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“Due to the problems this government administration, there's empty shelves the prices have gone up, only thing food lion has over Walmart now is better produce”

4.4 Superb114 Reviews

“I am currently doing the Dave Ramsey $50 grocery challenge, and Food Lion's prices allows me shop comfortably within my $50 goal. Because of your sales and low prices, I am able to eat with a smile and stay within budget????”

4.4 Superb107 Reviews

“Always a pleasure shopping at Aldi!It's always fun to guess how much the total will be before checking out. The total is always less than what we guessed. Better prices than any other grocery store.”

4.6 Superb36 Reviews

“Compared to the majority of other food lion stores in the area I will say that this is definitely one of the more organized and nicely stocked ones. The employees are actually busy doing helpful and productive things instead of sluggishly dragging around the store looking lost.”

4.5 Superb43 Reviews

“Ms. Yvette and her employees keep this store very clean and organized. I am thankful to have this store nearby for those little things I need, it keeps me from having to run into "town" to get something!”

4.4 Superb60 Reviews

“I love this food lion!! Londa is my favorite cashier! The store is always clean and stocked. The manager is walking around and visible to customers. She's always kind and ready and willing to answer any questions or just share a smile! This place is outstanding!”

4.2 Good118 Reviews

“Great prices on good basic groceries and some fun things. They have some things you might not expect, like frozen Indian food, canned grape leaves and cold foam for coffee in a spray can like whipped cream. Meat/fish and bread are both top quality.”

4.3 Superb33 Reviews

“I love everything about this place! It's quaint. The BBQ is A1! The service is quick and the customer service is top tier. Ms. Ann and Mr. Linwood are the sweetest and make you feel welcomed each and every time. Places like this are rare. If you haven't already, get you some Owen's BBQ. YOU WON'T BE SORRY.”

5 Superb9 Reviews

“I visit this store a lot on my way home. Im super disappointed that the last two times I went my shopper rewards werent added. I enter my phone number all the time these two times without my knowledge at the time it hasnt worked, which takes longer to earn my rewards.”

4.3 Superb26 Reviews

“I really enjoy shopping at Harris Teeter. The place is always clean and they have great sales on their fruits and veggies, among other of my husband and I's favorite items.”

4.2 Good35 Reviews

“Truck parking is reserved.!!!I'm not sure if they take a call ahead or just first come, first serve.Showers were clean and large, with no fan, and no towels or wash clothes. You must have your own.Employees were all very nice and had pleasant attitudes.It was my first time here, and I would stop in again.”

4.5 Superb15 Reviews

“I love this store. I stop here every Friday to get my cleaning products for a house I clean on that side. The store is never crowded and the employees are friendly. The store is always stocked and they always have what I'm looking for.”

4.1 Good54 Reviews

“This convenient store is tucked away in a small area of the Suffolk but they offer you the opportunity to buy hot food and man I tell you, their chicken dinners and potato wedges are very good. But they also have other items that will hit the spot if you are in need of a quick lunch break.”

4.5 Superb11 Reviews

“I am updating my review from 3 years ago. The basic reason for the update and 4 stars is the pharmacy. I have been a Kroger customer for decades starting in Ohio where I lived 30 mikes from their Corporate Headquarters in Cincinnati. Stores located close to Corporate Headquarters are always the best because the regionals and store management are always on their toes. They never know when the suits from Corporate will stop by to check on things. Having worked in management in the retail/wholesale grocery industry for 13 years, I can tell you that is a fact. After I moved to the Peninsula I sought out the Yorktown Kroger because of familiarity and the ease of transferring my prescription meds from one store to another. And, then when I moved down from the Peninsula I again looked for the closest Kroger. This Marketplace store is not is not as good as the one I shopped in Ohio. They let many things slide and have ordering issues, especially in produce where they beat the produce to death causing spoilage issues and consequently stocking problems. My biggest complaint is their lack of attention and caring about keeping the electric carts charged and in good repair. As a disabled person I cannot grocery shop without an electric cart and I can seldom find one here. I have started just picking up my groceries curbside or having a competitor deliver to my home. Not my first choice but my only option. However, I have not stopped using the pharmacy. They are extremely efficient. I hear others complain about their pharmacy of choice and I don't experience any of those problems. They even answer the phone by the third ring EVERY time. I recently had to use another pharmacy company, because of supply chain problems, and it was a nightmare. It took 2 weeks to get the prescription filled and I only received it then because Kroger called them and straightened it out. THANK YOU TAYLOR!!! So with all it's flaws I think Barney Kroger would be proud.”

4.5 Superb10 Reviews

“Ok so when it says neighborhood supermarket that is exactly what this place it the literal neighborhood spot You can get lottery tickets a six pack and THE BEST PHILLY CHEESE STEAK in Suffolk!!!! This sandwich was so moist so tender and juicy the bread was not chewy and the meat was flavorful we added pickles to add a lil crunch and this is big enough for two people easy surprisingly it only cost 8$ !!!!!! Add in some Arizona Grapeade and you have a bomb meal !!!!”

4.5 Superb6 Reviews

“Very polite employees at this location. Well stocked and aisles are clean. I think they'd just received a truck as there were some boxes in an aisle.I have asked for assistance twice at this location and been very pleased with the customer service.”

4.1 Good6 Reviews

“This place has the best Fried Gizzards in town ✋️ down! All of their food is great. And their Sweets are fresh. The store is always, always clean. I make sure to stop by when I am in the area.”

3.9 Good10 Reviews

“On a road trip and forgot my car charger Tabitha rang me up it was alot of customers because she was the only one working. She walked me over to the chargers and even cut it open with scissors for me. Great service and clean store!”

4 Good5 Reviews

“I loved the crabs ?..!! Fried or steamed there excellent.?? Never experienced any problems with this place... Looks can be deceiving but until you try it you can’t knock it.. This is my to go to place if I ever want any seafood...”

3.9 Good7 Reviews

“They have a wide variety of food already cooked and ready to serve. We wanted cheeseburgers all the way so we waited until they were cooked. There's a wide variety of snacks, drinks, and other things. They remodeled and it's nice. There are tables and chairs if you want to sit and wait until your order is ready or if you want to eat inside.”

4 Good3 Reviews

“Server was very nice down-to-earth people is very respectful and nice in the store it was very relaxed food was excellent awesome wonderful!! Fish with seasoned just right green beans seasoned just right mac and cheese was wonderful the fish was so cooked perfect fell apart when you stuck a fork in it.”

3.4 Good3 Reviews

“I have been using this pharmacy for about 2 years. They are always so kind and willing to help. Prescriptions are always ready quickly and they communicate well if something is on back order or if a dr needs to authorize a medication.”

3.5 Good5 Reviews

“The owner of the store(Twin) has been operating in our community for over 20 years! He provides jobs, and he's very personable with his customers. He holds conversations with us at times and enquires of my family quite often. I shall continue to be a patron at this establishment!”

3.6 Good15 Reviews

“The food is good, and the people have been nothing by nice so I don’t think the other reviews should be considered. No problems for me. My friends and I get lunch here often as it is close to work. ??☀️”

3.2 Average3 Reviews