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“I had bought flowers for my sisters funeral at Lucas Funeral Home. Placed the order online and left a note about the time of service. Flowers were there when I got to the service and were beautiful. Cooper’s made the process extremely seamless for me on a very difficult day of laying my sister to rest. Thank you ♥️”

4.9 Superb30 Reviews

“Beautiful arrangement that was delivered for my grandmas funeral. Owner took the call and couldn't have been more professional or made it any easier. Will definitely keep in mind next flower arrangement needed. Hopefully not for a funeral next time.”

4.6 Superb35 Reviews

“First, I'll start by saying that I live in Chicago but my best friend is from Texas. She had to travel back home because she had a loss in her family. I wanted to send her and her family some flowers and happened to come across Lilium on Google since it was near their house and they had very good reviews. I called the shop and spoke with Taylor. She was amazingly helpful and communicative every step of the way, she even worked with me so I could stay within a certain budget, and the flowers were delivered the very next day. They sent me photos of the finished bouquets as well, and they turned out absolutely gorgeous! I would highly recommend Lilium Floral Design.”

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“Some people! Today I was walking thru the produce section of Kroger on Keller Pkwy. I noticed this woman yapping on the phone. She had two containers of fresh strawberries open and she was culling them….making one box full of choice berries and the other less desirable. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!”

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“My girl got her V-Day Bouquet! It was beautiful and even arrived in the first half of the morning which was sooner than I let myself expect given the day. I called twice with questions that were answered by people I felt cared and wanted to help. Thank you! I'll be getting flowers through Darla's going forward!”

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“My friends weren't home when Bice first tried to deliver and Bice called me to tell me so we could figure out an alternate plan. My friends received the flowers later in the day and loved them!”

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“Wow ! What real service! Out to find my sister's birthday African violets, this shop called twice to let us know her progress while looking for these little plants and we had our 89th birthday request fulfilled. That's what I call WONDERFUL. THANK YOU”

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“Flowers ordered to surround a cremation urn were beautiful. The presentation was perfect, classic, tasteful. Working with Theresa was a delight - she was very patient with my many questions & requests. I will definitely use Wilson's In Bloom again & again.”

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“Where Laughter Blooms: A 5-Star Experience at Paul's Flower Boutique If you're ever in need of a pick-me-up (or a pick-up that results in non-stop laughter), Paul's Flower Boutique is the place to be. Recently, they played host to an unusual but utterly memorable event: Mitch, a bearded man of courage (or consequence), walked in wearing a bridal gown as lush as the bouquets, thanks to a lost bet that left him publicly embarrassed but smiling. The sight was as ridiculous as it was endearing, with Mitch draped in layers of lace and satin, his manly beard juxtaposed against the delicate veil. The staff at Paul's weren't just professional florists; they were connoisseurs of comedy, ensuring Mitch's floral selections were accompanied by a side of hearty chuckles and friendly jests. The boutique didn't just provide flowers at a great value; they provided an experience. Mitch might have lost a bet, but we all won a story to tell. The blossoms were as beautiful as the laughs were bountiful, and the boutique ensured that Mitch's embarrassing moment was captured in photos for all to cherish. Kudos to Paul's Flower Boutique, not just for their exceptional blooms but for embracing the lighter side of life and reminding us all not to take ourselves too seriously. Five stars for the flowers, the fun, and the most memorable day Mitch (and the rest of us) will ever have in a flower shop! Paul said he was going to make sure post pictures of Mitch being embarrassed in public in a wedding dress online and that we could come back again next time Mitch loses a bet!”

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“I had to place a last-minute phone order from another town for a funeral and was nervous about how the flowers would turn out. The woman on the phone was extremely helpful and worked with my budget. Upon arrival of the funeral, we were pleasantly surprised to see that not only the flowers arrived at the funeral home on time, but they were also absolutely gorgeous. It was a stressful and difficult moment, yet this flower shop somehow made it much better. Thank you Mount Olivet!”

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“A Hilariously Embarrassing Visit to Devin Flowers – Courtesy of Mitch the Ridiculous Chicken!Rating: ★★★★★My brother Mitch, who recently visited Devin Flowers in Grapevine, Texas, as part of a lost bet to buy flowers. Let me tell you, it was an absolutely hilarious and embarrassing sight!Darla and her staff were so much fun to work with!! I hope they invite Mitch back to help promote her business as a chicken!!Mitch, ever the good sport, showed up alone in a ridiculous chicken costume, complete with absurdly bright red tights and exaggerated feather details (see pictures!) – he looked like he had just escaped from a comedy barnyard! The staff at Devin Flowers couldn't contain their laughter, and honestly, neither could I when I saw the pictures, said he didn't know what was more humiliating, how he looked or that he was having so much fun acting like a fool!The team there was fantastic. They didn't just sell him flowers; they made an event out of his visit. They encouraged (or should I say dared) Mitch to do the chicken dance. Watching a grown man flapping and hopping around in a chicken suit, you can imagine the scene – it was embarrassingly funny and made for some priceless memories.The staff took it a step further by snapping photos with Mitch for their social media, turning his embarrassment into a viral sensation. They even had him hold their sign and wave to traffic, making sure his chicken antics were seen by as many people as possible. The drivers’ reactions were just icing on the cake – honks, laughter, and waves added to Mitch's red-faced, feathered spectacle.Kudos to Devin Flowers for not only embracing Mitch's outlandish appearance but for also creating such a fun and welcoming environment.Thanks to everyone at Devin Flowers for being such great sports and for giving us a story that will be told at family gatherings for years to come. Your flowers are as beautiful as the smiles you bring to people's faces!I hear they have asked Mitch to come back again! We have a great bet for next year and I hope they will have Mitch come back again and further entertain the Staff at Devin Flowers!!”

