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“I ordered a Ford Lightning in another state and moved to alabama. Either their help, I was able to get the order changed. I ended up earlier buying a truck and then mine came in. The sales team and finance team over at Long Lewis was like night and day vs the other dealer I had used. They had to be the best car dealer ship ever. Super helpful and allowed me to purchase the one I ordered and wanted. I can't say enough positive things about them”

2.7 Average7 Reviews

“I just came here to write a positive review and am a bit shocked to see the negative ones. I rented a car at this location twice last month (June 2023). I personally had a great experience both times. I also happened to speak with the same person both times which may have helped. But Gregory was extremely helpful as I tried to rent each time, and I didn't have to wait beyond my initial reservation time. I actually was able to get it 30 minutes EARLY the second time, which was a game changer because I had to get to Atlanta by a certain time. Anyhow, he was also just very helpful, simple, quick, and polite. Before getting in the vehicle he mentioned that it's appreciated if you return the car in the way it was received---vacuumed. I don't know, people get really uptight about having to do basic stuff and maybe that's why there seems to be a common theme in their reviews. If I am ever in Birmingham again, I plan on renting here and would recommend it to anyone. Reasonably priced too since he also gave me a slight discount (the second time), probably for coming in polite and without high, unreasonable expectations. I returned the car the way I received it the first time around without throwing a fit.”

1.5 Poor57 Reviews

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