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“I want to thank Whitney and all of her co-workers in the floral department! Whitney made all of the flower arrangements, corsages, boutonnieres, and bridesmaids bouquets for my daughters wedding and they were absolutely stunning!! I can't thank Whitney, Jeremy, and Pri enough for making my daughters wedding extra magical with all of the beautiful flowers they made for her ceremony and reception.I also want to thank Angela in the bakery for the delicious wedding cake and desserts that they made. Everyone was so helpful, friendly, professional and accommodating! I highly recommend Publix for florals and desserts for weddings! Everything amazing and affordable!”

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“This is the only other place ive ever been (next to chik filet) where everyone seems to LOVE their job. Must be the happiest place on earth to work. GREAT Produce, brands you wont find anywhere else. A little pricey but worth it.”

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“Publix is such a nice market. I used to faithfully shop another market, but I had to switch my prescriptions to Publix due to insurance. Since then, I've been shopping here more often, and I really enjoy it, especially their produce. Jason in dairy is so polite and hpful.”

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“This location is slightly further away, but is open an hour later so that is helpful on nights we need stuff after kids go to bed. Super nice and friendly staff as usual”

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“This is the grocery store closest to my home, so we shop here frequently. While it is not always the cheapest option, I find that the store is always clean and well-organized. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I will likely continue to shop here regularly as long as I live in the area.”

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“I stopped by while I was in Nashville last week. I met a very nice Ukrainian lady working there (She may have been the owner). The store is clean and really neat. It is well stocked with Eastern European foods, drinks, ect. It’s really cool to see products we generally don’t get to see in America. Prices are also very fair. I can’t wait to stop by again the next time I’m in Nashville.Slava Ukraini!”

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“This grocery continues to amaze me with its value: offering a unique selection every visit, whole foods, organic, even a selection of dine, beer, and other items. Especially good charcuterie selection. So thankful to be an Aldi family.”

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“Went to Hermitage Aldi super last minute! Store was closing in 4 minutes. The staff let us in and made us feel welcomed. During check out I broke a glass and they were still so accommodating. Best customer service ever!”

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“I shop here a lot mainly because it is the closest supermarket to my apartment. The produce section is excellent and well maintained. Dairy section is top notch too.”

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“This little grocery store is the best place. Always had fresh VEGETABLES & MEAT — plus homemade pies and sides and treats every day.The best part are the people who work there!!They are so nice and personable and everyone knows where everything is located so you don’t ever have to walk around confused looking for something just ask one of the nicest people.”

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“My husband and our family went to Nashville for a day trip yesterday and stopped at a few establishments, this being one of them. He is extremely shy, but pushed himself to go inside an unfamiliar place because I got excited seeing the shawarma art on the front of the building. "See what this place is about!" I asked. I didn't expect him to come out with anything, but bag in hand he opens our vehicle door and says "I don't know what I got!" ?Keep in mind he's a "baby muslim" (of only 5 years now) without much exposure to muslim culture, cuisine, anything really from our lack of diversity where we live. In his own words he expressed "I went inside said beef and pointed to a couple things. He started to make me a sandwich. An absolute artist I started feeling bad telling him no don't add that or that!"We shared a very delicious meal from a very kind and patient sandwich artist. The meat was super tender, and the peppers were so good. I wish we would have ordered a couple more to take back home to chattanooga.”

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“Small but convenient store to get groceries and small furniture and dishes. A lot of items are name brand but a lot are theirs and a lot of the products should be tried. Prices are very good, and though they are short on staff, the ones there are friendly.”

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“Great prices for healthy groceries right in the Antioch community.Update, Aldi's has become my go to store for grocery shopping. I'm able to get great prices on my staples, and every week I come across cool finds. Do yourself a favor and go down every aisle.”

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“Aldi is my favorite place to shop hands down. They have the lowest prices, quality food and the best part: The Aisle of Wonder. This location is on the smaller side so the selection isn’t as wide as the one on Charlotte, but it’s still a great spot.The line can get a little long here, but is usually fixed within a few minutes.”

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“This is a great store, the owner say wah gwan love La Rancherita supermarket. Get your check change and can shop same time, even a meat market. Nice place, friendly staff.”

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“They are a good lil supermarket I love the ? with sweet cream they have they cost way to much so I can only get me maybe 2 a month until I can get on Food stamps”

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“I'm gonna agree with a fellow reviewer below in that when reviewing a grocery store you likely need a hobby... but we got a winter storm last week and I've been housebound, so here we are. I love Publix -- clean. safe. friendly. They have fresh produce and meat department is tops! It's slightly more expensive than Kroger, but really, worth it. As long as I live in this neighborhood, this is my main grocery store.”

3.8Good18 Reviews

“If I'm on strictly a food mission this is my go to grocery store. The meat and produce are quality items at a better than average price. Also, I love the quick check out. I never spend much time in line.”

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“Great store. Parking garage located under store with ample parking. Great layout of the store. Helpful staff. Lots of variety and good prices. Great specials”

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“Smallest Publix in thee world, yes thee world BUT holding its own sitting between (2) different Krogers on each end of Gallatin Road. I do love this Publix as the seafood, veggies and fruit are always fresh.”

3.8Good75 Reviews

“Goldstar has an amazing customer service and makes sure they provide the good service. Fresh food and organic vegetables everyday with amazing prices.Highly recommended”

3.4Good39 Reviews

“Great store! I love how busy it is. And how it's downtown but still totally accessible. The store is always well stocked! A plus, if I might add, is the parking!!”

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“The young lady at the money center today was awesome didn't get her name about 3:16 but I'll call her yawn she was ? great and I don't comment very often tell her to keep up the good work very much appreciated.?”

3.7Good137 Reviews

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