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“Pay at the pump app works better than Shell or Exxon. Clean premises, 93 octane ata decent price,and you can get 13 cents discount if you link to a bank account.”

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“Sams club is definitely my go to place for all things buying in stock and gas! They have great deals especially scan and go offers which are the best. You can easily save four dollars or more on special items. There's currently some renovation happening by the bakery section and all those items such as the bread/rolls are closer to the frozen section. Gas is usually about 5-10 cents cheaper than my nearest gasoline station which is an absolute plus. The only downside of this place is that certain items will be at the club and then suddenly go away for months on end which is a bit frustrating. However, everything else is pretty great!”

4.1Good63 Reviews

“Very clean, very nice lady at the checkout counter. I asked her what a good place to eat was and lo and behold there is a kitchen "next" door. Went there and the buffalo chicken sandwich was very good. Crunchy outside good spice and flavor in the sauce and bun was soft, fresh, and chewy.”

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“I've started coming here to fuel my work truck in the early mornings. I wish I had a name but the young lady who is there most mornings is hands down, respectful, polite and courteous. Just wish I knew her name she deserves a raise.”

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“Cheapest cigarettes on remount. They carry a brand called "THIS" that are half the price of Marlboro or Newport. $3.50 a pack. I personally like the red 100's but they also have menthols and lites.”

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“The Energy Market on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston is a great option to stop for gas and a snack or drink when you need some energy for your car or yourself. It is well worth getting in and out of here for the stop with some of the lowest prices for gas and drinks that you will find in the area. I also really like the miscellaneous items they have at the counter and in the store that are unique and may not see in other convenience stores.”

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“Prices are reasonable on some items in the store. The gas is at a reasonable price for right now, in spite of what is going on around the world. The customer service is great from the staff.”

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“I have broken toes and ankle....very hard to walk without pain. An attendant saw me and took over gas pumping. Thank you.....Patronize them...they're good folk. Being kind will get our nation moving.”

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“Fantastic Service! Affordable prices and great deals!! I highly recommend this station for all of your needs. Clean environment and friendly service. I wouldn’t stop anywhere else”

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“Pretty decent neighborhood convenience store. The parking lot is a bit rough, but it's not terrible. They also have a guy out in the parking lot running a taco truck that serves pretty good food.”

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“The service is great always curious . I have been here in the early afternoon and and as late as 3 in the morning. and the price is always about ten cents a gallon cheaper than anywhere else.Buck DUVALL USN RETIRED”

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“Very clean place! Always fresh smelling inside. The outside restroom was so clean inside omg, even the walls. Fresh with bleach. It’s always welcoming come there and leaving with a laugh. Great employee on night shift/day She’s there in between but mostly night.”

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“Amir' who manages Big TS/Rania and his staff are wonderful people ! And I miss them. I moved from Midland Park Rd late October 2019. I lived in the area 8 years and watched the store grow in popularity and they're always adding new products.”

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“Pilot Travel Center on North Rhett Avenue in North Charleston is a good place to stop for gas, something to eat, and everything that you need in a convenience store. The location is very convenient and easy to get in and out of when you are on the move. I have had a good experience every time I have been here.”

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“Great staff. Morning and evening. I stop in before work and after. The lady in the morning and the dewd at night make it feel like my neighborhood cheers location... Just gotta leave to drink the beer.”

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“I stopped by there today. I just wanted to say that that the people that worked there were extremely friendly and kind. It reminded me to be kind to strangers. Thanks”

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“It's always good to know where to find Sunoco fuel! The little corner at Ashley Phosphate and Patriot Blvd. has a few tricks up its sleeve for exiting this busy intersection. You can directly get back out to Ashley Phosphate or go out at the light for a left turn or go straight across. For the Westcott people exit to the right onto Patriot to avoid a little of that rush hour traffic. You know what kind of parking lot Dorchester Rd. turns into around 2:30. You can also purchase Camel unfiltered cigs here. Safe motoring!”

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“It's gas and it's also got your garden variety convenience store items. Bathroom and happy ending available. If the happy ending means winning lottery tickets that is. Won me all 3 tickets i bought for a net winning of 2500 happy labor day to me and thanks Sunoco!!”

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“I stop here every morning before work. I pass at least 15 other gas stations to come to this one every morning. I love the staff. Couldn't ask for nicer people!”

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“Typically I don't give 5 stars, but I'll tell you why they definitely deserve it...This 7-eleven is not only clean, friendly and well kept, it is one of the best in the chain. I highly recommend!Try them out and tell em I send regards!”

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