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“Such a simplified experience and great value! We've got a new grocery routine, and it involves investing a quarter for a cart and bagging our own items. We were able to find so many great options for our low carb lifestyle.”

4.5 Superb32 Reviews

“Dora and Paola are the best. Always sweet and efficient. I had to dig for my old receipt to figure out the new girls name. All the most recent reviews are about new girl Maricruz.Last time I was there I walked in smiled and told her hi how r you. She stood there with attitude and said how can I help. As if I told her something wrong. Every item I ordered she grabbed it with so much attitude. Hey lady it’s customer service. If you don’t want to be there stay home with your bad attitude. I was dreading to go in today, but I passed by and saw it was Dora and Paola so I stopped by. If I don’t see them there I rather not stop by. I don’t want that lady bad juju to rub on me or ruin my day.”

4 Good8 Reviews

“Some ALDI's are better than others. This one is a GREAT. Prices are far lower than Kroger or HEB. Not the broadest selection nor are many of the big brands stocked. However, poultry, seafood and dairy are fresh and much less expensive than other grocery stores. Staff is always courteous and helpful!”

4.2 Good28 Reviews

“Kroger Deli is a very good market, you can find everything you want. Th food is delicious, the fruits, vegetables are fresh fruits are also very fresh, the people are really nice. I recomended it”

3.3 Good9 Reviews

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