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“Found this little place locally and what a wonderful surprise. All of their shoes are in color organized and great selection they have a lot of things to look at but most of all they have a lot of teacups and plates that I was looking for! The help there was amazing and attentive and I will definitely be back not to mention they have 2 dogs!!”

4.6 Superb42 Reviews

“I have driven by there hundreds of times! But finally stopped in and it was totally beyond happy that I did. I not only got windshield wipers for all of my vehicles, but I also got brand new Sealy, Posturepedic pillows, bedding, towels, bubbles for a bubble machine outdoor garden Decor. I was just bummed because I wanted to get this table and chairs or just the chairs because that’s all they had there but they only had one of the chairs and another set only had two when most dining room sets are at minimum 4 to 6 so that was a bummer and I had a similar incident with lighting and sconces only having one, so no matching pairs of things but the guy there that runs it not only is he easy on the eyes, but he greets you at the door he’s very informative and it doesn’t matter how many times you plus other people in the store have frequently ask him how much something is or ask him a question. He answers, right away with a positive tone, and ready with full detailed information I just can’t say enough! I’m definitely going back because there’s good prices there overall and again, the dude that runs it is awesome.”

4.4 Superb36 Reviews

“I read your reviews. Im moving in a few days. I will be less than a half mile from Habitat. I need furniture, etc. I am elderly and handicapped. I. Dont know if you deliver or not. Maybe Habitat would know someone. I would be willing to pay someone. Im looking forward to coming into the store. I also love bargains.r r not.”

4.2 Good66 Reviews

“We found the price for almost stuffs such as clothes, accessories, pet bed, small table with affordable prices. However the used items seem pretty worn out That is why we have donated here instead of another popular organization which also got donated items but selling with the price of new item /or unreasonable price. This will contribute a small part to the varieties of items to this store.. We are sure to think about donating some money as well.”

4.2 Good33 Reviews

“This is a fun place to shop and visit. always well organized and clean. It is a thrift store so you can't expect perfection but the prices are very low and reasonable. The staff are welcoming and friendly, especially for volunteers. I enjoy my visits.”

4.1 Good23 Reviews

“These guys know how to take care of their customers. Everything was easy and they returned calls and did everything they said they would. I highly recommend them.”

3.7 Good35 Reviews

“The Discovery Shop has alway been my favorite place to shop. Since I moved away my visits are less frequent but I ALWAYS gravitate to this unique and much appreciated shopping experience!”

4 Good9 Reviews

“I love this place because they haven’t cherry picked off the good stuff and put it on eBay. You can still find a surprise gem, a stray attachment for your vacuum, or maybe a leg lamp!”

3.6 Good22 Reviews

“Meridian Cafe is the place to go in puyallup for breakfast. My first time going there this morning and it was packed full of hungry people. I ordered the small portion of biscuits and gravy and had to lwave half of it behind cause I was so full. My stomach couldn't take more. I'll be back”

3.5 Good25 Reviews

“I found this little store nestled in the Proctor district a few years ago. So I wandered in and took a look. Today I came back. It's a cute little store where you can find some really nice designer items at good prices. The staff has always been helpful and friendly. The store is always clean & presented beautifully. 2-18-2022”

3.1 Average8 Reviews

“I get awesome textbooks and movies on major discount compared to major stores here. Love the staff, extremely nice and perky, excellent customer service. The company needs to pay them better and hire more folks though, the lines can get crazy.”

3 Average9 Reviews

“Goodwill is Goodwill. If you see it, buy it right then because it will likely not be there on your next visit. Sometimes, the pricing is way too high, considering they get their products for free.”

3.2 Average30 Reviews

“First time @ this store found remarkable deals women's dresses purses glass ware toowasn't expecting to walk out the door with a full store bag & arm full for what was paid far less then expected haven't seen these kind of deals since findingthe mother load in Lichon CityOregon last year the wife was very impressed loved her new selection of clothes”

2.9 Average26 Reviews

“Always find great deals here on practically new clothing!! Still one of my favorite thrift stores around, even now that I live north of Seattle. Whenever I come south I try to make a pit stop here. You can easily spend a minimum of a half hour poking around to find a few worthwhile pieces. Highly recommend”

3 Average39 Reviews

“You can buy gadgets and gizmos there for cheap and stuff like that so yeah everything is good there I am just waiting for the bus and I'm going back home so but Goodwill does not have they they can buy gas and gizmos and stuff like that so hope everybody knows that this is what I'm talking about you hope this message”

2.7 Average29 Reviews

“Our backpacks were stolen from our vehicle. 8/20 (6.15-7.30PM) We parked a pickup truck in the parking lot in front of the store. We lost all our backpacking/camping gears inside the packs. This was so miserable. If someone witness the incident, please contact me.Attention to the store team: If you happen to have a footage of ,please share to the police.”

2.6 Average45 Reviews

“This is the cleanest, most organized, inviting Goodwill, -or any thrift store-that I've ever shopped. They have so many delightful finds! When you need retail therapy, it's a lovely experience.”

2.3 Poor44 Reviews

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