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“A good, slimmed down version of the grocery store area of any Walmart SuperCenter. Whereas in the SuperCenter you'd find, for example, 3 different chocolate cake mixes, at a Neighborhood Market, you'd instead find only 2 different chocolate cake mixes. That example applies across the board on things like yogurt, nuts, chips, and many other things. Is that bad? Not at all! Prices are the same as at the Walmart SuperCenters. The biggest difference? Fewer people to deal with and - usually - faster to get out of. This particular Neighborhood Walmart is quite well set up and organized. They do seem to be in perpetual restocking mode, but that's tolerable. I would recommend this Neighborhood Walmart to anybody.”

4.1Good224 Reviews

“Staff is kind, welcoming, and helpful :) The store is organized and has a wide variety of items - it’s our go-to halal grocery store. There are also a bunch of beautiful Ramadan decorations available right now!! ?”

4.1Good65 Reviews

“When I was shopping at this HEB, I felt very weak and the management was notified. They came to provide assistance in a few minutes. They were able to help me by providing an electric cart. My shopping was made easier because of the cart. The cashier helped with unloading the basket and I was help to my car. The kind. Woman loaded my groceries in my trunk. They provided me with all the assistance that was needed. Thank you!”

4Good182 Reviews

“Somewhat affordable but it’s a love and hate for me. They are not often consistent with their shelf selections. You can go there and find everything you want one day and go another day and they won’t have everything you want”

3.8Good163 Reviews

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