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“Overall this location has some solid organic finds in produce for a good price. Great price on pasture raised eggs. The price for organic meat is decent too - on par with Costco and BJs for organic produce. This location is cleaner and better than some other Aldis.”

4.2 Good154 Reviews

“New store, lots of good, good quality, and good value food well displayed. Wide aisles. Plenty of checkouts. Hope the store will be a great success and be around for a long time.”

4.3 Superb41 Reviews

“I will keep this simple and to the point, wake up early and go to the Del Ray Farmer’s market in Alexandria. Walk up to the Hog Haven Farm and order the best OG egg and cheese sandwich. Fresh muffin bread, warm omelette, secret tomatoes aioli sauce, and the Irish cheese. I am in love ”

4.6 Superb19 Reviews

“Usually I stop by on my way home right around closing time and their shelves are nearly empty, but this time I got there and everything was very nicely stocked! I needed help finding something too and a worker came right over and helped me.”

3.8 Good33 Reviews

“Love Aldi's but sometimes they don't have everything I need. I dislike Walmart but usually go there first. If Aldi's does not have it, I do not go back to Walmart for it. I just do without till next week's groceries list”

3.2 Average34 Reviews

“The they now have self checkouts. Useful if you are in a hurry. The cashiers however have always been very fast so.if you have a bigger car's it's still easier to let them check you out.”

3.3 Good56 Reviews

“Honestly reading these reviews is very funny to me it's as if people had a bad day and want to take it out on the Aldi yelp review LOL SO much so ridiculous that I never really leave reviews but personally I will go out my way to write this and give this store 5 stars I've been coming to this location since I've moved in the area for about 5 years and I'm always pleased with the store great parking and great selection of products. I also do Instacart shopping in my free time and have been to most of the Aldi in the area this one is the best organized in my opinion and I feel like they restock the shelves frequently - This insures me that produce etc must be fresh because they are literally restocking 2-3X a day. Generally I can't remember buying anything that has expired within a day everything lasts for me. Everyone in here is always nice when I come in and some of them even remember me (or pretend to haha) when I'm in the store and that gives good customer service to me they seem like they enjoy their jobs and I've never had a bad interaction with any of the associates. I recommend this location”

3.1 Average39 Reviews

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