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“It's a real good place to buy stuff and candy and pickles and alcohol and drinks it's the best store in the world I give it more than five stars I gave it a thousand stars”

4.5Superb58 Reviews

“Went there for many years without a problem or issue staff and still go. This place is always friendly willing to help and bending over to help anyone within the community. But recently they hire a young man he works evenings and weekends and he is the rudest ungrateful young man. I recently went to store and He overcharged a customer, the other he didn't give correct change back. And with myself he wouldn't accept change. So when I paid a $1.35 for a product in change he said I was stealing from store because he doesn't accept change for cash. witnesses in line waiting to pay aswell hearing what he said didn't find this acceptable and discrimination. I going to sue the store and the young man”

3.9Good20 Reviews

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