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“Lovely shop to check out. It has an eclectic mix of items from various vendors. Some are vintage and some are recycled and repurposed. There are also some new items. It can be quite confusing. You will need to spend some time here to really browse as every section and corner has different stuff and theme. It shares a space with a coffee shop located at one corner which makes it great for anyone wanting a break while others shop.”

4.6 Superb38 Reviews

“While I may not buy much of what I see due to the price tag, the vibe and unique inventory make this a really nice place to wander through from time to time. You can certainly find some cool gifts in here any time of the year.”

4.9 Superb18 Reviews

“It's a smaller store, but still has a lot to offer. They just don't necessarily have everything that a bigger store would have. The staff is always friendly as well.”

3.7 Good24 Reviews

“Went to lowes at a little after 5 pm on a Friday. Surprisingly it wasn't that crowded. We got what we came for and went to check out. Unfortunately when checking out there wasn't enough cashier's. We had to wait 20 minutes. I could have gone to self check out but I wasn't in a hurry so I just stayed in the line I wss in.”

2.9 Average85 Reviews

“I had a great experience today at Lowe's and want to make sure it's acknowledged. I came up to the paint counter around noon today (12/19/23), and asked for a small sample of a paint color I'd picked out. The gentleman behind the counter asked what I would be using it for, and I explained I'm a novice and had "a lot of dumb questions". He eased my mind, said he'd help me, and anticipated answers to queries I didn't know I had. He got me what I needed to clean the area first, helped me to determine the sheen I needed, and when I asked about brushes, he steered me toward the small paint rollers which I had not even considered (as I said- extreme novice here!). I asked where the painting tape was, and he told me to make sure not to remove it after the paint had dried (so it won't lift the paint up with it). He grabbed me a paint tray (again, something I hadn't thought of). Through all my muddling through this, he was polite and didn't make me feel dumb. I didn't get his name, but he deserves serious accolades, and puts a great face on Lowe's.”

1.9 Poor19 Reviews