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“What a delightful retro theatre. It's clean, close to nearby restaurants, and has some food options as well. The food isn't fantastic, but it is solid. Very friendly staff. They run mostly older movies at reduced cost, but also recently released movies who have finished their runs. As a bonus, the Garland District has a number of cute little shops to visit before the movie.”

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“Love this market, though it's prices are higher. They have a great bakery, love the cookies, and they have some unique yogurts. Big deli, good meat/fish section, and a poke bar!”

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“Man, I love this place. Some class and sophistication in a slightly steampunk way, here in Spokane! These dudes and gals know their business, and take pride in resuscitating and recreating classic cocktails. Parking can be a challenge, but we'll worth it.”

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“The owner of this store is fantastic. She doesn't stock anything she doesn't like and she knows her food! I haven't gotten anything here I didn't like. It's a well rounded and delicious offering of all the best. If you don't try it, you're missing out big!”

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“Always enjoy shopping at the World Market. Each season rotates in some new finds and there are a few things that really don't change. It's a rather fun way to browse items common from other parts of the world. Trinkets, arts, crafts, furniture, clothing and so much more. A bit of everything kinda. Worth the time to stop in and at least have a look around.”

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“Came here for the first time Wednesday night for bingo. I have to say it was way more fun than I was expecting. The bingo host really Spiced up the crowd. Even had free pizza! Jenny the bartender was friendly and nice never let anyone go thirsty.”

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“Dry Fly is my 256th brewery/distillery. Yes, I'm mixing breweries and distilleries on my list. It's my list I'll do what I want...Dry Fly has been on our to do list for awhile now. SWPFTD has had their gin and liked it so we figured we had to check it out.We were meeting up with my cousin and her husband for lunch and Dry Fly was a great choice. It wasn't very busy on a Friday at 1pm. I started with a three taster flight of whiskeys which were all good. The port barrel aged was my favorite. I ordered a smoked pork sandwich with elote corn pasta. Both were really good. SWPFTD went with a cilantro lime chicken salad, which came with lots of avocado. Very tasty!I finished up with an old fashioned which wasn't the absolute best I've ever had, but was still quite good. We will definitely come back to Dry Fly. The food was great. The service was great, and the cocktails were damn good too!If anyone is a glutton for punishment, please, follow my brewery, and distillery, reviews from across the U.S. and beyond!… and if anyone is wondering who SWPFTD is you will have to check out my review of Black Market Brewing Co in Temecula, CA to understand. Yes, you will need to read into it a little to get the joke but I have confidence in you!”

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“Pretty good little hole-in-the-wall dive bar. The bartenders are friendly, and they mix good drinks.Parking is limited, but with a small place you have to expect that.The only real complaint is that they don't cook entrees during the evening/nighttime (only comfort items), and the bathrooms aren't particularly private.”

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“The first time I dined here, my husband and I were on an impromptu date after the grandparents took the kids. We were immediately greeted and ushered in by the owner, David, who proceeded to recommend dishes and drinks off the menu. We felt so special! The service, atmosphere, drinks, and food were phenomenal. I reached out a few weeks after this experience to see if they could accommodate a group of ten women on a Thursday evening and not only did they say yes, but they gave us VIP treatment AND donated a gift certificate for two entrees to Habitat for Humanity! I even forgot my receipt and they emailed it to me a week later. I highly recommend this restaurant and will definitely be back. 10 STARS if I could.”

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“I love this place. It’s a great place to go for most things. You can do all your grocery shopping here, have a bite to eat or have a coffee. The cheese and wine selection are especially good. Some grocery prices are a bit high but it’s all great quality with lots of organic products. And as far as grocery store sushi goes, theirs is good and well priced! This place has a fun vibe that is very welcoming. If you’ve never been, it’s a must!”

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“Beautiful spot by the river. We had a sausage arugula that was excellent! Tasty, fresh, thin crispy crust just like in Italy. Great friendly service. Highly recommend and we will be back.”

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“Great spot - go here super often for take out and dine in with the family. The staff are always super nice and friendly to my kids. Top three pizza restaurants in ”

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“Great range of products backed by knowledgeable staff. Regular vendor tastings are hosted here and worth checking out. If you're looking for a gift for that spirit lover in your life, this is the place to be. I'll be back for that Kurayoshi Matsui ?”

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“Traveling from Montana to Washington, we stopped by on the way to WA. It is so amazing in selection, and the staff being helpful that we had to stop on our way back. Between the two stops, we spent well over $500, but got a great selection of all types of alcohol.”

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“Best place to get your snacks, liquor, or cold beer with a wide assortment to choose from. They also have a pretty good selection of tobacco and nicotine to choose from as well.”

