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“Staff are friendly and are receptive when you are checking out. They keep a good eye out and offer to help you if you need anything. Also they have a good drink selection whether hot or cold.”

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“Convenient, "Mom and Pop" store. Juan is the owner and I've shopped here for several years. Excellent prices on cigarettes, beer and gas. One of the cheapest places to purchase these items inside the city limits of Birmingham. They don't waste time getting you in and out.”

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“I go to SUNOCO probably once a week. Their priceson cigarettes and gas are some of the best ones inthis area. They also haveboiled peanuts, Cajun or plain. I love the Cajun onesThe employees are so nice and friendly. Great place to shop. ?⛽? .I go to the Sunoco on Highway 5 by Artec Tractor.”

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“I don't get my gas there...It's on my way home...I would go in to get snacks for my kids..I usually only like to make one stop on the way home.He didn't have the item I wantedHe asked what it was ...he has had it in stock every since...GREAT SERVICE...I now pass other spots just to go there because I appreciate the fact he asked and went as far as to start carrying my product.”

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“Decent enough gas station that is pretty convenient to Interstate 20. The prices are competitive with the other gas stations in the area and it was a pretty uneventful fill up and be on my way.”

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“With fuel prices getting higher and higher, I found that this was a great location for low prices and fast service. It's conveniently located near the Walmart, Starbuck's, and Chick-fil-a on Montclair Road so I can get all of your "errands" done. I highly recommend!”

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“The employee working was no where to be found when we got there, but in the end she was very polite and helpful. Guess we all just need to remember the employees have other parts to their jobs then just the front counter.”

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“I come here every day. The two guys that work here are always friendly and courteous. They had mouse traps when CVS and Walgreen didnt. What other gas stations can give you mouse traps and a 6 pack of beer to drink afterwards because you feel awful for killing mice?”

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“I'm reviewing for Allison Tires attached to this gas station. My son had a flat and was stuck at the BP several miles down from here. We searched for hours for a tire to fit his truck with no luck so I just started driving looking for tire shops. I saw this place and I whipped in. My son was certain that they wouldn't have one either and was frustrated before he even got out of my truck. The smile on his face when he came back to the truck was priceless. They not only had this very difficult to find tire but they had several of them! They put it on his rim and Balanced it for $55 and made my son very happy.”

4.2Good40 Reviews

“They need more snack selections & their kitchen seems to be out of service a-lot. They need more of a selection of items for people traveling by needing some random item really quick. The gas pump area is roomy & there are plenty of pumps. The workers are usually pretty helpful.”

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“Linda Johnson( my life long friend worked there years ago& she been pasted away maybe 12 years, I went there to always purchase my gas & talk with MY BEST FRIEND, & AS A TRIBUTE TO HER I STILL GO. LINDA FAYE JOHNSON WILLIAMS.MISS U MY SISTER FRIEND.”

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“The owner Mr. David, is a very kind and wonderful man. Keeps his gas station amazingly clean inside and out and always greets you with a kind word and a smile. Bring all your business to him. It's hard to find simple kindness in today's world. I love this place.”

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“The store at One Stop is the cleanest I have ever seen. The owner/manager is so friendly, wears a mask and truly cares about his customers. I cannot say enough good things about it. Good gas prices and it also has a Amazon drop box named Karate. Love it!!!!”

4.3Superb24 Reviews

“I come to the store about five times a week in the morning to get coffee.The store is always clean. The customers always get service with respect. The cashier is awesome.”

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“This gas station was very clean. The food seemed fresh and not like it had just been sitting there all day like most places. The prices where very reasonable and the pumps actually pump very quickly. The displays were very well put together. This is my stop every time that I need gas for sure or a nice snack.”

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“This store has a lot stacked against it from the start. Yet the workers are diligent and nice. They do not have much employee turnover at all. Save for morning shift. Moses is a really good person and will listen to anything one may need to say about anything with a kind and genuine disposition. The morning employees are just as polite . Quick and make getting in and out much like well, a pit stop. All gas pumps are new and as advanced as anywhere else you will find. They offer 24/7gas as long as it's a debit or credit card. They stay open 18 hours out of 24. Not bad. If you need the essentials plus a gas top off. This place may be small. But that allows for a quicker than most in and out type stop. Being noticed and in the way, makes it where you need to get and go. This is done without making one feel as though they are being rushed too.! Great little all around station. Recommended for sure. Tell them Mohammed Abdul Shabazz Maleek Smith sent you. I kid. It's what I do.”

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“They're super friendly and very helpful if you ever need anything just ask they're willing to help you if they can. Their food is fantastic and the place is always clean, I love this place ??! I give it a 10+”

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“Having visited this location several times, I've felt compelled to write a quick review. At first sight, this location could use some TLC. The lobby is a bit dusty, however other than that, this veterinary clinic is superb. Dr Alley clearly cares for his patients, and tries to educate the owners on the health of their loved ones. The prices are very reasonable, service is quick. Additionally, I got the impression that Dr Alley would tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. If you need a vet, I'd highly recommend this clinic.”

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“Cheapest priced gas in the area, I have a lawn maintenance company and I purchased 99% of my fuel here, most of the time price of fuel is $0.15-$.020 cheaper than pinson and clay shell stations, I’ve never had an issue with gas, location, or employees”

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“This little gas station is the best. The customer service is so top-notch, and I honestly think the guy who runs this place is genuinely one of the nicest men I've ever met. He is so kind hearted and is just the friendliest. Every time my boyfriend and I take a visit, he always greets us so kindly. I always make sure to speak to him every visit, as he always does the same for us. He makes sure to ask how our day is going. This man is just so welcoming, so kind, and just over all a top notch fella. This little store is small, but plentiful-- they have tons of product in here, and the gas is a few cents cheaper here than across the street. I also appreciate that they are always doing what they can to maintain the area. A great little shop to go in. Truly a good meaning of "convenience store." This customer service provided here, is great.”

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“Today is Monday April 10th, currently they have a delay in the gas delivery so they're out of regular gas in plus gas so they all they have is the 93 premium, as of right now at 9 p.m. on Monday is $3.49”

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“Super nice people I love walking in getting gas but for people to ask you how your doing with a smile and making sure your treated with respect goes a long way thank you ?”

4.1Good34 Reviews

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