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“It is a circle k now and still a good place to go especially at night because it's one of the few places that is open all night long we can still get gas and pick up anything you need such as milk or necessities”

4.5 Superb81 Reviews

“Receptionist and nurse were compassionate and sweet! I had to go to my eye doctor the following day as my condition worsened. I didn't have the diagnosis the doctor believed l had at Urgent care. I’m now on the road to recovery. This won’t stop me from going back to this Urgent care. I’ve always had a positive experience in the past”

4.3 Superb88 Reviews

“I had a spur of the moment issue and I pulled into Divine and the gentlemen working came over and completed my task without batting and eye. Because of his kindness this will be my first place when needing a automotive care.Service: Electrical repair”

4.3 Superb48 Reviews

“Nice beer and wine selection, and for a small space, you can find just about anything you're looking for, (snacks, quick meals, some hardware, some auto, etc). Service is always excellent and the place is very clean.”

4.2 Good59 Reviews

“Disappointed in the selection of Indian food .2023 updateThey have expanded their store and excellent products. I just wish they had double roasted sooji.Cookware would also be good like a Tava or idli cooker.”

4.4 Superb30 Reviews

“Hands down, as a repetitive customer over the years! This establishment is amazing. Many employees do outstanding duties to keep a neat order for such demanded products. The available coffee as to a cold drink is always appreciated. Many deals with holiday app. Great atmosphere of locals. The Holiday has been a means of crossroads as to just a place to get gas! Apple fritters!!!?? The neighborhood could appreciate this establishment with a little more respect. ?! Anyway. Stop in.”

4.5 Superb21 Reviews

“This place is pretty darn good which I mean by the food is great and it's the whole place is pretty interesting it's got some history behind it and enjoy the scenery”

4 Good61 Reviews

“Everything I needed all in one place. I dropped off a package at Fed Ex, picked up a prescription at Rite Aide and went grocery shopping at Fredmeyer and omw home I stopped and grabbed some food to go.”

4.3 Superb27 Reviews

“everyone is really friendly. Mike is always very personable and lets you know he appreciates your business. He remembers everyone and I'm always seeing different homeless folks outside cleaning the parking lot. It's the little things he does to help his customers out.”

4.6 Superb14 Reviews

“Clean little store, friendly staff with a wide selection of regular grocery store stuff; great for quick stops between the big grocery trips. I love that they have a selection of fruit!”

4.8 Superb11 Reviews

“First time (the gas price is always higher then other stores) stopping in at this particular station, it was beautiful inside. Super clean and tidy. The gal at the register was funny, attentive and polite. What a great experience! Five ? star in store service with wit and humor, priceless!”

3.8 Good81 Reviews

“Great little place to stop. I would recommend going in there and checking it out if you happen to be in the area but I wouldn't go out of my way to get there.”

4.3 Superb18 Reviews

“I don’t normally leave Google reviews but there was a guy in a Seahawks jersey who was super friendly and even came out to help me push my car. Excellent service, this man deserves a raise.”

4.4 Superb15 Reviews

“Great Place As They Finally Got 20oz Zero Coca-Cola In New Bottles (Not Just The Recycled Ones That Don't Make The Drink as Good as When They are In New Bottles) So I Got My Drink all Stocked Up & No Outages Any More Or Driving to the 76 Gas Station or Conoco Station To Get Them Now!”

3.8 Good58 Reviews

“I have never been to a gas station and met such friendly staff, becoming a regular here they know what I buy (peach tea & life savers) and always welcome me in and ask about my day! The staff that work here are some of the best!”

4.1 Good22 Reviews

“Divine's has been treating me well for the last 4 years I have no complaints and they're still the cheapest gas station I can find in the area without going to state line.”

4.6 Superb11 Reviews

“Holy cow. I stopped in for a breakfast sammie and they had one that one of the clerks made up called a K2.. I think it was the best breakfast sandwich I have ever eaten.. I'll be going back there.”

