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“Big Lots is Awesome! Everyone is so nice! The furniture guy is Amazing!! He’s definitely been there a while and he so knowledgeable, friendly & helpful! They have everything, furniture to picture frames, to snacks and gifts! If you’re not checking them out, y’all are missing out!! ;)”

4.3 Superb40 Reviews

“One of my first jobs was at a Marshall's in California. It was messy and busy, and I loved the job. My last position, though, was at the service desk during the holiday season of that year. It was difficult, to say the least. It caused me such stress that to this day, I don't want to really shop at Marshall's. My husband wanted to run in for something small today, and of course, I went along. I forgot about the housewares! And the name brands on a few things that I love, and the cute items that will certainly not be there tomorrow that I snatched up. It was messy and busy, and I loved it again as a customer. I did glance at the customer service area and oddly felt a little nostalgic. I'm going back for towels next week! Go, have fun rummaging through wonderful little things - I may see you there :)”

4.3 Superb29 Reviews

“Joe the manager went above & beyond in assisting me with a Raised Garden!!! He was Soo Kind to an old lady & delivered to my house as would not fit in my car & assembled for me?I always get excellent service. I highly Recommend! Thank You again Joe?”

4.3 Superb8 Reviews

“Great sale prices but WOW the isles are not designed for two people. Big enough for one buggy barely. Pay attention to prices in the clearance area. Full prices and sale prices are hung together. Great selection of items they just need to reset the store for easier access.”

3.7 Good29 Reviews

“I love, love, love a place where you can get high designer items, still very much in style, at a fraction of the normal retail ptice and, at least clothing wise, that is exactly what you will find here. The women's clothing section and shoe selection are rather large and impressive.What isn't nearly as impressive at this location is the general lack of other merchandise. Handbags? Maybe a total of 15. Wallets? Don't bother. Mens clothing? Only if you like wearing sweat pants and sweat shirts.I'm not sure if this just happens to be an off time for this particular store, as it was my only visit, but I will definitely return in the future, if only to hunt out women's stylish wardrobe pieces. Be warned though....even though these items are in fact at a fraction of their regular retail prices, we are speaking of designer clothing so my total for 4 tops and 2 pairs of shorts was over $400!”

3.6 Good19 Reviews

“Wanted to thank the ladies that were there last night (2/8). I didn’t realize they closed at 8 and I arrived at 7:55 and when I realized they were going to close in 5 min I was going to leave but they told me no worries to take my time and shop! They made me feel welcomed into the store. Thank you to these ladies for making my night.”

3.2 Average6 Reviews

“Herlean was extremely helpful in getting my issue resolved and was very professional. It was refreshing since I couldn't seem to resolve the issue with the manufacturer after several calls!!”

3.2 Average51 Reviews

“Okay so Walmart has a new guy working overnight I think . He cleans I know . Today I was there returning some t shirts. I'm out front my bag and backpack with laundry are on the ground and I'm talking with someone I know. This guy not trying to hide it walks all the way from pharmacy door to circle me and my stuff and try to see if I stole something he rounded the column where I was and ever so obvious peaks my walmart bag . To the guy. Don't profile me I walk because I have to I do have a backpack most time I'm around that doesn't make me a thief. I was raised better than that. So keep you nose out of my belongings and mind your own business. I have a great job working for Lowe's so I have money to buy what I need .”

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“All the way back to here because we needed better pillows and who has a better selection than Target? Yes, the bedding section here is excellent. And while I'm hopping Target, I needed a corkscrew and some nuts and a bottle of wine and before you know it, I'm up to $125. Oy vey. Full COVID protocols here with masks required, hand sanitizing stations and plexiglass at the registers, where "stand here" decals are placed on the floor to help with social distancing. The store was clean and the parking lot was as well lit as they're allowed to here. [Review 14349 overall, 1673 of 2020, number 716 in South Carolina.]”

1.7 Poor26 Reviews