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“I was nervous at first but Courtney made me feel comfortable & beautiful. She’s really sweet & great at styling. She listened to my wants & she delivered! I’m pretty positive we found the perfect wedding dress for me!!! I can’t wait to purchase!”

4.8 Superb134 Reviews

“Just bought multiple pairs of shoes here! Amazing service! I even accidentally left my Cell phone to me and Taylor hand delivered it while we were eating at Dakotas! Where can you get service like that! I will definitely go back and encourage you to go for great fit and service!”

4.9 Superb57 Reviews

“I needed to get better shoes as I'm on my feet most of the day at work and they hurt. My mom suggested Hokas, which I found at Racquet & Jog with the help of a nice employee.”

4.6 Superb41 Reviews

“Large selection of all types of shoes. Unfortunately, I have a large foot and had to order the shoes that I chose, which takes about a week to come in. I knew SAS shoes were quality made shoes, but was shocked to see that most all of the tennis shoes were $205. Linda was who waited on me, and she was helpful in helping find what I was looking for.”

4.8 Superb22 Reviews

“As good a clothing store as you’ll find in Tyler. Broad selection in all sizes for men and a decent shoe selection, as well. Staff are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.”

4.3 Superb59 Reviews

“We had a very pleasant experience. Steven was very helpful and patient. He helped us to order and ship size 16 dress shoes to my son in North Carolina and fitted my boyfriend as well. We definitely will return to look for hard to find large size.”

4.4 Superb31 Reviews

“Employees were super attentive. There was someone in every section ready to help and consistently asking if people needed anything. They had a great selection of shoes as well and everyone left happy!”

4.2 Good102 Reviews

“Fitting hats is on weekend but nice selection that is reasonable. Nice selection of boots, belts, and some clothes. Friendly staff and nice hours for customers.”

4.3 Superb42 Reviews

“Prices were a little high but I expected it. Found a great pair of heels. ? Love them. Service was great sales person was available to answer my questions. Great place to shop. I will be going back soon.”

4.2 Good79 Reviews

“This place is great. I have been shopping here for over five years for my work boots.The best customer service, good prices, good selection, it is always a pleasure.”

4.5 Superb17 Reviews

“Just received my Two pair of Corkys Carlies! Love them! So comfy! They are Fantastic!! The shoes came in perfect shape and So quickly!! Glad to be able to Shop Local!”

4.2 Good62 Reviews

“I called this afternoon and spoke with Chet Collins about an issue regarding diabetic shoes. He was very helpful, caring and patient. While he could not fit and supply the shoes I needed, he took the time during the lunch hour to speak with me at length and help me find a solution to my problem. Says tons about the man and his passion for his business. Thank You very much!”

5 Superb6 Reviews

“I went with my boyfriend to the Tyler mall location!! I’ve only ever been in a Buckle location with my daughter at Town East and always felt out of place and unsure of what to buy which would usually lead me to walk out without anything.. Emily at the location in Tyler asked if I needed help almost immediately when she saw me looking at the pants!! I’ve never bought pants with the type of sizing y’all sell so I didn’t know what I was looking for!! I requested my size in some skinny jeans which Emily asked me if I was ok with and I said yes… she also asked if I’d like to try on some other styles as well and picked me out some bootcut jeans.. she sent me to a dressing room and checked on me asking which sizes were best and even brought more styles for me to try.. needless to say, I ended up going with all the styles she picked and none of the skinny jeans!! Emily took one look at my figure and found jeans that looked great for me!! She even wrote my styles and sizes on a card for the future!! She was very sweet and never made me feel out of place!! I will definitely be back and definitely be bragging on sweet Emily at the Tyler mall location ❤️”

4.2 Good41 Reviews

“The girl helping me put together an outfit for a Cowboy Gala left in the midst of this process. The other girl we found to help was not helpful at all! Bad customer service!”

4.2 Good35 Reviews

“What a lovely experience! Abby helped me find exactly what I needed and then some. She guided me through the store, and helped me pick out items that suited my body type. I will definitely be back due to the quality of clothing and the amazing customer service! Thank you, thank you Abby! ❤️”

4.9 Superb4 Reviews

“Amanda is absolutely incredible! This is the best place to shop for shoes and accessories. Amanda is the best sales woman I have ever met, she completely exceeded my expectations”

4.1 Good40 Reviews

“My son and I are leaving for Georgia in a few days and the boots I ordered online were not going to be here in time. The only size 15 steel toed boots I could find in the entire city were atBoot Barn. The gentleman who helped us, Isaac, was very friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable of the products, including fire resistant clothing. Understanding our situation he led us to the clearance rack and found what we needed. The store actually has big and tall sizes available in the store. Thank you Isaac.”

4.1 Good33 Reviews

“I went to Journeys on Sunday, and I knew what I wanted. The staff was very helpful. The guy who helped us find my dad's vans was talking to my boyfriend and me, he said he used to be a skater and told us how good vans are.”

5 Superb3 Reviews

“Great shop, very friendly staff. They have also have a GREAT selection, and everything I saw well priced. I almost spent my whole paycheck in there. ? I forgot to mention it’s “SHOE HEAVEN” ?”

4.2 Good4 Reviews

“Well I had a hard time finding shoes for my Son Size 13 and they were literally the only store with a size 13 left in the mall Thank you so much to the gentleman that helped us ?”

3.9 Good32 Reviews

“I personally loved my experience with Brides and Belles! The seamstress did have to reschedule a lot, but she also had a lot going on at the time. She is absolutely amazing so it was worth it. The staff here was always super welcoming and I loved how my dress turned out!”

3.9 Good33 Reviews

“great customer service & selection of shoes!! Walked in and was instantly greeted by Nick, who helped me the entire time I was shopping there. Also props to the manager Caleb, very personable and friendly as well!”

3.8 Good44 Reviews

“Valerie was great!!! She is an example of what customer service should look like. It is not always easy to take three small children into a shoe store. She made it easy and fun. Ask for Valerie when you go in.”

3 Average3 Reviews

“Nice store, good employees. Lots of nice shoes I mainly go here for their t-shirts they have a huge selection of shirts a lot of them that you can't find anywhere else”

3.7 Good26 Reviews

“Pretty great help finding different scrubs. They have a pretty great deal on caps right now too. I would recommend going to this store if you are a healthcare worker”

3.6 Good18 Reviews

“Darrian was so sweet and helpful! Helped me put together an Adorable outfit with no push or pressure!!! Went back three times to find my perfect look!!! Love her!”

2.5 Average4 Reviews

“This store has everything outdoor related. I went here for a merchandising job, but what I found were awesome people. I am a shopper here as well. It's just not often people leave impressions, and they did. I appreciate them and I appreciate academy!”

3.7 Good79 Reviews

“Overall better shoe selection for my older kid, the nike store in tyler didn’t have a lot of cool shoes and to the lady who worked Black Friday upfront thank you !!”

3.4 Good18 Reviews

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