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“Great little gas station, plus , Cascade Falls souvenirs, outdoor camping, river, and hiking supplies. This is located just inside of Pembroke, VA where you turn to enter the Cascade Falls parking area. It has food/deli and cold beer after a hot summer day! I highly recommend you stop here especially after hiking Cascade Falls to grab some cool stickers and magnets if you're into that stuff. Oh, you can also schedule rafting trips from this spot. Not sure if you can do it from inside the store or the shop behind it that has all the kayaks. Adventure awaits and Safe travels. Cheers!”

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“Great people and great mechanics. A full service gas station. Tires of all types for sale with mount and balance included with purchase. A certified stihl dealer. Not just chainsaws but weed eaters leaf blowers saws of every size. All the bells and whistles for all stihl small engine tools. State inspection station.”

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“Great place to take ur vehicle, they do notch work and don't try to break ur wallet. I highly recommend for any mechanic work anything from oil changes to the hardest thing you can imagine!!”

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“For the area, they’re actually pretty good. It has an old school vibe that you rarely see anymore.There’s a great selection of produce which is hard to find these days.It’s a small store with a very “mom and pop” feel but again, it holds its own.”

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“Been awhile since I've gone by, i hope it's still open. Darn good homecooked food and sandwiches. Need the blue bunny ice-cream back!!!! Yum-yumm stuff!”

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“They are great even though I can't seem to find them on SnagAJob to apply and I applied at DQ as it's owned by the same person so IF U DIDNT GET MY APPLICATION I CAN GLADLY FILL ONE OUT AND PROVIDE MY RESUME. PLUS THEY HAVE THE FRESHLY MACHINE WHICH MY WHOLE CHECK WOULD GO TO THAT LOL. I LOVE EVERY EMPLOYEE THERE”

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“Great gas prices but if you have a buggy windshield you can't clean it there. I don't think they've ever filled the windshield cleaner buckets because the squeegee was bone dry as well as the bucket. I was going to give 3 stars but I was able to get my gas receipt right at the pump.”

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“Usually the lowest price in the area and they don't make you pay more for using a credit or debit card. You can use the money you save to go inside and get a lottery ticket.”

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“Excellent cheeseburger!! First time here and I’m so glad I decided to stop. I’m a truck driver and pass through here on occasion…. bookmarking this place!Also, everyone was super friendly!But that burger… wow.”

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“I mainly went with a friend to get gas here and didn't go into the store, so I'm not sure of anything about it. But I will give an update if and when I do visit it again.”

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“Some how a review I did ended up as the review for this location, not sure how that happened but its been deleted, we stop here often, this place has everything, pricing is good, products are great, the staff are polite, we drive from our house in NC to our house in WV and we often stop here because they really have everything, sorry about the review that was posted but it wasn't intended for your store”

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