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“It's a good comic book store. There are lots of items to look at, and a good collection of back stock comics at decent prices. My only gripe, they won't let you look thru the silver age boxes behind the counter. They respond with, "What are you looking for in particular?". When I just want to see what they have, maybe find something worth buying. Other than that. It's a good store!”

4.3 Superb54 Reviews

“What an incredible store! Multiple rooms of meticulously organized miniatures of every scale, material, subject matter, theme and color. You can literally spend HOURS here and never see it all. So much inspiration and so much hard work in this little shop. If miniatures are you jam then this is a MUST”

4.4 Superb11 Reviews

“This is the place to shop if you want to relive the days of your childhood when a trip to the hobby shop was part of your Saturday routine. The owner is a great guy and the atmosphere is overwhelmingly nostalgic. Also there are some bargains to be had and rare items to be found.”

4.1 Good9 Reviews

“I feel I need to speak up in defense of this shop.Art and his little stamp shop are the best place to go for all your collecting needs. These types of shops are hard to find now as most dealers have turned to online listings and auctions. I feel sad when I see people leave bad reviews because they didn't get their way. All the time people come into the shop and expect Art to drop everything he's doing to do a complete evaluation of their inherited stamp collection they wish to sell (which is generous of dealers to do). When Art gives a complimentary short evaluation, people complain and leave one star review. They wanted him to look at each individual item. Art gets at least 10+ people each Saturday wanting him to look at their collections.When their collection only has common items that he isn't interested in purchasing, people complain, says he's rude, and leave one star review. Anywhere you go for full philatelic collection evaluation services, they are not free and charge by the hour. I feel like people don't understand that. People look up their stamp value on eBay and see someone selling their common 2¢ red for hundred of dollars, then come to Art and try to argue with him over their stamp value. Art has been a collector for a long time. He knows which items are rare and which are worth pennies. Even if there is a stamp worth hundreds of dollars, Art (and anybody in the collecting community) isn't going to pay full catalogue value. All dealers sell and buy their items at a reduced catalog value because the overall demand is decreased than what it used to be.Our local stamp collecting community loves Art and all the work he does keeping his little shop up and running for us. He will always have my business and I love going there even for just hanging out and working on my philatelic exhibits.”

2.6 Average6 Reviews

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