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“Costco gas is always 5-10 cents cheaper than most corner gas stations because they purchase in bulk. If you show up early or late, then the lines aren't so bad. During the day, it can back up to a 15-20 min wait.”

4.5 Superb51 Reviews

“The people here are always so nice and helpful, and they make you feel more like friends than customers. The owner is charging less for gas than other places in the area because he knows people are struggling right now. I highly recommend this ARCO!”

4.1 Good83 Reviews

“Great price but busy. Drop the wife at the store to shop and go fill up. Heck get a car wash while you're at it because she's going to need at least 40 minutes to look at clothing that she has to return next week cause they don't fit. But I love ya'lls service”

4.2 Good49 Reviews

“Yesterday around 9pm I went in for my usual snack, Cheetos with cheese & it seemed to be out of stock :( luckily Cristian was around & helped me with the cheese”

3.8 Good91 Reviews

“I know it's just a gas station but I always see the coolest cars around here! The place itself is always clean and the staff is always ready to get up and out to help with whatever you need. Sometimes the rewards system crashes but the employees try to help as best as they can and supply you with a help number that will fix you up lickity-split!”

4.6 Superb16 Reviews

“I’d say it’s the cheapest option in chandler blvd// N Kyrene Rd area. This place is busy, so don’t expect to find the pump very neat and clean. Gas quality is good.”

3.8 Good42 Reviews

“This Fry's fuel center is not located in the Fry's parking lot on Riggs and McQueen. Drive further East and its on the North side of the street on Riggs. Best gas prices near Sun Lakes.”

4 Good20 Reviews

“It's a good place to shop,They sell everything and good quality,good service, good quality,everything clean, it's a pleasure to enter the shopping store.The entire store is in very good condition,It's all remodeled”

3.6 Good37 Reviews

“I stop at different QT locations, multiple times per day. The employees here were very noticeably friendly, funny, and authentic. Whatever is happening at this location that is allowing the employees to be relaxed and be themselves should be copied to every other location.”

3.4 Good63 Reviews

“Very clean establishment and they carry the only soda that I drink, Pepsi real sugar. The clerks were very peppy and seemed like they appreciated their jobs. The Navajo items outside were a beautiful addition to this place. Very nice ladies and I'll definitely return to purchase items from them. They have some really beautiful jewelry and the ornaments are absolutely stunning and all hand made.”

3.4 Good49 Reviews

“It's hard not to like a Shell station. If it's a Circle K/Shell, those can get dirty. But a genuine Shell station is clean, bright, polite, pumps are clean and grounds are kept up. This is my neighborhood Shell. Especially since they still accept Fry's gas points.”

3.5 Good33 Reviews

“I live in the neighborhood and frequent this place. The workers are mostly nice, some amazing! Like the European punk rock lady, she’s awesome Not sure if she still works there though.My only complaint is the waiting! Doesn’t matter the time, packed or empty, I wait for several minutes every time. More attention is needed for clearing the line.”

3.3 Good75 Reviews

“Loved the interior of this QT, very nice with a car wash attached! Was pleasant to find during a break from Dashing, never been here before... Puts most CK's to shame!”

3.5 Good25 Reviews

“Carlos..the manager , makes sure all of his employees help me outside with my purchases. Each and every person that works there are VERY helpful and pleasant. I don't know what I would do without them, I'm 70 and in poor health. All gentlemen and kind lady's I would go anywhere else ! Super training job Carlos!.”

3.3 Good34 Reviews

“This is definitely the prime standard of all Quiktrip and all gas stations whether it’s someone training or a someone who’s been there for a while they always seem to be on top of it. I’ve moved to this area about a year ago and in the past 6 months this gas station has been the best I could find in the area and constantly impresses me. Manager Tyler and the trainer Geo really treat the customers like family and make it a great atmosphere while maintaining the store so well, would definitely send my kids to train here at this store with Geo M. as i’ve seen him handle multiple situations calmly while training someone anytime i’m in there . I love this location !”

3.5 Good15 Reviews

“Having the cashier outside for this location is a huge convenience when you have kids you don't have to worry about unbuckling and taking them out to go pay inside the center is always really clean the staff is always super nice”

3.5 Good13 Reviews

“Clean store, nice clerk in the evening who works overnight…Cynthia, makes you feel at home. Friendly, nice smile. This is the reason I come in. I tell everyone to go to this store because of her. She showed me how to make olive coffee. She takes the time to chat with me and is very professional but personal.”

3.1 Average57 Reviews

“I just wanted to let everyone know that I absolutely love coming to this Circle K!!Their store is very well maintained, I’m Always greeted super friendly and the manager goes above and beyond to answer or fix any issues that may have. They always have great food ready to go, especially because sometimes I’m in a hurry. I Never feel rushed or just another customer. I will continue to drive where I get respect and a smile Every time!!Thank you to the Manager and Staff for Always going the extra mile for me!?”

3 Average73 Reviews

“This place is the cleanest Circle K I have ever walked into. The employees were all doing some type of cleaning when I walked in. Hands down, I choose this place over the others.”

3 Average42 Reviews

“I came here for gas today and stupidly locked my keys in the car while I was pumping gas, and my dog was inside. After freaking out and trying to call a locksmith, common sense kicked in and I walked over to the service station that they have there that was maybe 50 feet away, and one of the mechanics was able to get my car open quickly.”

3 Average31 Reviews

“Very nice gas station I use to see mo alot he was very nice I don't see him much anymore early mornings he use to work I wonder if he still with the company”

2.9 Average9 Reviews

“Circle k is always awesome I love it I pulled up to the pump I choose the type of gas that I want and I get it or I go inside I get a donut they're always very friendly then let me use the bathroom they always have a fresh pot of coffee going it's one of the greatest gas stations that I've ever been to. Also if you get the chance to try one of their breakfast sausage hot dogs it tastes just like a bratwurst put that on a pretzel bun with some ketchup and mustard and it's an amazing lunch.”

2.9 Average17 Reviews

“GOD bless the beautiful lady here who bought me my bus pass to get to work this morning. Seems like one thing after another goes wrong in my life and this woman literally just made my day/week/month so much better by doing that one simple thing!! Thank you so much! I will repay you!!”

2.9 Average38 Reviews

“This Store is great! Staff is so friendly, the place is always clean(smells amazing)... bathrooms are clean. They always have everything in stock and the Manager Ana always looks to please her customers ? I highly recommend this stop in Chandler. Definitely coming back.”

2.8 Average9 Reviews

“Mike the employees here are awesome! He came outside to Welcome me in as I was walking up even holding the door open for me. I noticed a pretty and friendly dog out front which, was easy to miss going in, but he was so quiet that it was by coincidence that I noticed on my way out. What a cute dog. The dog belonged to Mike which he introduced me to him since there were no other customers in the store. I stopped for gas and as usual I got in and was out! This is also a great place to run into, to grab a cold beverage and snacks. I hope that, this gas station continues to hire nice employees such as Mike. It's worth the stop!”

2.5 Average6 Reviews

“I went in to this location this morning. The gentleman named Kendall Love was such a pleasant upbeat person. He smiled and showed compassion towards me. He could tell I was going through something and took the extra step to encourage me. It ment the world to me especially in that moment. Thank you Kendall for your warm soul!.”

2.6 Average10 Reviews

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