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“I have never been to the Alma School and Germann location. It was such a pleasant experience.David talked me through what would be the best package for what I was wanting. He was so friendly and went above and beyond ( with a smile I might add). He sent me inside, where it was super clean. Elizabeth then picked up from where David left off with the outstanding friendly customer service. What a joy it was to have both of them make my day.Thsnk you!”

4.4Superb729 Reviews

“A bit busy compared to other gas stations, and quite a few people try to cut lines, but otherwise OK! I am not sure that the price difference with other stations in the vicinity is worth an average 6-7 car wait ... Gas seems to be OK as I have not had noticeable performance issues with any of my vehicles.”

4.5Superb138 Reviews

“Swung by this place last week and the shop was pretty great for a quick blunt wrap and a drink but I'm pretty sure the girl working was tweaking on something. Slurred words, couldn't focus.”

5Superb33 Reviews

“The people here are always so nice and helpful, and they make you feel more like friends than customers. The owner is charging less for gas than other places in the area because he knows people are struggling right now. I highly recommend this ARCO!”

4.1Good83 Reviews

“Yesterday around 9pm I went in for my usual snack, Cheetos with cheese & it seemed to be out of stock :( luckily Cristian was around & helped me with the cheese”

3.8Good91 Reviews

“The pharmacy team (Stephanie) was awesome, in assisting me to get my medication transferred from California to their Chandler location. It’s very nice to know how much they care! This will be my preferred location.Thank you Team!”

4Good51 Reviews

“I had a digital card issue and the guy at the counter was more than happy to help me out with it. Problem was resolved and I just appreciate the staff going out of there way to help me. I will be back on that basis alone. Other local chain stores brushed me off. These people didn't. Thank you.”

4.8Superb17 Reviews

“This is definitely the prime standard of all Quiktrip and all gas stations whether it’s someone training or a someone who’s been there for a while they always seem to be on top of it. I’ve moved to this area about a year ago and in the past 6 months this gas station has been the best I could find in the area and constantly impresses me. Manager Tyler and the trainer Geo really treat the customers like family and make it a great atmosphere while maintaining the store so well, would definitely send my kids to train here at this store with Geo M. as i’ve seen him handle multiple situations calmly while training someone anytime i’m in there . I love this location !”

3.8Good50 Reviews

“A hole in a wall. Best kept secret in Chandler. Great place for clean fresh water. They have ice cream and much more. If you're in the process of moving they're a great source of moving truck rentals. They're a U-Haul satelite.. Check them out!”

4.3Superb23 Reviews

“I’d say it’s the cheapest option in chandler blvd// N Kyrene Rd area. This place is busy, so don’t expect to find the pump very neat and clean. Gas quality is good.”

3.8Good42 Reviews

“I pick up my medications from here and they've always been super friendly. The drive thru has 2 lanes, 1 for Covid testing and the other is to pick up and drop off prescriptions. Say hi to ED in the pharmacy, he's very knowledgeable on all medications and knows the ins and outs of the store so if you have any questions just ask him. Over all it's been a pleasure getting my prescriptions and medical supplies. If you like wine they have huge selection to choose from.”

3.7Good39 Reviews

“This is the go to spot when buying cigarettes. Me and my wife just left the casino, I needed gas and she needed to re-up on her special brand of yellow American spirits. I know you smokers are more dedicated to your brand of cigarettes then anything else in this society. When she saw how cheap the prices are for a carton of those smooth yellow boxed American spirits. She bought all they had. Yes, it was only 2 cartons left but she said she didn't mind if there was 20 left. She was going to buy them all. Now I'm not sure if they don't charge tax or we got a discount on top of the full price but we walked out of there super excited. I honestly don't think we can beat the prices anywhere near here. Definitely not in san diego where we are originally from. I did the math and she paid about $9.00 a pack where in san diego she's paid up to $15.00 a pack in some places. My advice is to go here for your nicotine addiction. Oh and it's actually really close to the freeway so there's easy access.”