4.1 Good17 Reviews

“Cool customer service and shoot I was short on a little bit of change and the guy behind the counter threw me like 40 cents so I wouldn't have to break a dollar any place for customer service like that it's always worth a trip to visit .”

4.5 Superb10 Reviews

“Thay try to work with the homeless around thare. Instead of yelling at them thay get thare respect in stead. vary nice understanding people. Youthink it's kinda scarry but it's really not as bad as it looks I buy my gas thare because of how they treat people that are in need.”

3.8 Good29 Reviews

“It's our Go-2 for Nicotine (Filthy Habits) and Fuel for the Car (to Get There)... My Wife says They are Very Friendly a Rare Commodity These Days... Great Job Conoco's”

4 Good17 Reviews

“Don’t sleep on this place! Some of the best/out of the ordinary pizza in Spokane. I ordered half “Chicken Curry” and half “Creamy Chicken Garlic”. Both superb. Will be back to try the rest soon!”

4 Good16 Reviews

“I know, I know, 5 stars for a gas station/ convenience store... well it was very clean, well stocked, Friendly staff so yeah. Also the Nom Nom loyalty program is awesome!!! 15 cents of per gallon and free items with points!!! Killer!!!”

3.9 Good16 Reviews

“They are so thoughtful, kind,helpful , I did not talk about shot because I was sick and my doctor advised against it for now. Not cashiers fault. They always have shown complete respect even when I'm a blithering idiot. I only wish they took over the counter card. I do all my shopping groceries, clothes some pet supplies toys for my great grandkids. I can't say enough good. I will say I do like Walgreens they take my over the counter card from United health that's my only complaint . Oh they also saved me from being ripped off of 5000. Thousand bucks. Thank you CVS and Target. The women's underwear is a mess sometimes but that's all. Thank you Again Target for CVS. Mary Wilborn sincerely use what you want here. I don't mind part or all.Have a happy 2024.”

3.9 Good16 Reviews

“These guys stepped up and allowed a local elementary school-age girls' softball team to use the bathroom when the city parks and rec failed us by locking the bathrooms. Thanks Conoco homies, you guys are angels. Please support these guys who know the meaning of being helpful neighbors. :)”

3.8 Good18 Reviews

“Thank you for the friendly Warning; Monster and Venom are changing their cans design, in other words they're going to Paint Over the 99 cent symbol and charge quite a bit more, buy them up while you can and thanks for the info, my wife said you guys very friendly”

4.3 Superb8 Reviews

“"This gas station earns a well-deserved 5 stars! Clean facilities, friendly staff, and a convenient location make it my go-to spot for fuel and snacks. Exceptional service that sets it apart from the rest.""This liquor store deserves every bit of its 5-star rating! A wide selection of premium spirits, knowledgeable staff, and a welcoming atmosphere make it the go-to destination for any discerning customer. Cheers to an outstanding experience!"”

3.5 Good43 Reviews

“Nice gas station. People friendly environment. Prepare to put down a $15 deposit if you borrow a gas can to obtain gas if your vehicle runs out. But the $15 will be returned, or used towards buying fuel when you return to the gas station with their gas can.”

3.9 Good12 Reviews

“The environment is pleasant, I'm able think and remember why I went there. The employees are awesome they love my humor because it breaks the mundane b.s any job has. It's a couple blocks opposite of where I usually go but at least they don't try making you pay by their standards only and no crowds and clouds of opiates in the parking lot”

4.1 Good8 Reviews

“Update:New guy that's been working at this location has been cool. Gave a couple more stars for better employee and more kind staff lately.STARED 1: The older women who is usually in there running the store showed me a completely different side of her. Today I experienced rudeness from her and that’s unfortunate. She was extremely unkind and acted completely out of anger. The past 4 years I’ve lived in the area this is one of the main stops home that I would make on an occasion. The people who run it are usually sweet and nice. I asked to cash a 10$ lotto ticket and for some reason that triggered her. I tried to buy some more scratch tickets but the one I wanted to buy were out. So, I just wanted to take the rest of the cash. She told me not to come back to turn in lotto tickets.”

4 Good9 Reviews

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