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“This place is so unique, a lottery ticket store, gas station, and merchandise, so cool.Store well organized and clean. Very colorful, makes you happy. I was a winner and won over $90 bucks on my tickets. So cool. It's worth visiting, I'm going back there soon.”

4.7 Superb34 Reviews

“Customer service is on point. But the food...omg the food.Reminds me of going to my best friends house for lunch.Every single bocadito is special. Dang, those ladies are "cooking with gas"”

4.5 Superb29 Reviews

“Nice little store. Well stocked convenience store and gas station.Bright and clean, just about everything you may need for a pit-stop or just a break. Soda, water, beer, wine, snacks and candy of all sorts. Clean restrooms. Handicap accessible parking and building. Easy in and out.If your next door doing laundry it’s adjacent to the laundromat so you can pop in and grab a snack, cool drink, lotto tickets or whatever else you may need while the clothes tumble.”

4.6 Superb7 Reviews

“This is a tiny gas and food mart in Rosenberg on the corner of Louise and Ave. R. You could be passing it daily on your way to 59. The reason for the review is they are always so friendly whenever you visit here. Several of the other convenience stores close by barely speak or look up much less smile or are friendly. A smile and and a how are you isn't hard to do when it's your business or you're the cashier. They carry frozen foods (pizza, lasagna, burritos, frozen dinners, +), ice cream, chocolate milk, several grocery items (crushed pineapple I needed, soups, canned meats, etc.), car items, a soda fountain, various cold beverages and waters, rows of snack foods plus cold beer and wine. Lottery tickets and scratch off's are available at the counter. There's also a taqueria inside serving 7-5, I think. He's very nice as well, popular spot but I haven't eaten here yet. Great convenience store with friendly customer service. Stop in if you're close by.”

5 Superb4 Reviews

“My husband's favorite corner store but I don't see the big deal or the reason why. The cigarettes are cheap; then again they're cheap cigarettes.. lol just joking around”

3.9 Good12 Reviews

“The cashier is always in s good mood sn and very open minded. Good prices. Wish they stayed open later than since I work the evening shift an dont get into town till 12.15 or some times 12.30a.m. it would be nice.”

4.5 Superb4 Reviews

“Nice corner location that has 8 fuel pumps and a convenience store labeled "City Star." The worker in the convenience store was helpful. The store is huge and clean. There is ample parking provided for those not pumping gas. As for the fuel pumps, they're newer and accept credit cards. This gas station sits on a corner where it came from be accessed from both Reading Rd. or BF Terry Blvd.”

4.3 Superb4 Reviews

“I been to this store since last couple of year and I don't think that they are rude or racist and they never steal cents in fact they do the around figure mean if your change is $1.47 they do around figure and give you $1.50. and If i remember I was at the store one guy came in and asked for a cigarette and it was something around $1.29 and the guy gave less money to them but still they accepted it. one more thing they treat everyone nicely and always there to help us. even when the costumers are rude. I 100% advise to shop here.”

4 Good4 Reviews

“Very well set up store. Candy aisle selection is limited no suga free candy not even sugar free Russell's Stovers !! The discount u put in their checkout machine, your phone # doesn't work !! I've changed my phone with them over a year ago and certain CVS's don't hav their comp system updated !! So I won't shop there if I can't use my discount! ?”

3.5 Good8 Reviews

“New ladies working in the kitchen. Really good food. Chicken strip is so delicious. The rice with beans it taste so good. Borrito with cheese real good. I recommend going and get yourself a quick lunch break. There is table with chair to eat inside or a table outside.”

3.4 Good6 Reviews

“Immediately greeted as soon as you walk thru the door! The staff has an amazing attitude and positive vibes linger throughout the store,making it a comfortable atmosphere to want to shop in?Highly recommended if you are looking for "new"drinks and snacks in stock regularly,and if I might add, Friday and Saturday Fresh Menudo!(tell Romeo taco man sent u!LoL!)These guy/gals rock!?”

3.1 Average19 Reviews

“Best convenience store in Rosenberg/Richmond area. Always SUPER clean, everybody From the manager to the lady’s chefs, just all the employees (Charlie, Addy, Claudia, sam) always nice and welcoming. You can never go wrong with food!!? the lady’s in the back are the best and make everything fresh. Recommend anybody and everybody to at least stop by and try the burgers and wings. BEST IN THE AREA HANDS DOWN”

3.2 Average5 Reviews

“They have bathroom issues constantly and I can’t stand that I have to walk across the store without a lid for my drink because they keep them behind the counter now.”

2.7 Average6 Reviews

“Great that I did not have to trouble my physician for a transfer of med from one pharmacy to another. They handled it efficiently like pros! Thank you. Nice to have a place like this nearby.”

2.6 Average22 Reviews

“i’ll die on this hill, speedy stop is a top tier gas station, the drink selection is 8 out of 10, the snack selection is probably also 8 out of 10 but the reason i keep coming back is that they’re not over priced like everywhere else, and the crew that works there is absolutely the best, they’ll make you feel like family, it’s also one of the safer options when it comes to late nite gas station trips because cops hang out there”

2.6 Average27 Reviews

“I would like to share my experience with Walgreens pharmacy located at 3316 Ave H in Rosenberg, Texas. My spouse and I went for our first shot of CV19 earlier this week and I can't thank Aisha and Bilkhis enough for their warm, friendly and professional behavior they exerted throughout the entire visit. They both proved to be extremely helpful and were outstanding in their service. I highly recommend them, and will be going for our 2nd shot in a few weeks.”

2.3 Poor3 Reviews

“CVS pharmacy here is always so good. I was picking up some prescribed meds and asked if they can please grab some kids medicine from over the counter because I couldn’t get down at the moment and Kimberly at the window helped me today. She was a true lifesaver today for this mama and her sick kids! :)”

2.5 Average16 Reviews

“I like this location better than the others in my area. Old school, still has everything and nothing is impossible to find than the new refurbished stores. Lots of items in stock on the shelves unlike the newly upgraded locations.”

2.3 Poor28 Reviews

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