3.5Good52 Reviews

“It's a good place to shop,They sell everything and good quality,good service, good quality,everything clean, it's a pleasure to enter the shopping store.The entire store is in very good condition,It's all remodeled”

3.6Good37 Reviews

“I stop at different QT locations, multiple times per day. The employees here were very noticeably friendly, funny, and authentic. Whatever is happening at this location that is allowing the employees to be relaxed and be themselves should be copied to every other location.”

3.4Good63 Reviews

“I really appreciate the quality service from the pharmacy. I am not sure of her name might have been Leah but don't quote me on that, anyone who has been here will know who I am talking about. Very helpful and remembered me as soon as I walked up. You can tell when someone takes pride in what they do. Thanks again”

3.8Good21 Reviews

“Came here in a rush for passport photos because the ones our family had tried to take in-house got denied by the passport office. The manager helped us and he was great. My kids are huge pains and he was so patient with them. We are very grateful.”

4.3Superb12 Reviews

“Very nice gas station I use to see mo alot he was very nice I don't see him much anymore early mornings he use to work I wonder if he still with the company”

3.6Good29 Reviews

“I live in the neighborhood and frequent this place. The workers are mostly nice, some amazing! Like the European punk rock lady, she’s awesome Not sure if she still works there though.My only complaint is the waiting! Doesn’t matter the time, packed or empty, I wait for several minutes every time. More attention is needed for clearing the line.”

3.3Good75 Reviews

“It's hard not to like a Shell station. If it's a Circle K/Shell, those can get dirty. But a genuine Shell station is clean, bright, polite, pumps are clean and grounds are kept up. This is my neighborhood Shell. Especially since they still accept Fry's gas points.”

3.5Good33 Reviews

“Some items are a little pricey but if you vape elf bars they have the best prices. One for $18 or two for $30. Great buy on those with a very wide variety of flavors.”

3.6Good22 Reviews

“I work here & it is a very well run store, the Manager, Brittany Birge is a wonderful lady to work for & has been a positive in my life, I love my job & wouldn't want to work for anyone else.”

3.8Good13 Reviews

“The immunization appointment I made went smoothly. I had booked the date and time online two weeks prior. On Nov 17th, 2022 the experience was friendly and efficient. There was a bit of a wait for the elderly couple ahead of us having their shots but I didn't mind. (Have to respect the elders.) :) After we were appointed to the private room, our identifications were verified and the shot was administered. In minutes we were on our way. Five stars for this visit!”

3.3Good36 Reviews

“Carlos..the manager , makes sure all of his employees help me outside with my purchases. Each and every person that works there are VERY helpful and pleasant. I don't know what I would do without them, I'm 70 and in poor health. All gentlemen and kind lady's I would go anywhere else ! Super training job Carlos!.”

3.3Good34 Reviews

“Not a welcoming staff initially . Stood 3 minutes before greeted. Once greeted nice staff. Store clean and organized.l with recent shipment received. Very attentive pharmacist when giving vaccine. Clean little (emphasis on little) private area for injections.”

3.3Good22 Reviews

“I travel around the valley for work everyday and I really try hard to avoid convenience store bathrooms. But I have to give a shout out to this Chandler Circle K! My man and I had to use the bathroom and we were both so floored at how clean they were that we both actually commented to each other about how clean they were. Staff was very friendly too! You can tell they take pride in their location. Kudos to you!”

3.2Average31 Reviews

“Clean store, nice clerk in the evening who works overnight…Cynthia, makes you feel at home. Friendly, nice smile. This is the reason I come in. I tell everyone to go to this store because of her. She showed me how to make olive coffee. She takes the time to chat with me and is very professional but personal.”

3.1Average57 Reviews

“This is a great place to shop the owner christine is the sweetest lady,the store is allway's nice and clean,I give it a 100'/. On the rate Scale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?”

3.7Good9 Reviews

“I go here all the time for snacks and drinks, and I get my water jugs refilled here. The staff are always great and very friendly, and the owners (I think) know me pretty well. Always greeted at the door when you arrive! They always wish you luck when you buy a lotto ticket or scratcher as well.”

3.1Average43 Reviews

“Andrea, the lady that works at the Arby’s in the loves truck stop at this location, went above and beyond to serve and was a breath of fresh air and a smile. Then after a great help she wished a good day! What a sweetheart !”

3Average149 Reviews

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