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“This is a great place to get some good quality produce. Don’t ever skip out on the mangos when you visit here! Also have a great meat market and will provide you quality ground fresh to order beef.”

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“Juan invited me up to the bakery to see what they had to offer. I was blown away by the choices available and quality of their creations. I drove about 30 minutes to visit and it was 100% worth it. Don't be hesitant to stop by. This place is a new favorite.”

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“An authentic taqueria on an industrial road with great food. I had the lengua tacos and they were tender, flavored just so, and fast service (which I suspect suits the highly discriminating construction worker clientele just fine). So happy to have stumbled on it.”

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“I came by this afternoon at 6:35 and the young man at the coffee shop made my 4 drinks in under 3 minutes. Great speed and service. Great to see young happy workers at this gas station.”

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“Always super pleasant guys working the till. Inside is a very interesting mish-mash of items to buy from the usual convenience store fare to club heels and 6XL t-shirts, blunt incense, knockoff smart watches... New things to see regularly. Mechanics attached stay busy.”

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“My Name is David Brandon Todd! So my initials are D.B.Todd. Thought that was very unique and very cool to know that so many customers enjoy this Gem and quality of a market ran for and with customer satisfaction in mind at the forefront. The Business on the site was unclaimed and I was so drawn to press the unclaimed button and fill out information with my name especially from the awesome reviews and great customer satisfaction it was receiving! If the owners last name is Todd please contact me via text or email please contact me cause I do have long lost relatives out there because my Father kept me away from his side of the family. So please contact me first at davidbrandon.9999@gmail.… . I'm 40 years old. White male. Please don't be shy or ignore this. Would like to hear from you or more if their is more! Thank you so much for your time. And hopefully a connection of long lost family can be found...I live in Henderson,Tx. But was raised in Louisiana. My father's name was David Todd. David Todd's fathers name was Charles Todd. And Charles Todd's fathers name was Hamp Todd if that helps any....”

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“Owned and operated by some of the kindest coolest people. Robertson Avenue Market is a one stop shop for any want or need that comes to mind and without the hassle involved with a trip to the supermarket ?”

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“Okay. I've been going here for a long time. Was a top favorite hidden gem. (love the burgie). Now, my guy Chavaun, has far exceeded all the glorious moments from the past. I called. No one answered. Twice. Turns out I had the wrong number. This man called me back from his correct number and took my order. I'm on my way right now. It's people like him keep me coming back for eternity. Support this business and businesses like it! The gyros are slam too.”

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“I’m not a super-frequent Rimel’s patron, but every time I do stop in, they have what I’m looking for and I’m in and out in less than three minutes. Bonus points for snacks available for purchase.”

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“Looks like a lot of people like to complain about Lewis Store. The negative reviews haven’t hurt the store at all. It’s the only place in Davidson Co that has lines at the pumps. Grow up people and press on. Worry about yourself because you’re not hurting the business. ???????”

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“My husband and our family went to Nashville for a day trip yesterday and stopped at a few establishments, this being one of them. He is extremely shy, but pushed himself to go inside an unfamiliar place because I got excited seeing the shawarma art on the front of the building. "See what this place is about!" I asked. I didn't expect him to come out with anything, but bag in hand he opens our vehicle door and says "I don't know what I got!" ?Keep in mind he's a "baby muslim" (of only 5 years now) without much exposure to muslim culture, cuisine, anything really from our lack of diversity where we live. In his own words he expressed "I went inside said beef and pointed to a couple things. He started to make me a sandwich. An absolute artist I started feeling bad telling him no don't add that or that!"We shared a very delicious meal from a very kind and patient sandwich artist. The meat was super tender, and the peppers were so good. I wish we would have ordered a couple more to take back home to chattanooga.”

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“Guy that runs the store is super nice and if you ask for something he doesn’t have, he’ll try to get it in stock. The only problem is the prices! Everything is double what all other convenience stores prices are.. but still I’m willing to pay a little extra because the store is clean and the guys super nice!”

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“Review Kwik Sack Old Hickory Blvd. Traveling back to Georgia, not too crazy about leaving Nashville that's pretty much how it is. I guess I better go back. I start my trip by getting on I-40 at Old Hickory Boulevard. I always talked into places that you get us. The gas prices at Kwik Sack are generally a lot lower than the surrounding gas stations. It's worth it to me to stop. It is right next to interstate so not at all out of the way. I have certain things I like to buy for road trips. Kwik Sack has everything I want. I take that back, they have everything at once except the ice cream I like. I like the big Nutty Buddy cones. Unfortunately there's no store in the area that carries them. The one across the street doesn't have any ice cream at all. I doubt I will go back there. Oh yea, they have a really good taco truck outside. I usually go to Kwik Sack because it has good gas prices and because the people in there are very nice. It's kind of important to me for some reason, I hate to go into a store when the workers are in a grumpy mood. It puts me in a grumpy mood to be around people like that. Anyway I got my gas and got on the interstate and I'm on my way back to Georgia. I always hate this drive. Lol”

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“Local and loyal costumer for 20 years. Love that my dogs have always been welcome. Great beer selection. The employees always have a smile and usually a treat for me and my pups.”

