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“Josh, swanger, and John hold down arguably the best gaming and hobby atmosphere in the city. Stock is always great, but their customer service is second to none. Can’t recommend enough!”

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“Best card shop in San Antonio. Awesome selection of Pokemon. Old sets and new sets available. Single cards to buy and look at also. The guy that works there is so nice and helped me out with all the questions I had and went the extra mile for me. I’ll be back here when I am in San Antonio again! I pulled two hits that I bought from him out of packs also! I went back in to show him and he gave me sleeves and top loaders to help me out. Great business!”

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“Awesome place to find some great comics or figures. Great selection of pokemon, magic, and other tcg. They just recently stocked up and increased their gunpla selection ,witch is a big plus since I love gundam”

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“This is a really cool vintage toys place! A lot of funkos and comic book toys from DC and Marvel, as well as some random characters. They also have really good customer service!”

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“THE BEST PLACE TO GAME AND VIBE IN SAN ANTONIO. I play warhammer weekly in the bunker with my brother in law. We use the Bluetooth speakers and order food while we game and have a blast. Excellent staff, fun environment and overall a fun experience!”

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“Fantastic place for Magic!! First time being here and shocked to hear that is only two magic shops in Texas, Unbelievable. Great service and enjoyable experience with all the magic items in here, the owner was great in explaining some of the magic items he had and even showed some magic tricks of his own, awesome!”

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“Richard Cole Retama Park Race track, Retama Park has done business with Dixie Flag over the past years. I am pleased to say we have been very happy with craftsmanship and quality of the flags we received. This year we specialordered new Retama flags from Dixie Flag. I was very pleased at quality and how quickly they were completed. Will continue to use Dixie Flag in the future.Richard ColeDirector of facilities maintenanceRetama Park”

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“Great Prices on their paint, they can get you any color you need if they dont have it in shop. Also very very helpful if you need advice on how make specific features to anything you build. This is my go to shop I highly recommend them!”

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“I'm from out of the area, but have dropped by when in town for family and this place is great. I primarily buy Marvel collected editions books and have found some stellar deals here. They have a great selection and will occasionally discount their books. I find it fun to browse and just see whether I can find a good deal or an out of print book for cover price. The staff have been very friendly to me, with the guy at the register talking comic creators with me for a few minutes right before they closed last time. He seemed well read. You gotta love when the employees geek out about the products as much as the customers!”

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“This was my first time here. The staff were the best. They bent over backwards to battle with insurance so I could be seen here. I will definitely be back and will recommend them to others.”

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“Nice atmosphere and great employees. Was looking for somewhere to sell old collection of Pokemon cards. Definitely recommend them, expected a value difference because they need to make a profit still but received more than I hoped for.Just remember they are a business. They have to make money to stay open to continue helping their customers so if a card is worth $50 that's not what they are going to pay you. That's what they are going to sell it for and do all the work of selling it, from pricing, displaying or listing it online and shipping it. A risky process that could take years to sell and get their money back.Please check them out for assistance for any collectable cards you might have. Although they deal heavily with Pokemon they also have many other things to offer.”

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“Great store with the items and models I wanted and needed. Do suggest to call first if theor is a specific model you seek as they may not have it but probably can order it. The manager was extremely helpful and informative. I plan to continue placing my business with them.”

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“This place is a palace for geeks, and it is phenomenal! When I heard the new location for Heroes and Fantasies was supposed to be bigger than the old one, I figured it would be big but not THiS big! The place is massive, think warehouse size massive, and is full to the brim with figures and statues, card game merch, comic books, and SO much more. It's easy to find the section you're looking for and there's staff everywhere to help you get what you need. There's so much here that you can easily spend an afternoon browsing through everything, and if you're into card tournaments the new tourney area is at least triple the size of the last location's. If you're in the area, you should definitely stop in!”

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“This place is a good spot for MtG cards. The people there were pretty knowledgeable and they have a good system to let you know if they have what you are looking for.”

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“Such a neat place!! Lived 5 mins from here my whole life and never knew it was there. Had exactly what I needed for my biochemistry course. I would 100% recommend stopping by here for your scientific needs!”

