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“One of the best selections of local and craft beer in Charleston! Beyond that, they have an amazing novelty food selection that includes Momofuku products, Spice Walla spices, LifeRaft Treats, and more. The staff and owners are so nice and personable. AMAZING PLACE!”

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“Stopped in this spot and it was the bomb!!! When I tell you amazing customer service…definitely “5-star”. From the moment I entered, I met Tim , the manager, he totally took care of me. He located the product, educated me in the terminology and even researched additional information to ensure I was comfortable.Friendly, efficient and cost-effective…I’ll be back!!!Demi”

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“My favorite pharmacy of all time. I feel like the pharmacists there are my friends and that they honestly do care about your wellness and well being. Tom O'Connell is a terrific manager.”

4.2Good24 Reviews

“I've started coming here to fuel my work truck in the early mornings. I wish I had a name but the young lady who is there most mornings is hands down, respectful, polite and courteous. Just wish I knew her name she deserves a raise.”

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“The Energy Market on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston is a great option to stop for gas and a snack or drink when you need some energy for your car or yourself. It is well worth getting in and out of here for the stop with some of the lowest prices for gas and drinks that you will find in the area. I also really like the miscellaneous items they have at the counter and in the store that are unique and may not see in other convenience stores.”

3.9Good46 Reviews

“Prices are reasonable on some items in the store. The gas is at a reasonable price for right now, in spite of what is going on around the world. The customer service is great from the staff.”

3.8Good48 Reviews

“I have broken toes and ankle....very hard to walk without pain. An attendant saw me and took over gas pumping. Thank you.....Patronize them...they're good folk. Being kind will get our nation moving.”

3.8Good43 Reviews

“Pretty decent neighborhood convenience store. The parking lot is a bit rough, but it's not terrible. They also have a guy out in the parking lot running a taco truck that serves pretty good food.”

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“Always friendly. The phrase, "Service with a smile", is the best way to describe this store. Sam and his wife are always friendly and always have a smile and a greeting for everyone that walks in. Great prices too”

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“It's a pretty good little gas station. Sells lottery tickets, money orders (must purchase with cash), milk, chips, alcohol, CDs, and hot/cold lunch items. Also, just a heads up: Even though it's called Stop N Go, the sign on the place says El Cheapo.”

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“Destin, was working late, unloading a truck. I was in retail grocerys for mor than 15 years, and this man had the most responsible, mature and Happy attitude that I have ever seen. You would be making a great investment promoting this gentleman up in to management. Maybe as a motivational Speaker for other employees.”

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“Popped in to grab my daughter some items for Halloween. They had a big selection compared to a few places. Grabbed a cape, witch headband and a with trick or treat bag. All for under 10 $ I'm happy.”

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“Popped in to grab my daughter some items for Halloween. They had a big selection compared to a few places. Grabbed a cape, witch headband and a with trick or treat bag. All for under 10 $ I'm happy.”

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“Pilot Travel Center on North Rhett Avenue in North Charleston is a good place to stop for gas, something to eat, and everything that you need in a convenience store. The location is very convenient and easy to get in and out of when you are on the move. I have had a good experience every time I have been here.”

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“Its great. Super authentic. Menudo, all the candies. Chips and snacks. The really spicy stuff, plenty of seasonings. The real hard to find stuff. I really enjoy it. Safe, courteous bilingual staff. I go about once a week.”

4Good8 Reviews

“I recently stumbled upon our local Park Circle Sunfly Convenience Store and wanted to give a shout out. The owner and staff are always smiling and ready to help! The store is very clean and easily accessible.”

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“Rivers Market on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston is a well managed convenience store that has everything that you need for the quick stop when you are thirsty or need a snack. The location is very easy to access and get in and out of. I have had a good experience shopping here.”

3.9Good8 Reviews

“I know the owners. Very nice people. The prices are average and they have a great selection of items you won't find at most corner stores. Keep up the great work.”

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“It's always good to know where to find Sunoco fuel! The little corner at Ashley Phosphate and Patriot Blvd. has a few tricks up its sleeve for exiting this busy intersection. You can directly get back out to Ashley Phosphate or go out at the light for a left turn or go straight across. For the Westcott people exit to the right onto Patriot to avoid a little of that rush hour traffic. You know what kind of parking lot Dorchester Rd. turns into around 2:30. You can also purchase Camel unfiltered cigs here. Safe motoring!”

3.5Good27 Reviews

“Lots of great stores, but not very convenient to get to depending where in Charleston you live. I do not recommend going at night. Last week when I went there was a weird chemical smell, and doors were propped open to air the mall out.”

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