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“The best Mexican bread in the city. The bakers work in small batches unlike the commercial panaderias the focus on quantity or quality. The conchas are the stars of the show. Call ahead - they go fast!”

4.5 Superb96 Reviews

“Stopped for some bakery items and flowers. How can anyone go wrong shopping at this place. Beautiful inside. Customer service is excellent. Displays look fabulous. Prices are good. Thanks.”

4.1 Good254 Reviews

“Great opportunities for lunch or snack as well as traditional shopping! They also have a juice bar that is great if you want to take a break from making your own lots of options to choose from.”

4 Good360 Reviews

“Best Sprouts I’ve ever been to. The people that work there are so very pleasant and kind. I love them. Erica was especially amazing she is such a beautiful soul. Thank you for making my day that much sweeter!”

4.1 Good155 Reviews

“i love this place.. the employees are super nice and knowledgeable.. all of them! i get compost from here all the time and the moment i walk in, the employees know what i am there for and seem very grateful that i can pick it up! that being said, i am very happy that natural grocers does not throw away old produce, but rather choose to reuse it for a good purpose. other stores need to learn from this one!! they release great deals every month too, GET THEIR NEWSLETTER!!! i buy lots of my organic meats and eggs here because its much lower cost wise compared to frys or walmart, despite it being organic. i recommend that everyone switch their primary grocery store to natural grocers and ditch the others for essentials. to add to all of this, they are environmentally friendly from the bag-free checkouts (they do have boxes if you do not bring your own bag) to the biodegradable produce bags. you can tell this company truly cares about the environment unlike these other grocery stores. PLEASE OPEN A STORE IN LAVEEN!!”

4.7 Superb38 Reviews

“Love Daiso. Since we moved to AZ I can't go as much. But I found out there's one in Phoenix AZ. I will be going when we're able to go. Daiso has so many little things that are very useful.”

4.4 Superb58 Reviews

“I am obsessed! What's not to love? Their charcuterie stuff at Christmas time was amazing! I created a wonderful board with lots of options and not too expensive. The produce prices were the best I have seen. At Thanksgiving I got everything to make cranberry salsa for less than $5. The same bag of cranberries at a large chain store was $5! Their freezer selections are impressive too. I love that they are always adding new items every week and not just food. I got a really nice pajama set for $12. I haven't had any issues thus far, just wish there were handheld baskets available.”

4.1 Good122 Reviews

“I prefer grocery shopping here because it has a better atmosphere than other grocery stores. It feels much more relaxed than other stores and the staff is always friendly and helpful.”

3.9 Good170 Reviews

“Thanks to Diana -cashier in Tucson- who covered my bill ($20.44) as I had been hacked and all credit and debit cards were not functional. The next day I was able to go to Wells Fargo to pull out cash and returned her generosity (plus a little extra). New credit card/debit card in the mail and all is back to normal except that I have a new friend - Diana - customer care plus, personable, professional and just a kind human.”

4.6 Superb27 Reviews

“Tucked away in a back corner near the 202 this location sits. From outside it looks a bit rundown and parking lot needs some upkeep. Inside looks like your typical Winco . The layout was a bit different than others I've been to, but still easy to find everything. Store was clean and a few employees even offered to help us. Check out was great and the woman was very kind. I wish I'd of gotten her name.”

4 Good62 Reviews

“They have the best samosas here! Freshly baked same day every day. My boys and I absolutely love them. Great bakery within this specialty market. Service is always great and it's nice and clean.”

3.8 Good161 Reviews

“I can't believe that I am leaving a review for a grocery store.But, I really feel compelled. Everyone working there went out of their way to say hello, ask if I needed help with anything, and appeared to be genuinely happy to see me. All the employees appeared to genuinely enjoy their jobs.This is a well run store, with a very good meat section.Whomever is running this place really deserves to be commended. Keep up the good work. I look forward to making this my main choice as a grocery store for the future.?????”

