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“I discovered this market about a year and 1/2 ago. When I entered the store I was greeted by friendly people! They have neat trinkets good food, and most of all they not only meet expectations, they exceed them. I would and do recommend Al Basha to a lot of people. Overall it’s just a “Mumtaaz” little market!”

4.8 Superb53 Reviews

“This market has the best sweets in town! I stopped in one day out of curiosity. Now I go there monthly to buy gifts, treats for myself, tea, and sour cream. It's definitely worth your time.”

4.6 Superb69 Reviews

“We all know this place is great for flavored syrups and bulk foods but cooking essential are very unrated. You want a baking sheet that doesn't warp in the oven that also isn't over price or an ice cream scoop that won't give up on its soul purpose in life after one use? You'll find them here. It is bulk shopping so prepare your wallet accordingly. Please ignore the building facade, this place has been here a long time and nothing short of a remodle is going to fix that. Everything is still kept clean and tidy and every interaction I have ever had with staff over the years has been pleasant with a general willingness to help. I don't make it to this place often but recommend it a lot to people.”

4.5 Superb44 Reviews

“Went to every Asian Market in the Tri Cities area and I have to say that this is the best one. They have a huge selection of all your Asian food needs. They also have a small restaurant located inside as well. Definitely recommend this place.”

4.3 Superb85 Reviews

“The employees that I come across on the floor are usually very helpful and knowledgeable. Love that they have everything that I need and some extras that I can't find elsewhere along with a great deli and fresh seafood and meat counter! A little on the pricey side so I don't do my main grocery shopping here but great for picking up a few things or a special treat.”

4.2 Good129 Reviews

“Wow! This place is fantastic! Something changed and now it's extremely well kept. Definitely the best grocery store in South East Kennewick.Big kudos to the mgmt team!”

4.4 Superb37 Reviews

“Great spot to shop at. You bag your own groceries. Lots of good prices to shop with. This WinCo has a deli and sells hot pizza ect. Lots of parking available! Also has a self checkout. Bring your own bags.”

4.2 Good74 Reviews

“Fresh produce at low prices and friendly staff as a bonus. Highly recommended! Probably the best place in tri-cities to get produce and Hispanic foods and now they also have a great meat department and more general household items”

4.5 Superb23 Reviews

“By far the best Mexican street food. Daily specials. Hans made tortillas, fresh Torta buns.... My only complaint is they need more seating. And did I mention friendly?”

4.1 Good53 Reviews

“Alfonso, is the butcher - he is amazing. I have worked him each holiday for years. He goes above and beyond to make sure everything is just right. I know I can count on him for whatever I need.”

4.1 Good46 Reviews

“Great little "ghetto" store! Has GREAT meat. We always go here for a carne asada. And I always get some snacks here, too. Cool store and definitely not bad! I have no idea how the service here is because I don't speak Spanish and my dad does and the cashiers do, too. So I don't know if they are mean orrrrr.... Anyway.. It's a good spot for meat!”

4 Good71 Reviews

“I love this store I've shooed here for years, but I just started buying my dog food here. It's the same price as Ranch and Home just saves me a trip. I do have one suggestion and that would be that BRITE light that's on the back of your store, well I suggest that gets covered or a different shade of white. That's very dangerous for coming around the bend in front of the store or even on the highway. It blinds you. So just for everyone's safety, I think we would all appreciate it. Thank you so much and I love what you've done with your store I will always shop here and highly recommend it! Very clean and friendly.”

4 Good55 Reviews

“If you’re looking for European candy, canned food, sausages then this is the place to go. Really easy to get to and hard to miss. Store is owned by Christian family. Come show your support!”

4 Good23 Reviews

“Very convenient location. The prices aren't that bad and this location has everything you would ever need.The workers are all friendly so far from what I have experienced.This is my local, regular market because it is within walking distance to my place.”

4 Good20 Reviews

“I enjoyedmy first ever expedition here! If you were looking for baked beans, head elsewhere. I found some nice Japanese snacks, a huge box of k-cups for half of what Id pay elsewhere, box wine (a Columbia Crest varietal that was $7.99, and an assortment of frozen shrimp for affordable prices. I got the feeling that if I came back another time that it would be an entirely new assortment. I loved the experience, the staff was super friendly, and I'll be back weekly if only to check on the wine specials!”

3.8 Good56 Reviews

“I love this store, great employees, great prices stretch your dollar here far. I love the space between Isles where two cart can move side by side. I love ya Winco”

3.9 Good9 Reviews

“Great place to go for a few items, forgetting something you needed for a party, etc. My husband goes there more than I do and always comes back happy. Friendly staff!”

4.5 Superb2 Reviews

“Conveniently located with your trusted gas station goodies; coffee, soda, chocolate, gummies, chips, and much more. Grab and go, come back for more! Interaction with cashiers is quick so no need for long, drawn-out conversation as everyone is on their way to somewhere and gathering their own items.”

4.5 Superb2 Reviews

“For a small shop, they have a lot of excellent merchandise. Food and beverages are good. Employees are always friendly and civil. A pleasure to continue to do business with.”

3.7 Good6 Reviews

“They have fresh organic fruits, cheeses, meats and even raw dairy! Only thing I didn't like was that their raw milk sells out fast and only comes in once a week.”

3.6 Good32 Reviews

“I am always so glad to see Mary working. She opened a check stand today while I was waiting like 4th in line & she told me I looked beautiful even though I am in my last few weeks of pregnancy and pretty sure I looked a hot mess. I almost choked up but I just said thank you & as always she had me waddling away just way happier than when I came in. You cannot pay her to have better customer service. It is top notch. I adore her and hope she knows how far her kindness goes.”

3.5 Good13 Reviews

“They have fresh organic fruits, cheeses, meats and even raw dairy! Only thing I didn't like was that their raw milk sells out fast and only comes in once a week.”

3.3 Good4 Reviews

“One of our favorite stores to go to. Always quick check out even if there is a line! Food is always great quality and the homes and other good sections have everything you need!”

3.5 Good35 Reviews

“Nora the store clerk tonight (3/7/2021) helped me out tremendously! She called someone to come help me also and I appreciated all deriks help and knowledge! A couple other Good Samaritans passing by and fueling up nearby came to help out as well! Couldn’t have done it w/o y’all!! God bless! ❤️”

2.9 Average12 Reviews

“Clean an well organized. When you use the app it tells you where everything is and if it’s in stock. The check out lines are not too long especially if you don’t mind self checkout”

3.3 Good59 Reviews

“So this was almost a 1 star to no stars I came in early to grocery shop early like all shopping trips to the store it escalated quickly and became a lot I needed it all and had to get everything so I go to cash out but no registers are open just self check out so I went and asked a blonde who I later found out was nammed terry in customer service if this is all that was open I need to also put money on a prepaid and had to purchase gift cards she said nope no cashiers your on your own oh and you can't buy that much merchandise with an employee so I asked what am I suppose to do she rolled her eyes and said figure it out I was about to leave my cart and have her. Put it all back instead of inspecting her nails since that was so important 2 amazing woman came over and said they had no problem checking me out in self and helping me out even after spending 400 dollars I felt great cause they made my experience so much better shutout to Anna for being amazing and stepping up this morning”

1 Poor6 Reviews

“With the exception of all my items not being available, this was a better experience than we have been having at this location. Fast service AND a nice gentleman bringing us our order. amazing!”

2.6 Average35 Reviews

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