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“This Pharmacist/owner goes above and beyond for his customers...I have been using him for years now but what I saw today was unbelievable.. I saw him help a single parent with prescription coverage she didn't realize she had and saved her stress and money as he continued working on filling other orders(mone included) when my script was ready he took time to explain each individual and when to take it...this family style pharmacy is so much better than the big chains...I will ride with this guy until the wheels fall off....thank you for all you do for me and the community..stay blessed”

4.7 Superb6 Reviews
3.8 Good9 Reviews

“Not a huge mega store shopper, but, this was a great experience. The staff was helpful and knew exactly what I was needing. I was directed straight to the correct department.”

3 Average40 Reviews

“It was time to get eggs because I am running low. I love getting my supplements here. They always have the ones I need. When I got other places to get supplements, they r have what I need. Thank goodness for Kroger pharmacy. Most supplements are buy one get one free. Love it. Ten stars.”

3.2 Average7 Reviews

“Very well set up store. Candy aisle selection is limited no suga free candy not even sugar free Russell's Stovers !! The discount u put in their checkout machine, your phone # doesn't work !! I've changed my phone with them over a year ago and certain CVS's don't hav their comp system updated !! So I won't shop there if I can't use my discount! ?”

3 Average8 Reviews

“This is the best Krogers, it's huge. They always have many quality items marked down. They don't allow items to go pass the expiration date. I like that for my family”

2.8 Average13 Reviews

“Great that I did not have to trouble my physician for a transfer of med from one pharmacy to another. They handled it efficiently like pros! Thank you. Nice to have a place like this nearby.”

2.5 Average22 Reviews

“CVS pharmacy here is always so good. I was picking up some prescribed meds and asked if they can please grab some kids medicine from over the counter because I couldn’t get down at the moment and Kimberly at the window helped me today. She was a true lifesaver today for this mama and her sick kids! :)”

2.5 Average16 Reviews

“This is the best Krogers, it's huge. They always have many quality items marked down. They don't allow items to go pass the expiration date. I like that for my family”

2.6 Average5 Reviews

“I would like to share my experience with Walgreens pharmacy located at 3316 Ave H in Rosenberg, Texas. My spouse and I went for our first shot of CV19 earlier this week and I can't thank Aisha and Bilkhis enough for their warm, friendly and professional behavior they exerted throughout the entire visit. They both proved to be extremely helpful and were outstanding in their service. I highly recommend them, and will be going for our 2nd shot in a few weeks.”

2.4 Poor3 Reviews

“I like this location better than the others in my area. Old school, still has everything and nothing is impossible to find than the new refurbished stores. Lots of items in stock on the shelves unlike the newly upgraded locations.”

2 Poor28 Reviews

“Ana Mercedes and Pharmacist Jenny filled my prescription within an hour 30 minutes before closing and called me to tell me the Rx was ready. Being that I was dealing with a sick little one, this excellent experience provided relief to an already stressful night. Thank you both for going above and beyond!”

1.8 Poor26 Reviews

“I aways enjoy going to your location, your Manager Juan and employees are all good people. They are polite, helpful, professional, smile and are happy to see you. Thank you, keep up the good work!”

1.8 Poor39 Reviews

“They are always super busy but they work fast to make sure you get your prescription as quickly as possible, especially if it’s urgent. Like most pharmacies I can tell they are understaffed, but they bust their butts. This is the best Walgreens I’ve ever had medications filled.”

1.5 Poor12 Reviews