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“Really fun experience to take the kids or by yourself.Wall to Wall full of lego sets. We enjoyed the little Build Your Own set of 3 lego people with accessories for only $10. Nice gift idea for the holidays.”

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“fast shipping, good packaging, great figures. my son loves history and these figures bring his imagination to life. they are high quality collector pieces and are not meant to be played with, so we often have to glue back on small pieces like guns and plumes, but they are made of metal and are exact replicas down to the smallest detail”

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“The staff there is excellent. They all hear the customer's wants and needs. They also allow text messaging requests and answer questions promptly. They are very knowledgeable about comics. The owners are very hands-on, they make sure that all of the customers are happy. Gotham Newsstand is one comic shop I will always shop at!”

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“Yarnivour is so good that when they didn't have a product I was looking for, the second store I asked told me to ask Yarnivour. Excellent prices, the sweeeetest (2x the sweet) teachers I've ever had. The staff is fun, engaging, and are so insightful, I think they could finish my projects before I could imagine them!”

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“Stopped in for a specific minifig - they didn’t have it displayed but graciously looked for one in behind the counter. They were helpful and polite. And have a great collection of Lego kits. I’ll stop by the next time I’m in town ?”

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“Nicely stocked store. Found what we were looking for and were out quickly. The staff were nice and very helpful. Always nice to walk around and get ideas for decorating.”

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“Magnatech Slot Car Raceway is one of the last surviving electric model car (slot) raceways open to the public. There were thousands of 'commercial' slot car tracks in the USA in the late 1960's and 1970's; there were a half dozen racing centers in the greater Atlanta area alone. A lot of things caused the slot racing centers to close one by one- people not being as interested in hobbies and the rise of computer video games being a couple of reasons. In the last few years, there has been a revival of sorts with a certain amount of people who were glued to computer screens in the 1980s and 1990s playing "adventure" and "virtual reality" games, discovering it was actually more fun "playing" in 3-D. So hobbies like model railroading, R/C airplanes, and yes slot car racing have made a comeback. For a change, more new raceways have been opening in the last few years in the USA than have been closing. All that having been said- Magnatech Slot Car Raceway is one of the best-equipped and best run model car raceways in North America. Magnatech Slot Car Raceway is about people having fun and inviting their inner child to come out to play. Rental racing cars are available so that you and your buddy can pretend you are Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr. to "Shake and Bake" around their awesome 8-lane track. By the same token, children are invited for hours of family fun; Magnatech Slot Car Raceway can even arrange a memorable racing birthday party for children aged six and up. Call them for special package deals for a day of fun for any sized group. Does your company want to encourage team building? How about a team racing event? Drivers, pit crews, team leaders... miniature racing teaches the same working together for success lessons that "pro" racing instills. Call the raceway now to plan and schedule your corporate event. Stop in sometime and check it out for yourself- but keep an open mind that this is something intended to be a pre-digital age entertainment. It may not be the right sort of thing for impatient or short attention span children or adults.”

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“Although we didn't buy anything as they didn't carry what we wanted.... I would highly recommend this business as the owner is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about all the games. I couldn't believe the time he spent with us. He wasn't about a hard sell. He was just excited to share his interest in games.”

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“Mr. Malesky Was very helpful in assisting me. warm welcoming and very respectful took his time and answered all my questions you wouldn't know he was owner of his establishment top notch customer service top ratedJ”

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“I went here to browse and ask a few questions... even thought it was at closing time. What a great experience! Larry and Kirk spent a lot of time with me, and we ended up chatting about coins and exchanging a lot of great info. They genuinely helped me learn a lot of stuff. Teaching, explaining, and showing me. With ZERO pressure to buy anything. It's crazy... they never once implied that I needed to buy anything. He just spent his time teaching me.I didn't buy anything but I told him I'd come back with more questions. Larry gave me his cell phone number and told me to call if I ever needed to come by, even if they were closed on Fridays/Saturdays.This is a GREAT shop. It is completely different than every other shop I've experienced. Highly recommend Larry.”

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