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“Great place to shop! Love the brands they carry. The guys were able to get right many shirts at a fair price. The service was excellent as well, very friendly and helpful!”

4.7 Superb33 Reviews

“Pure Barre Bluffton is happy, fun and welcoming! I’ve participated in class with all ages and body types. The classes are challenging but fun and always a good playlist.”

4.8 Superb19 Reviews

“I love shopping here because I am sure to find something I love, whether it's clothes, jewelry, art, or trinkets. EGGS is always on my to-do list when I'm in Bluffton!”

4.6 Superb37 Reviews

“This was my first time shopping at a Kate Spade store. Marie helped me. She was friendly and efficient, but not pushy. The store is well stocked and organized. If you're looking to splurge on yourself, I recommend going here.”

4.8 Superb16 Reviews

“I shopped here recently while on vacation, and was delighted to experience incredibly warm, attentive customer service in addition to the great quality TB clothing I have gotten used to at home in California. The best part of my recent experience was the prompt, friendly way the staff member handled an error I had called about after discovering it on my receipt after I had gotten back home. So many other retailers have slid into impersonal, uncaring approaches to customer service -- I was thrilled and touched to discover the total opposite at this Tommy Bahama outlet store. I'm eager to find a reason to travel back to the Hilton Head area just so I can shop at this store again!”

4.6 Superb27 Reviews

“Extremely helpful and courteous staff to help you with everything. With all the selections within VV, this kind of help and knowledge is very important. Kudos to the staff and managers for running a top-notch store! Very convenient parking and super clean restrooms (nearby). Will return over and over, just wish I could give more than 5 stars.”

4.9 Superb10 Reviews

“Great deals with a Great staff! All the staff members that were there Tuesday evening on 9/12/2023 were phenomenal! My dad even enjoyed the experience!!!Turn it ON!! Old Navy ?”

4.5 Superb23 Reviews

“The store stupidly has no seating for guys to sit comfortably while their partner shops.. only seating is a hard wooden bench with a great view of a metal clothing hanging rack”

4.6 Superb14 Reviews

“Great experience here last Friday. Cathy, sale associate were very helpful with my new pair of jeans. She checked on me often when trying on new clothes. She made me and my husband feels very welcome at the store. We will be back.”

5 Superb6 Reviews

“Candyce was an amazing sales associate! She was able to answer our questions and give great recommendations on jeans. She even helped us find new styles. Thank you for an awesome experience, Candyce!”

4.7 Superb9 Reviews

“I took my daughter to this location to get fitted for new bras. The store manager, Kaitlyn, assisted my daughter with sizing and selecting a variety of bra styles that fit her best. She was SO helpful and SO sweet!! She definitely deserves to be acknowledged for being such an outstanding employee!”

4.5 Superb15 Reviews

“The people at Brooks Brothers are absolutely wonderful. LA and her staff are really knowledgeable and well trained. She runs a tight ship and the store looks AMAZING! Everything is exceptional quality and priced less than you would expect to pay. You’d never guess you are in an outlet. ??‍”

4.3 Superb39 Reviews

“Lynn was very helpful as was Donna. The best store for foundations, hands down, no contest. Quality products, kind, helpful staff and always good sales happening. I have visited other Soma stores and I prefer this one.”

5 Superb5 Reviews

“I am going on an ocean cruise and need a long sleeve top. I shopped at Belk's Hilton Head and didn't even try anything on. I am counting on Chico's and their wonderful staff to help me find the elusive top.”

4.3 Superb27 Reviews

“Always clean, well organized and items folded it's always a breeze coming in here. It's nice to see they are able to staff properly in such a trying time as well. This made all the difference when using fitting rooms or checking out at the register. My old complaint was no one on the staff acknowledged me. Yes I am quite young for their clientele but they acknowledged everyone else.”

4.5 Superb5 Reviews

“I am definitely more than a little out of the age range for Vans shoes, but I purchased my first pair during 2018 and they were so comfortable that I purchased seven more within a few months. Time to replenish the supply and visited the Tanger Outlet location. Best experience when comparing to CA and NJ locations, where they pretty much point you to an area to go search. Young lady and gentlemen working Sunday, February 11, 2024. They both were excellent, the young lady was the primary and she was on the spot asking questions and located the items I wanted to purchase. She did pull out one pair of checkered shoes with loud colors. I had on a pair of old black and grey checkered Vans, but informed her that I am too old to pull those colors off, so need to pass. Great experience, excellent prices and walked away happy with my four pair of shoes purchase. Not sure when, but will return at some point.”

4.2 Good12 Reviews

“Uncrowded !! Maybe everyone but moi shops online? I went in here a couple of times once I realized I should get a few more gifts!! Plus husband wanted a green beanie cuz the Ireland & Titanic ones he owns r not warm for those cold 35 degree vegas mornings !!!! & What's better than local banter? Not only did I procure a purple dip ombre T, a dreamy sky tye dye bike short, the aforesaid Packer colored beanie, a work polo shirt for the son & a leopard vneck T for the son's GF but had a cool convo with employee Ian. I dont even know how this came up but I was telling him how I saw on the Today show a woman, Demi Skipper in SF, who traded a bobbypin for a HOUSE near Nashville !!! Surreal, right? So...stop thinking that shopping is mundane & boring !! Dee - disseminating info apparently made the employees' day. I always am learning cool, useful snippets & collecting trivia for correct Jeopardy answers. Does anyone want to trade something for a new water bottle? & I have more than 3 yelper friends visiting Vegas right now so maybe they'll trade me mac nuts etc....!!”

