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“Gracie just recently wrapped a personal loan for me! Her level of detail and knowledge was second to none! I can’t recommend Tri-Cu enough for all your banking needs!!”

4.2 Good29 Reviews

“The reason I continually use banner bank is the awesome team and staff at this location! They add so much value to my business. I would specifically like to point out Janie, Autumn, and Jasmine. They never hesitate to thoroughly answer my questions and are prompt to address me and make me feel welcomed in their place of work. You can tell they have a great team spirit, traditional or old fashion, true and authentic customer service is something so rare to see now adays. But these girls have it down and always find a way to go above and beyond for me. I want to thank them on the entire staff here at Free Culture Clothing for always making our days shine that much brighter.”

4.2 Good22 Reviews

“My family and I have been going here for a few years now and they have excellent customer service. The employees are always nice to work with. I also have never had a bad experience banking with this business! Thank You Key Bank!”

3.9 Good19 Reviews

“I'm a regular here and the new gentleman Tristan they hired has some of the best customer service/ work ethic I've had. Would recommend this place to anyone who's looking for a new bank.”

3.7 Good22 Reviews

“I had an amazing experience setting up my checking account. The team was very informative and helped guide me to the right account for me. The follow up since opening my account has been phenomenal as well with regular correspondence regarding the growth of my account. Thank you, Numerica!”

3.9 Good14 Reviews

“Numerica has been a great help as I started my business! The manager Stevie helped me every step along the way with my business account, and even updated me as my business license was being approved by the state. This branch is personable and friendly, and I feel welcome whenever I am there. Highly recommend!”

4.1 Good8 Reviews

“RICK did 2 wire transfers, in large amounts to an escrow account in Lacy. They were both successful. He was very careful with ensuring all approvals were obtained and numbers were correct.HE IS very patient and knowledgeable.”

3.8 Good8 Reviews

“I’m in my late 60’s. Over a lifetime, I’ve had a number of personal and business accounts at several different banks. Banner, in my experience, has been far and away the best bank for personal service and professionalism.”

3 Average19 Reviews

“Getting better at what they do managing at scale. They aren't the easiest to get loans from but they are helpful and the fraud prevention dept and I feel safe banking with them.”

3.2 Average7 Reviews

“The staff at Southridge STCU has always been very friendly and helpful every time I have made a transaction. I have dealt with many banks and credit unions in the past and STCU is one of the best!”

3.5 Good4 Reviews

“Fantastic crew and service level every time I visit. Always quick to help. Do most of my banking online/app which are easy to use, but when you need to go in and talk to someone, they do great!!”

3.2 Average3 Reviews

“I used this bank because it is right next door to my job. I felt super overwhelmed when I walked in with a huge check that I was never expecting to receive. I walked in and told them what I wanted, no questions asked they met my expectations. They were not pushy nor did they try to make me open accounts that were unnecessary. When i did not understand something they explained it to me so that it made sense. It was a very calm cool and collected transcripts and I am very please.”

3.2 Average3 Reviews

“I just purchased my PERFECT home with the incredible help of Home Loan Officer Jose Filemon from Gesa. It would have never happened without his expertise and assistance. He got it done, he/we made it happen!!”

2.7 Average11 Reviews

“I absolutely love this bank so far. Keyara was the person who assisted me in opening a checking and savings account and was very polite and informative. They even sent a follow up hand written card reminding me to enroll in paperless billing so I do not get charged a monthly account fee. 1000/10 The app is great imo and I love the dark mode design so much. I wish the 'lock your card' feature was more accessible as I worked in banking fraud and always keep mine locked. I only unlock when I am making a purchase and I frequently forget and need to access that quickly on the app when I am in a store or restaurant for example. I also love the website too and just how easy everything was. I am new to the area as a soon to be Game Design Graduate and finding a bank that I feel like I can trust is very comforting. I really hope they continue to be a great bank!”

2.6 Average3 Reviews

“Ashlee W. Helped me tremendously, more than I expected honestly. My dad recently passed & my mom has dementia. Thank you Ashlee for your knowledge and help in all I am having to deal with. Best banking experience ever!”

2.5 Average18 Reviews

“Alex and Jared are so great. I have never had any problems here. I know the wait times have been a little longer then normal because of the world right now but these two guys are killing it”

2.3 Poor5 Reviews

“I have read all the reviews and we were not very sure about going with my husband, but the truth is we were pleasantly surprised, they were very attentive and kind in terms of attention and explanation on how to manage our account, sometimes you have to give it a second chance .”

2.3 Poor43 Reviews

“These folks helped me out of a tough situation. I was four hours from home on vacation and my wallet was stolen. The details are complicated, but their patience, kindness, and great advice helped me both short term and long term ( I only had one credit account with Chase, no deposit accounts, so it was easy). Thank you all (especially B)”

2 Poor6 Reviews

“With the bad reviews I was nervous coming in, but thankfully all went very well. The staff were kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. Thanks Mercedes for getting our account all straightened out!”

1.9 Poor18 Reviews

“Our experience with Jennifer Retana has been absolutely amazing! Very professional, explained things to a T and better than any other Lender has. We truly appreciate how she values her clients.”

1.3 Poor5 Reviews

“Today was my first time going in to cash a check that was drawn on them. They provided great customer service and were very friendly and helpful doing so. I definitely recommend them! ☺️”

1.6 Poor38 Reviews

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