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“Clean environment, and good service! First time coming, but won’t be the last. John the owner was very kind, and had plenty of things that I stopped in for. He also told me happy birthday which is always kudos points in my book!”

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“I really enjoyed my experience at this shop. The staff were very knowledgeable and kind. I also enjoyed my kava drink which also helped me get a good nights rest. Thank you, I will be coming in again :)”

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“It was my first time visiting a shop here in Chandler and Kert really made for a smooth transaction. Decided to stay for a bit and look around with him -- it's always nice when employees don't feel annoyed by noob questions. Thanks and will be back soon!”

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“Swung by this place last week and the shop was pretty great for a quick blunt wrap and a drink but I'm pretty sure the girl working was tweaking on something. Slurred words, couldn't focus.”

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“By far the greatest smoke shop I’ve been to the vibe is good. The people are good. The prices are amazing and they do everything they can to help you out. I am definitely a return customer for sure!! Thanks to the great staff working there. I appreciate you guys.”

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“Perfection Just love these guys total professionalism always have what I need. Most variety of vapes I've ever seen good prices. They keep to the hours they post they're always open and just in general I'll drive as far as I need to go to get to them”

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“This is my favorite neighborhood smoke shop! The staff is always friendly, and always helpful. Especially Talea!! I highly recommend this shop to any of my friends!!”

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“Real solid business, owner, selection and prices.I went in for some glass and was blown away at the modesty of the prices - good quality and great prices.On top of this, AJ is a real solid dude and had some great knowledge on dry herb vaping.Can't recommend this shop enough.”

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“First time at this smoke shop and everything was pretty cheap. Matthew helped me and showed me some cool things and when I was being indecisive he was super patient. Madie was extremely nice at check out and super helpful and polite when I was asking questions. Matthew and Madie are definitely the reason I will go back and refer my friends!!”

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“Decent place. Small and very new. So far it was ok. Some growing pains, but what successful company/business doesn't go through that at first. Had the cigars me and my party desired. Clean. Didn't go outside as it was very very cold when I visited. Give them a chance. You never know. I bet in spring and fall this place is perfect”

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“I love this location because the employees are really cool they actually sell little single baggies that I have hundreds of uses for and they don't charge us through the nose for them. he gave us two packs for five bucks, everywhere else charges more than that and tacks on sales tax to boot.”

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“Great Smoke Shop they got tons of options on anything smoke related you might want to buy and for the most part pricing has been fair on almost anything I’ve gotten here definitely recommended”

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“Incredibly low prices!!! Great selection of vapes, male owner (didnt get the name) is very pleasant and easy to talk to! This is the only smoke shop I will be going to from now on! Thank you for being the best shop in Chandler!”

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“I felt like I belonged which is the first thing I enjoyed. The female that was working was polite and helpful with all the questions I had. Then walking into the humidor the selection was great picked up a few cigar brands i was curious about. From there I left a better version of myself and now enjoying an Olivia V”

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“Very helpful staff and good selection. When my device broke and I was out of state the owner mailed one to me! She has done this for me twice! I won’t buy my juice anywhere else! This is a great place!”

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“I like this place, it's on the small side but has a smoke, convenience, and liquor store inside. But what I like best is the $1.00 soda pop cans (great variety!).”

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“Ashley changed my life today with the lanyard that holds your vape and her vast knowledge that helped me pick the best product for me! Will be returning in hopes that Ashley will be there! ”

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“Sam was very honest and very helpful. He explained the benefits of a few different products and helped us make an informed decision. Definitely recommend talking to Sam!”

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“This is the go to spot when buying cigarettes. Me and my wife just left the casino, I needed gas and she needed to re-up on her special brand of yellow American spirits. I know you smokers are more dedicated to your brand of cigarettes then anything else in this society. When she saw how cheap the prices are for a carton of those smooth yellow boxed American spirits. She bought all they had. Yes, it was only 2 cartons left but she said she didn't mind if there was 20 left. She was going to buy them all. Now I'm not sure if they don't charge tax or we got a discount on top of the full price but we walked out of there super excited. I honestly don't think we can beat the prices anywhere near here. Definitely not in san diego where we are originally from. I did the math and she paid about $9.00 a pack where in san diego she's paid up to $15.00 a pack in some places. My advice is to go here for your nicotine addiction. Oh and it's actually really close to the freeway so there's easy access.”

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