4.2 Good9 Reviews

“Really enjoyed the selection along with sizes available. I find it common for my size missing or limited, but here everything was plentiful. The staff was supper friendly and made us aware of addition savings available. The tags say we can wash these garments less, and that is good because we have a well back home. That said, these are kinda dressy, so we would most likely keep them clean so im all spiffy for bussiness or pleasure.”

4.1 Good8 Reviews

“I think H & M is similar to Zara. There are all kinds of interesting, useful, or unusual finds. I was shocked that it wasn't crowded (& it's almost Xmas] !! This year, I spied a UCLA puffer vest. My friend & I r UCLA grads. We are the alumni club/supporters of UCLA in Vegas !! Perfecto gift scored!! Although the sizes seemed enormous for a small, I didn't see anything but S, M, L, XL. I also procured pink makeup brushes, of course one for moi & a few for moi friends. I think i went in here 4 times during this HHI jaunt but no checkins happened cuz H& M didn't have a page....I came & forgot. Mais oui when i saw a purple dress, I had to have it.... Gift clothes for the son...I pondered returning back to see/get moiself the XS extrasmall UCLA puffer that I didn't really search for since I have to many coats.. But not a UCLA puffer & I could squish it in moi purse bag [without needing another suitcase!!) Once I saw the cashier line was short, I made my move...& eeeeeks cuz moi credit card that I need spend on is not there in moi wallet. The manager who was ringing up to clear the line out was helpful to say "call the last place that u were at to see if it's there". Doh! That would be Panera & yea, I left my cc on the counter !! Faux pas !! At the time, I was confusedly running through my head & seeing where I was & when & how did I lose the credit card? So I paid with a different credit card. I had the foresight finally to make the H&M biz page cuz over the last few years I forgot to do so despite getting a key piece every year here. Then deja vu that I once again couldn't check in here.... But it's not due to wonky yelp. Oddly, I never seem to get to the H&M's in Vegas but now that my buds will see the puffers, jellyness will ensue & I may have to buy a few more if there are any there locally.... LOL”

3.9 Good48 Reviews

“Great sale prices but WOW the isles are not designed for two people. Big enough for one buggy barely. Pay attention to prices in the clearance area. Full prices and sale prices are hung together. Great selection of items they just need to reset the store for easier access.”

3.8 Good29 Reviews

“Extremely helpful and courteous staff to help you with everything. With all the selections within Eddie Bauer this kind of help and knowledge is very important. Kudos to the staff and managers for running a top-notch store! Very convenient parking and super clean restrooms (nearby). Will return over and over, just wish I could give more than 5 stars.”

3.8 Good34 Reviews

“We had the most wonderful shopping experience here. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Ashley truly went above and beyond to make sure we had a fitting room and the appropriate sizes, etc. We felt like we had a personal shopper, it was so fun. I really can’t say enough good things about our experience. We will definitely be back, thanks for making our day!”

3.7 Good11 Reviews

“Absolutely wonderful experience customer service cater to and they are extremely helpful. They have a great selection of clothing do not shop at Chicos outlet shop here they have phenomenal clothing and great experience.”

3.6 Good8 Reviews

“My daughter and I visited the Simply Southern store at the Tanger outlets in Bluffton and had such a great shopping experience I had to leave a review. Great, fun products and incredible customer service from Tangela. She was so welcoming and helpful, getting us different sizes and showing us dresses we might like. I bought two new dresses and two t-shirt for my Men. It was our first time in a Simply Southern store and thanks to the great help from Tangela, it won’t be my last.Melissa B”

3.5 Good11 Reviews

“Gigi's is and has always been a must on every trip to the island. They've got such a great selection with styles that appeal to both me and my much younger daughter. The staff, wonderful! I've even been in a pinch attending a funeral and they went above and beyond. Great insta too, check them out!”

3.4 Good11 Reviews

“I love, love, love a place where you can get high designer items, still very much in style, at a fraction of the normal retail ptice and, at least clothing wise, that is exactly what you will find here. The women's clothing section and shoe selection are rather large and impressive.What isn't nearly as impressive at this location is the general lack of other merchandise. Handbags? Maybe a total of 15. Wallets? Don't bother. Mens clothing? Only if you like wearing sweat pants and sweat shirts.I'm not sure if this just happens to be an off time for this particular store, as it was my only visit, but I will definitely return in the future, if only to hunt out women's stylish wardrobe pieces. Be warned though....even though these items are in fact at a fraction of their regular retail prices, we are speaking of designer clothing so my total for 4 tops and 2 pairs of shorts was over $400!”

3.5 Good19 Reviews

“Staff was helpful in verifying prices and which sizes were which pants. They had a good selection of men's clothes and everything was reasonably priced. I know J Crew is a little bit expensive, but not so much were you're questioning your sanity at the check out register. I got a pair of khakis, two pairs of shorts, a t-shirt and a women's sweater for $160.”

2.7 Average6 Reviews

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