3.8 Good159 Reviews

“I just moved not too far from this location and started doing grocery pick-up. Marquan (I hope I spelled it correctly, sorry if I didn't!) is by far the nicest and person I've met in the customer service field. I've worked customer service for 15 years and I can understand it's tough and sometimes it tires us down but the last two times he has brought out my groceries, he's been nothing but extremely happy, positive, and carries on conversation very professionally. He remembered me from the last time he brought out my groceries which also made me feel extremely special as a customer. I called the store, submitted a review with my purchase, and posted this review to say that: THIS MAN NEEDS A RAISE! By far the best employee I've seen anywhere!”

3.8 Good157 Reviews

“Loved the Custom Bakery Cake we picked up on 09/29/2923. It worked great for our large party. It was decorated beautifully and tasted great! It was a marble cake with strawberry filling. It was delicious!”

4.1 Good42 Reviews

“The best Carne asada hands down. Try something from their kitchen too you won't be disappointed. Walking into this place is Iike going back in time to my childhood days going to a carnecieria with my dad”

4.4 Superb24 Reviews

“My husband and I just wanted to say, give Kudos to your Awesome cashier (Anne) she has been a positive light for your store.Anne is always upbeat, smiling, friendly, just all-around Positive. We just Love her! ❤️And that is what we consider Professionalism. We give her 10 ?!”

4 Good46 Reviews

“I love walking in and smelling all the good food. Prices are good, and they carry what I want and need. Best place to pick up prepared masa. I also bought real vanilla and some drink mixes that I can't find anywhere else. I was a little disappointed that they were out of the Rosa cookies, but not suprised. They are very good. The whole store makes me feel like I'm at my mother in laws house, the smell is wonderful. Roasted chilies and other foods ?”

4.2 Good29 Reviews

“Excellent customer service!! I was able to find part of what I needed and the cashier was so helpful to help me locate some of it. The store is very pleasant to shop in.”

3.8 Good85 Reviews

“Always a great variety of vendors! Fresh baked goods, locally grown organic produce, crafts, sandals, leather goods and commercial vendors, like Lifetime Windows Doors and Baths....and did I mention the live DJ?”

4.1 Good30 Reviews

“I like this place, it's on the small side but has a smoke, convenience, and liquor store inside. But what I like best is the $1.00 soda pop cans (great variety!).”

4.3 Superb16 Reviews

“Pretty good Indian grocery store for fresh produce and other items. They have interesting specials where they treat customers with an appetizer or an unlimited buffet on special occasions. If you join their WhatsApp group you get notified about their daily special pricing on produce and other grocery items which is a good bargain! I visit this store atleast once a week and will continue to do so. Eagerly waiting for their kitchen to open up.”

3.8 Good48 Reviews

“I had a digital card issue and the guy at the counter was more than happy to help me out with it. Problem was resolved and I just appreciate the staff going out of there way to help me. I will be back on that basis alone. Other local chain stores brushed me off. These people didn't. Thank you.”

5 Superb8 Reviews

“Came in tonight for a couple things to go with my dinner. Store is nicely organized and shelves are filled. Made finding what I needed much easier. Staff was helpful and friendly. Store was nice and clean inside.”

3.7 Good51 Reviews

“Bakery is excellent. Mexican sweet breads, corn & flour tortillas, always baked daily. Ceviche delicious & fresh. Meat department "old school" services both personable & friendly. Enjoy shopping, lots of things to look at. Restaurant though I haven't tried it (due to timing) look forward to giving it a try.”

4.4 Superb9 Reviews

“I went to into Malani World Mercato for eyebrow threading. Hemisha did an amazing job on my eyebrows and lip threading. I definitely recommend her threading services, and I will be returning. This store is large and it has a lot of really cool items for browsing through. I love the colorful dresses in this store as well!”

4 Good13 Reviews

“Recently went to baby girls 2nd birthday party at park and her mom ordered cupcakes from walmart bakery and small cake to sing her happy birthday. I had one of the pink cupcakes and it was delicious. She requested whipped cream instead of frosting which made a huge difference bc i don't care for frosting at all.”

3.5 Good203 Reviews

“We are regulars at this location and appreciate its not a chaotic as other locations. Jeremy, at the seafood/meat counter went above and beyond to provide exceptional service! Thank you!”

3.6 Good42 Reviews

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