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“Yesterday I went here just fill up my truck with ⛽ $2.03 a gallon .This store is in my brother neighborhood and down the street.The very first Gas station in Missouri City at this price are maybe in the last two years .My brother told me three days ago so I followed him there too see with my on 👀 Because the cheapest place I found was in the 1960 area .”

4.3 Superb36 Reviews

“Best gas in the area, card tap-to-pay at the pumps always works, no higher price if you pay by card BS that all these other stations in the area do, clean convenience store.”

4.2 Good14 Reviews

“Nice gas station, pretty clean everytime I visit. The staff is usually helpful and they stay stocked. I appreciate the fact that it's quite and not a hang out for unfavorable spirits. Please make sure it stays that way.”

3.6 Good41 Reviews

“Extremely competitive fuel prices. If you're driving through the area on the Highway 6 , it's worth taking the exit and going a couple miles to save big bucks.Wide, easy access fuel lanes. Visited here pulling a large travel trailer and had no issues getting in and out.”

4.6 Superb7 Reviews

“The ladies here are nice for the most part. They move quickly at the register but don't stock enough of the Arizona Green Tea as it's usually sold out the only reason I go there. I don't understand why they just don't order more”

4.2 Good10 Reviews

“THE COFFEE made my stomach hurt for quite a bit. I get it, it's a gas station, I shouldn't expect bucees standards, but you know, you pay for stuff. Other than that, the location was pretty clean and kept up with, Although I didn't see what the restroom looked like. I pumped my gas and went about my business.”

3.5 Good47 Reviews

“Big shout out to the floral department at my Highway 6 Kroger! We opened our Boutique “The Flawless Closet” in the same shopping center and we have depended on them for balloons. The team members there are awesome! Service with a smile. Thanks to Ingrid and her team!”

3.3 Good42 Reviews

“I love this store !!!! Not only do you find what you are looking for , if you don't find it let management know and they WILL get it for you . That is primo management . My only drawback is when I go to customer service to purchase a 10 dollar money order the best they can do is 10.01 and I cannot use a 10.01 money order . Work on that .”

5 Superb3 Reviews

“i recently went to this gas station to fill my tires up on air- but the last tire ended up getting a flat. Jordan the manager, and Jerrell an employee working there, went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help us get our last tire filled! thank you guys so much for all your help!”

3.8 Good8 Reviews

“This store is the best ever. Who ever says differently is wrong. The new owners try there best to correct anything or any complaints..Staff is very friendly. The owner may have had some bad staff but if he gets complaints he always corrects them.Owner is super friendlyTry to get to know him.”

4 Good4 Reviews

“I usually go through the drive thru, but this day I decided to go in. The pharmacist was very nice, she helped me find the non pharmacy item I was looking for, answered my questions about the pharmacy item I came to pick up, and was very helpful. My experience today has really changed my opinion of this CVS. Thank you.”

3.4 Good10 Reviews

“I normally only come here if I’m in a pinch for gas (their gas price different for card verses cash is highly annoying their gas is higher than my normal place as it is). The workers are mostly friendly. I mean it’s convient”

3.1 Average14 Reviews

“The Asian gentleman (sorry, I don’t know his name) who works in the pharmacy is an extremely hard worker. I always get great service from him when picking up my prescriptions. He must be exhausted at the end of his shift. Give him a raise.”

2.9 Average24 Reviews

“Excellent food!! It was fresh and delicious!! Lot's of variety!! A special shout out to "Spanky"!! She is super friendly and helpful!! Will be coming back!!”

2.9 Average19 Reviews

“My husband recently had surgery and needed a pain medication refilled. This pharmacy would not refill the prescription because it was one day before they felt the refill date should be even though the doctor called to authorize it. This was aggravating and my husband suffered in pain throughout the night. However, they did fill the prescription the next morning and had it ready first thing. I guess I can, on some level understand their point of view given the prescription was for a narcotic and the pharmacies are restricted by state regulations. But, I still feel they should have accepted the doctor's authorization. I'm giving them four stars because they prioritized his prescription the next morning once they felt they could fill it. Just glad it was only one day! Overall, service is good at this location and they do try to be helpful. This is our pharmacy of choice.”

2.9 Average12 Reviews

“Since I've moved into this area, I decided to transfer my prescriptions. Everyone from the Technicians to Pharmacists Ms. Hattie Davis were very professional and courteous. I came in last week to pick up prescriptions I had called in and to also fill new prescriptions. The Technician nor the Pharmacist could not read the prescriptions. I told them to look at what the doctor had written before. They filled my prescriptions and I left. When I got home I realized the one for my lips was a cream but should have been an ointment. (I have dry lips). I called as soon I got home and took my prescriptions out of the bag and read cream. The Technician asked Ms. Davis if I could return it because it was the wrong one. I was told as long as it was not opened I could and the doctor corrected the prescription. I came in the next day and Ms David was not there. The Technician told Pharmacist Youan that the doctor had called in the correct prescription and I brought back the wrong one. Ms Youan immediately started yelling at me as if I were a toddler playing in the store, telling me they don't take prescriptions back especially if they are opened. (If she would concentrate on looking at the box, she could see neither end had been opened nor the tube penetrated). I didn't say a word. Then she said it could not be returned unless I had the receipt. I told her it was in the bag. She continued yelling and asked where is the receipt. I told her a little louder to open the bag. She is definitely NOT from Texas because we know how to speak to adults and children. She needs to go to anger management class and start all over. I'll give her an F- for professionalism and an A+ to the rest of the pharmacy staff. I have observed all of them with people on several occasions and they have been great!”

3 Average3 Reviews

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