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“June 12, 2022 my first time stopping here. Freshly made food and store appeared clean. Don't know about the bathrooms though. Coffee was fresh and appropriate temperature. No problems here this date.”

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“Coming here for years, is being kept clean and clean parking lots. Great staff and people coming every dayVery friendly and helpful hard workers. Recommended mexican store to go to.”

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“Oh my goodness this place is amazing. They season the food well and it's cooked perfectly. The portions were generous especially for the price. Most importantly the service was wonderful. The lady at checkout has such an inviting and fun personality. We will definitely be returning. The only thing that was missing, some good ol' southern cornbread. If they can offer that..... Oooooohhhh Weeeeeee!!!!!! I bet they can throwdown on it!”

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“I went to this restaurant at noon on a weekday per the request of a client. Not only was the lunch buffet delicious, but it was mainly vegetarian-based: out of probably twelve buffet options, probably three were meat dishes. If you know little about Ethiopian food, the highlights are the unique bread, lentils, delicious sauces, and rice. Make sure that you have a glass of their spiced iced tea (it has some heat to it). Also, try their coffee. which is probably almost as strong as Turkish coffee.”

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“I just want to say that whoever hired the customer service representative that works at Mapco at 465 DONELSON, should pat thereself on the back, this is an AMAZING PERSON! I MEAN TOP NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE, I really enjoy coming just to this store and driving way out of my way, just because I know that I am going not only to shop or get gas etc, but I know that I’m going to also receive the clerk name Promise, expertise and sales driven customer service. Great job Promise, Mapco, definitely needs more people like YOU……”

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“This is the best little market I have been to in nashville! The woman that works at the front is the nicest and funniest woman I have ever met! I will continue going there for years to come :)”

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“Didn't understand why I paid for my gas and wasn't asked if I needed reg or premium or mid I end up having to go back inside to find out I was supposed to tell the clerk I wanted premium”

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“Super clean store with a great owner as pest control guy with 28 years experience I was impressed when I visited to buy a soda and snack give this small business your support sells snacks food drinks cigarettes etc great local store”

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“Massive selection of craft beer and perfect hours. Really accessible to the residents of Lockeland Springs/east-siders. Always a blessing for late-night munchies.”

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“Highly recommend this discount tobacco store!! The selection is amazing, so many options for all of your needs! The employees are always so friendly!! I will drive past 4 stores to get to this one! Big plus, you don't have to even get out of your car!! They have a drive thru!!”

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“I strongly recommend they're food, strong and good taste, as for groceries I can't really tell most likely it will better if yall find out on your own... by the way parking can be a bit hard but I used the parking lot on the other side of the "creek"”

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“Serving breakfast and chicken and waffles started from scratch home made and fresh food every day and the bomb is starting serving meals every day through Sunday meat and 2 vegetables and meat and 3 lunch plates all day long....... keep in mind every thing fresh”

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“Pleasantly surprised. The beauty assortment is great. Complete with a mix of big named brands and smaller. The smaller even has a great assortment and is quality. Favorite section was the beauty and skin care section. 10/10!I’m usually disappointed with dollar store cards but these were 1 dollar and so cute and well written. I recommend going here for fill in or travel trip missions. Great travel section. Did not pick up any food however.It’s not the cleanest however and the shelves were empty.”

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“Is it fancy ? NOPE. Does it look old ? yeap. They have a deli, fried chicken, etc. The breakfast sandwiches have always been good. Much better than most gas stations because they cook the food instead of the frozen then heated crap. They also have a tanning bed, a car wash, a laundromat, and a storage facility.Like I said yeah it is older but it is a community staple for years.UPDATE: the previous view was a history view. Now the owners have changed to spanish people. Man can they cook and fresh stuff. Like fajitas , breakfast sandwiches, deli sandwiches, fried chicken but I wouldn't go for that. O got a spicy tamale and wow it may have been the best ever, homemade. Everything else is there except the tanning bed part. It is a phone place I think. But the market itself has a lot of mexican items to shop for even frozen groceries.They have a fresh section with fruits and veggies.Get some food to take home or grab a quick to go lunch. It will surprise you.”

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“great selection of snacks and good prices on fuel's. the chicken they make is awesome, best breading on it I e ever tasted, it's hard to pass up even with a full stomach. will definitely return in the future for snacks and that slapping chicken!”

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