of crazy hrs of work. Long story short is everything was done correctly and efficiently without paying a ridiculous amount of money! Great guys and tremendous services!!!!”

4.9 Superb25 Reviews

“Came in few months ago to see how I could fix my dented bumper from accident. After visiting many mechanics this place was by far the best and most professional. Souhad is the best! I recommend!”

4.6 Superb26 Reviews

“Being that supreme is a very busy buisness in my neighborhood I appreciate the fact that there's no litter flying around and they keep up with their property. ?”

4.8 Superb18 Reviews

“I really do recommend this gas station store to others. They have a lot of things and some things that other gas station stores don't have. They have been very friendly to me every time I've gone in the store.”

4.3 Superb28 Reviews

“Highly recommend. I can’t lie. I use to go to Tony years ago, moved a town over and started going to a new mechanic. Who ruined my life. I’m sorry I cheated on Tony but now I’m back and our relationship is better than ever!Seriously Tony is professional, honest and fast! I never ever worry about my car when Tony and his guys and doing the work. He’s amazing.”

4.7 Superb12 Reviews

“Um, the gas could’ve been a little bit cheaper but I found a coupon on Bing for $.80 off a gallon, so check that out. If you go on Bing they have this new auntie putting receipts and they’ll tell you where you can get cash back at any gas station you just have to do it within the first few minutes, so check it out.”

4.4 Superb14 Reviews

“It’s my favorite Shell Gas Station with cheap & Pure gas with excellent customer service & best thing I always use my 5/ cents off per gallon rewards— East or West —this Shell gas station is the Best♥️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️♥️? Rating- 10 Stars with 2 Hearts ?”

4.3 Superb16 Reviews

“I’ve been going here for about eight years or so. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The gas is full service, which is awesome when it’s too cold to get out of the car to pump your own gas…”

4.5 Superb12 Reviews

“They have a loads of pumps, so you never have to wait in a line. Just pull up, pay, pump & off you go. Because of all the pumps their isn't alot of parking spots & can be tough to maneuver if it's is packed. They have a very small kiosk where you can buy snacks, drinks & automotive essentials. Easy on/off highway access & it has a JR's Superlube (Their both in the parking lot) the very next building over in case you have some emergency mechanical needs that need to be fixed.”

3.9 Good39 Reviews

“I love Cumberland farms it has everything if you want to pick up a slice of pizza and a calzone he ate a piece of chicken is hot is just being cooked or what they do is a cook the food and they wrap it and you can bring it home and heat it up. This store has everything late night early morning your hungry is got what you need.”

3.8 Good41 Reviews

“This Stop and Shop location is good. It has a large parking lot, with plenty of entrances and exits. It also has a Stop and Shop gas station, for those looking to save some money on gas! This is a super S&S, so it is large, but the selection isn't as great as the one in Somerset. This location also has a Nature's Promise section, so that's a plus. But again, the Somerset location is larger and has a better selection. I don't eat meat, but my fiancé does and while here he noted that the selection was smaller than other locations. He still found some of what he was looking for though, so he was happy. The produce here seems to be good. I've always found what I needed and it has all looked and tasted great. The staff we've dealt with all seem nice and friendly as well. While I prefer to go to the Somerset location for the wider selection, I've come here when I've been in the area and need just a few items.”

3.8 Good28 Reviews

“Great service affordable pricing awesome mechanics one stop shop ..had me in the shop and driving again same day...i recommended joes gas for all your auto needs”

4 Good12 Reviews

“$1.00 Slushy currently. Very good. The Speedway rewards are the best rewards I've ever, in my life experienced . The cashier's are nice people , friendly, good with people.What a gold mine location as well. Very convenient location for so many people.”

3.6 Good27 Reviews

“This is my favorite speedway location, I will go out of my way to go here rather than a different location. The employees are the best, always friendly and super helpful. There's one young lady that is pregnant and shes the one that has always been super helpful and will go above and beyond to assist you in any way needed ?”

3.5 Good34 Reviews

“Kathy and Missy are the best. They helped us get to an appointment despite our flat tire. They were so helpful. Thank you again for confirming there are still great people out there.”

4 Good6 Reviews

“I will never stop coming here they always have what I need it's just that one lady at night time is always super rude she cares more about her cigarette time”

3.6 Good11 Reviews

“Well I have to say that Shell is absolutely fair with their gas prices considering the upside and down with prices. Staff is great. Good location. Make sure to have a rewards card to save on fuel at shell. Adds up. The app is great. Can you link stop and shop card and dunkin' donuts to save even more on gas, so that's Kool. And it's true that shell gas is the best and keeps your car performing like it should. So go try some shell gasoline today!”

3.3 Good30 Reviews

“The bald guy was very welcoming. He was knowledgeable about the different types of gasoline and helped me make the best decision for my Subaru. I would shop here again.”

3.5 Good6 Reviews

“Coming here for years. Prices are decent compared to others in Fall River. Equipment is well maintained. Also the attendant they have there is great. Willing to help with anything.”

3.2 Average12 Reviews

“Great store very kind helpful employees manager is very nice man I live right near this place its my every day store mom and pop type vibe at cooperate chain is rare but personally I get that vibe and if I could give 10stars I would”

3.3 Good7 Reviews

“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Now that's what I call an X-press. Cute little fuel station inside Fall River Massachusetts, old and it's been around the block, except that it hasn't because it hasn't moved at all but you know what I mean. The gas is somewhere in the mid price range and it's not bad at all. You can get some pretty good deals here and it's cheaper than a lot of the other places in Fall River. The hours aren't great but it's a good location for when you need a little gas.”

3.4 Good5 Reviews

“The manager of the store is a very nice man, he has a large selection of drinks, the gas prices are in the competitive range, and there is lottery here, no public restrooms. Cigarettes in the average price range.”

3.2 Average6 Reviews

“Very nice, the owner and employees are seemingly pleasant enough and they have the cheapest gas in the city, as of today 12/29/2021 the price was $3.05 per gallon of regular gas.”

3.1 Average7 Reviews

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