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“After picking a friend up from the Airport from a VERY long flight they were out of cigarettes and also wanted to pick up a bottle of top shelf alcohol as well as a specific tea along with some other foods as well as a quick bite. Because I live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho I had no idea where to go so I searched for a Convenience store thinking we'd get the cigarettes first then go to a grocery store and then to Idaho for Alcohol but Sunset grocery popped up when I asked Google for all of the above thinking I'd get two different places to go to on the way East and Google came back with Sunset Groceries. We pulled up and walked in and were greeted with a genuine "Hi" shocker as we're both used to either no greeting or a fake one. We both instantly smiled back and looked at each other and smiled we went to the isle that was obviously cold drinks and was happily shocked they not only had the specific tea but in a large not just a single serving and turned around to find everything and more for food and snacks as well as what they wanted to eat in the car, we approached the counter to see that not only did they have their cigarettes, again with a genuine low key smile and "Did You find Everything You needed?" and we saw all the liquor bottles behind him and we asked for the top shelf liquor and he said "Good choice, we're out of the big one, sorry we should be getting it in tomorrow I hope this will do though" and we both said "absolutely thank you". I will now Forever go back to Sunset Grocery whenever I'm in Spokane as it seems like they have a little of pretty much everything and the staff left such a good impression we stopped in on the way back to the airport and had another great experience just buying cigarettes and single serving cold drinks for us. I highly recommend this establishment it's kickback, nice with a mix of people of all ages and income level. No judging here it seems they treat everyone as a friend no matter what. Thank you for being awesome staff and customers ?”

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“The service was unbelievable! Morgan served us with with incredible kindness and attention. We were never waiting of them - they were eager to make sure we were happy. Will be recommending this bar to many!”

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“everyone is really friendly. Mike is always very personable and lets you know he appreciates your business. He remembers everyone and I'm always seeing different homeless folks outside cleaning the parking lot. It's the little things he does to help his customers out.”

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“Nice gas station. People friendly environment. Prepare to put down a $15 deposit if you borrow a gas can to obtain gas if your vehicle runs out. But the $15 will be returned, or used towards buying fuel when you return to the gas station with their gas can.”

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“After a misunderstanding due to the shipping delays, the team at KFV offered a few pods for free for the delay and honestly i am not only satisfied with the performance of their pods, i was mind blown by the generosity of their promise. I been using their pods for some time now, and i highly recommend anyone to give them a shot. Thx!”

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“Great small winery in Spokane. I liked most of their wines, but my favorite was their Malbec. Feels cozier and more welcoming than other wineries in town. Great place to take a date or have a picnic. Owners are very welcoming and friendly.”

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“Props to Cashier Lonnie tonight at the Northpoint location in Spokane. We were having a friendly conversation tonight at the register when a rude “Karen” chimed in with her unwanted overly opinionated statements—She was extremely rude to him and he kept his cool while defending his opinion and having her reminding him she was entitled to her own opinion—yes Lady this is still a free country but you weren’t invited to share you opinion. I’m sure she would be the type to jump on social media to make a fuss so hopefully my positive review will stand out-I Wish I could have been bold enough to tell the rude customer off for him but he was very professional in keeping his cool.”

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“I dig this place. It's kind of funny that as a child I may or may not have ripped off a Charleston Chew and a peanut butter Twix from one of the stores before it. Warp ahead to today and now I can get decent booze and good beer in this place. And I don't have to rip them off. The place is on the perfect corner of Wellesley and Nevada. Pulling out of JK takes you right by Taco John's pull in. That is another win in itself. There is a dude that works weekends and mornings a lot. Kind of important looking. Might be an owner. Well, he has always joked around with me and is funny. Now we f around every time I go in. I haven't talked much with the others, but they are never jerks and seem to give at least a f about you which is more than you can say for the rest of the world. My 2 inch block and sphere ice trays came in today so that can mean only one thing. I am due for a decent bottle of scotch. I think I know where to get one!”

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“Wonderful people, kind an understanding people. Always know your name or face.If u care an respect the people step up!!!! To many kids going crazy there, cars loud an disrespectful. Racing??I prefer hilliard stays open.”

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“they have a good selection of liquor and a huge selection of wine. the liquor is locked up i suspect due to lowlifes stealing but its a pretty good place to get alcohol. Since Washington has the highest liquor tax in the U.S dont be fooled by the list price.”

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“We absolutely love having you guys in our neighborhood. So convenient to grab a snack or get some gas at the corner store. Hot Chester's chicken is nice too when we need some quick lunch. Thank you for being part of our community. We appreciate you!”

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“This is our go-to Thai place in town. We order from here all the time, as the portion sizes make it easy to have leftovers. Their Pad Thai is really good as are their other items, and they've always accommodated our request to leave out the eggs without any issue. Their Thai iced coffee and Thai iced tea is also really good. I highly recommend themDietary restrictions: We ask them to make the Pad Thai without eggs and they've always been great about it”

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“This small gas station and convenience store looks Tiny, but has a pretty good selection of most things.. Prices are high... The service is excellent and friendly in the evenings... Good gas prices”

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“I love the guy who works here! He's always in a great mood, always trying to get you to smile and he's always keeping a good eye out for me, due to being harassed from some people that visit the 24hr laundry mat next door”

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“Great people working there. It does get a lot of homeless outside asking for money or food. They do keep the store very clean and organized and are very friendly. Always playing great music.”

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