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“I love this store, great employees, great prices stretch your dollar here far. I love the space between Isles where two cart can move side by side. I love ya Winco”

3.9 Good9 Reviews

“Conveniently located with your trusted gas station goodies; coffee, soda, chocolate, gummies, chips, and much more. Grab and go, come back for more! Interaction with cashiers is quick so no need for long, drawn-out conversation as everyone is on their way to somewhere and gathering their own items.”

4.5 Superb2 Reviews

“I have read all the reviews and we were not very sure about going with my husband, but the truth is we were pleasantly surprised, they were very attentive and kind in terms of attention and explanation on how to manage our account, sometimes you have to give it a second chance .”

2.3 Poor43 Reviews

“I would love to give this store five stars, but the quality of the prepped salads and the baked goods in the bakery have gone downhill in the past couple years. Having gotten the bad stuff out of the way, I have to add that the service is top notch, and the variety of meats, cheeses, olives and seafoods is the best I've seen in Kennewick. As mentioned by others, the regular prices are higher than the big grocers, but their sale prices are extremely competitive. I have often picked up 93% fat free ground beef for under $3 a pound. They have a nice organic selection throughout the store, as well as in their Nature's Corner aisles, which have plenty of choices in canned and bagged goods, dairy items, frozen products and organic beverages. Many of the employees have been there since I started going to Yokes over 10 years ago.”

2.8 Average4 Reviews

“Just want to thank Wells Fargo for returning my money to me after their fraud investigation into my issue. It's so comforting to know that I was taken care of properly. Thank you.”

2 Poor16 Reviews

“It feels great walking into a place where people will greet you and treat you like a human being customer service is excellent very unique store has a specialty cigar section and lots of interesting items for purchase and awesome metal signs vintage”

0 Na0 Reviews

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