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“Did a beautiful job executing my vision! Called me personally to get a feel for the arrangement for my gf! I definitely loved her servoce and friendly approach. Definitely felt like i gained a friend at the emd of my experience!”

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“This place is awesome! They were super intentional and welcoming. I came in to get a last minute birthday bouquet for my wife. I wanted something super unique and Mrs. Misty picked out everything perfectly! She was easy to talk to and made great conversation. I was thoroughly impressed and with the service and the product. I won’t be going anywhere else for my flower gifting needs.”

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“My family and I have been using Iva's for years. They did my parent's wedding, all my flowers for birthdays, homecoming, proms, and now for my own daughter's Valentine's flowers.”

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“Thomas was fantastic. I called instead of buying on line & I'm so glad I did. I requested a floral arrangement for a vet's funeral & he went above & beyond in helping me. He is a vet also.Everyone was extremely impressed with the arrangement & so was I. It was much larger than I expected. I also bought a bouquet to be sent to the widow's home. It was so beautiful & appreciated. Definitely would recommend Lily's Florist. Carolyn”

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“These ladies were so easy to talk to when I called. I used them because they were around the corner from where I wanted the flowers to be sent and they didn't charge me a delivery fee! I highly recommend them if you want flowers sent. Thank you ladies!”

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“I ordered a bouquet for someone. It was gorgeous. Don’t be turned away by the prices if that is a concern for you. I did a sweet and sassy and had it upgraded which cost as much as other florist companies and they knocked it out of the park! It was gorgeous. Affordable.”

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“Melissa was very nice after I explained my situation and helped me get the perfect assortment for what I needed. Very personal and pleasant experience. I will be coming back and the flowers were beautiful!”

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“The most beautiful flowers and arrangement I’ve ever received. They did an amazing job. (I’m sure my husband did not give specifics) , thank you to all involved.”

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“Ordered these today for delivery today. Seriously, the best arrangement I've ever seen for the $$. Excellent customer service. Oh.. and arrangement delivered On Time ! Highly recommend!”

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“Amazing bouquet! I had never heard of Divine Floral before being gifted a bouquet. Not only are the flowers gorgeous, but aromatic and arranged beautifully. Extra bonus that they delivered to downtown Fort Worth. Definitely recommend!”

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“Wonderful people to work with! They came through for us with a last minute request with the most beautiful arrangements for a memorial service. I can’t thank them enough! We were so pleased with the outcome and the process was easy -they even delivered them ❤️ thank you!!”

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“The absolutely best florist I have ever ordered from! There are not words to express the beautiful designs, the outstanding service. I had a baby shower for my daughter and the flowers were outstanding. Thank you!!!!!!!”

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“I called last week to order flowers for my girlfriend for Valentine's day and received friendly advice over the phone. The flowers were delivered on schedule, early in the morning at my girlfriends office and she loved them. Great job ladies!”

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“I ordered the low end florist’s choice bouquet and couldn’t be happier. The flowers were for my six year old niece, who broke her foot. They were bright. They were beautiful and the bouquet was much larger than expected. She was over the moon. I also placed the order around 10:30 in the morning, and they arrive to by 3:30 that same afternoon With a completely reasonable delivery charge. Fantastic job.”

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“I would highly recommend Jasmine G ardens 2 .Her work is amazing and her conduct and custome service is A 10.She has been in business 40 yrs and she is anxing and I would recommend her to anyone”

3.7 Good12 Reviews

“My husband Zachary brought home this GORGEOUS flower arrangement for our anniversary ? I literally cried!!! It is so beautiful!!!!!! And it's even beautiful before all the stargazer lilies open fully so its going to have another wave of beauty ? true artisan work. Thank you for these! I absolutely love them!”

3.7 Good19 Reviews

“I was in the hospital and my wonderful son in law and daughter sent flowers. They were so cute and perfect I thought it was a stuffed animal cat. It brighten my days and everyone who saw them. If you need flowers local this is the place to get them. I promise they will be above your expectations.”

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“I drive by this place all the time on my way to work. I went in wanting something simple and on a budget of $30-$35. It was an arrangement for my daughter's birthday. I wanted 1or 2 Sunflowers, a balloon and whatever they could put together. It was a delivery fee of $10. So I came out spending$40. It was delivered early, which was great, and the arrangement was Beautifully arranged! I was really pleased with the results. I will return when needed.Thanks guys you did great!! ❤️”

3.5 Good16 Reviews

“I had an amazing experience with Country Florist. It was my first time ordering with them, and they delivered (literally and figuratively)! The flowers were gorgeous and delivered on time. The staff was kind and caring as well. Couldn’t ask for a better experience !”

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