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“The cradle on the rear differential for the drive shaft on my GMC1500 broke.I chose Woods because of the reviews/ratings. I also got to talk to Dustin and my first impression was great/honest. Being someone that does most of the work on my own truck it can be hard to find a shop I trust. This job was something I didn’t feel comfortable doing and Im glad I brought it to Dustin and Woods. I got the truck back after a quick turn around at a fair price. Will use for my future needs.”

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“This is the best service station in Forney. I get my tires worked on, all my vehicles inspected, and oil changed there and the price is always the lowest in town. They never have a "machine down" or any other excuse why they can't do the thing they're literally in business to do, unlike other service stations. I think the longest I've had to wait is maybe 20 minutes. I'd give 6 stars if I could.”

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“Brought my 2016 mazda 3 here that I knew would need a lot of work, and this place was amazing. Extremely kind and honest, got everything done super quick, and they communicated with me throughout the whole process to keep me informed of what was happening, including showing me the issues with parts that needed to be replaced so I knew what was going on and why they needed to be replaced. Both the quality of work and customer service are fantastic, wont be going anywhere else from now on.”

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“I went for my vehicle annual inspection but failed due to a bald tire I was unaware of. I went to replace all four tires (keeping story short) which was an 8 hour ordeal dealing with forney walmart (horrid experience) … upon returning and sharing the horrible day… I was asked once again to step on the service drive! Taking a deep breath I begged no more bad news! The service advisor stated, “we would like to comp your inspection- you’ve been through enough today” it was not the amount they waived… it was the human kindness that made the 8 hours of shear H”@&)(! Worth a smile! Christian Brothers Auto Forney !!! For all my auto needs - true Christian Spirits! Ty CBA Forney!”

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“I am new to the area and was looking for an honest mechanic shop! Charles was excellent from the start. I knew over the phone he was someone who could be trusted. Upon arriving he quickly told me what was wrong with my car that’s how good he is at what he does. He even gave me a tour of the shop. I understand why they are growing so fast. Continue putting good into the world. I will now be coming to this shop for all my car work needs!!! I highly recommend to anyone looking for top quality work at affordable prices. They won’t try to sell you what you don’t need.”

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“Could not believe that they could repair a Griffin radiator so quickly. A matter or seconds after being set up to be held. Sr. Is very nice and does exactly what he said they would do.”

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“My car just needed a minor work done but Stewart's was fast and most of all, FRIENDLY AND PERSONABLE. I thought I had found a good place a couple of years ago (will remain unnamed,) but Stewart's Automotive will get my business from now on! Nice work, guys!”

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“Honest shop. My go to mechanic. I used to be leary of mechanics trying to take advantage of a woman. Wes puts me at ease and I trust him completely. Thank you Wes!”

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“Awesome family owned tire shop. Ms Leora the owner is very friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. They are well stocked and have the best prices in north Texas. The staff is very quick, efficient and will have you back on the road in no time. I highly recommend this shop.”

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“Scott's Automotive did a Great job installing my new A/C & Heating unit. Replaced my factory unit and fit perfectly in my 1978 Chevy Scottsdale C10 pickup. I'm glad Tom referred me over to ya'll.I appreciate the good work.Anthony”

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“If you're tired of paying more than you should be, and still getting results that don't last (often on purpose), you should come talk to Ramon or his son next time you have a problem with your car. Everything is expensive these days, but I guarantee you repairs will be less expensive here, but most importantly, they'll be done correctly. I've been bringing my trucks here for years now. I've strayed a few times, and ended up kicking myself every time. This isn't a chain repair shop that aims to get your car out as fast as they can pull it in. They take the time to make sure you're going to be happy when you leave. In my personal opinion, the best thing you will get with this shop, is the honesty. Quick example. I recently brought my truck in, and told them that my right front caliper needed to be replaced, and that my starter solenoid relay was bad, and needed to be replaced. I got a call about an hour after I dropped it off, and they told me that one of my rear calipers also was bad. They didn't even have to look at the rear brakes, much less take them apart and inspect them, because I was very specific in telling them which caliper I wanted replaced, but they did anyway. A cynic might say that they just sold me more than I needed, to make some extra money, but if that were the case, my other concern would have been replaced, like I requested. Instead, they nicely explained the error in my diagnosis of the starter solenoid relay, and made it very clear that the solenoid was definitely still working fine. The problem is somewhere else, but as it often goes with vehicles, it worked perfectly the whole time it was there, so there was no way to find the true culprit. Most other shops would have replaced the starter (the solenoid is built into the starter on my truck), and gladly taken several hundred more dollars from me, not caring that I would inevitably realize I wasted my money.Anyway, this is a great shop, and you will not regret checking them out next time.”

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“I usually don’t leave reviews , but they were amazing the management the staff i needed a fuel injector and a lot of other things i recommend 100% . There’s nothing but great energy at this place”

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“Great A1 service. We were visiting & got a stud in one of our truck tires. I drove up & they had the wheel off within 5 mins, got it patched & remounted within 17 mins. They charged me $13.00 & customer service was the fast & easy. We love this place! Thank you”

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“Had mechanic work done on my truck, great work and great price. The manager Scott is very knowledgeable which great because he was able to save me lots of labor hours on troubleshooting.”

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“I’ve gone here for all of my tire problems, I find them very reliable and will always come here to experience great service, Whitney at the front desk is super friendly, I also find their tire deals super convenient”

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“Gotta love supporting local businesses!!I challenged them to make my brand new door that I dented look better. They delivered at a pretty reasonable rate. Wes is super nice, he got a guy to do a paint less dent repair which saved me a whole bunch of money and higher insurance rates. I didn’t get the man’s name that did the work, but I’m happy with the job.”

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“Great selection of tires. They didn't have the used tire I needed but they call a friend ((Alex Tires) and sent me there where they had what I needed. The few minutes I was there, they were very helpful and friendly. They are much closer to me than where they sent me so I will definitely return.”

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“Tim was very helpful. when other associate refused to help me & told me there would be a wait so I prob should go to another location, Tim helped me immediately. Battery was affordable and came with amazing serviceService: Battery”

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“The owner and his partner might as well be family they are so close. You can hear it in how they speck with one another lol. They actually remind the other to remember to give any discount or deal they can and hold each other accountable. Good people.Ben worked on my battery and tires. Did a great job! Even the people who didnt work on my car were kind to me and to one another. friendly and trustworthy place to get work done. would recommend. ?”

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“Chris & Myles are an awesome duo, collectively they both were tremendous in getting my vehicle serviced & myself cashed out, in a matter of minutes, all with a waiting room full of customers. I wont go anywhere else for an oil change, these men have made this my spot to come to, due to their efficiency & sense of welcomeness.”

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