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“I live near this store and have shopped here only a few times so when I went here and needed to find a number of things for a special event I was having I was stumped trying to find the items myself. This employee named Ben was SO helpful! He helped me find my entire list and was SO nice. It truly saved me so much time I appreciate it so much. That is a great employee. I hope Sprouts realizes what a helpful employee they have! All of the items were great as well but, you can't have a good store without good employees. Thanks again Ben!If you need healthier stuff this is the store to hit up they have anything you can think of. And if you can't find it ....ask if Ben is there to help. ;)”

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“Came here to get a carrot cake, as it was my birthday and I was alone for it, so I was going to celebrate it my way. This store is HUGE and so easily accessible to get through! It's a marketplace too so they have everything you need in one stop!Customer service here I found to be top notch and very good. People asking you if you're finding everything you're in search of and just checking on you to make sure you're okay scores big points with me. The ambiance of this store, even when busy, is quiet for the most part.I am also impressed with how well stocked and clean the store is and that also scores big points with me and makes me a return customer. I know we shouldn't be judgmental but appearance IS everything when you go to a place, especially for your first time.”

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“This place is amazing! Great prices on fresh produce. One of the best shopping experiences I’ve had. Like a old school general store with a real local flavor. Definitely adding this to my regular shopping joints going forward.”

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“Tried this local restaurant out on the recommendation of a few of my partner’s coworkers. We were not disappointed! It is smallinside and rather casual. Many options for pierogis and other European/Ukrainian dishes with a small, adjoined European market. We ordered 12 boiled and 12 fried pierogi in a variety of flavors. Our favorite were the farmer’s cheese + potato and potato + cheddar + jalapeño. Everything tasted fresh and was served quickly. After our meal we browsed the market and were pleased to see they have their pierogis available frozen to take home, as well! Many European cookies and candies, other snacks, and a variety of sauces, pastes and canned vegetables.”

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“I truly enjoy my visits to Joe's. I don't live close to one, so it's a special trip. I love to browse through their unique choices. It's refreshing to have different options instead of the same old things at every other grocery store. And the staff is just so helpful.”

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“Great experience! I’m surprised I’d never heard of this place till recently. So glad I happened to meet up with a friend on their way there. I wasn’t even planning to shop, but couldn’t resist. Great prices, friendly people and patriotic! ??❤️”

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“First time here… not an impressive looking store, but you can’t beat the deals! Got some wonderful beef loin at a fantastic price. Will shop here again for sure!”

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“If you're looking for Mexican products...this is the place. The meat department is amazing. Highly recommend if you're looking to do some Mexican cooking.”

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“Da'kine place! Ono grindz. Lots of local stuffs from da islands. Lots of Aloha vibe. Ohana as soon as you walk in the door.Mahalo nui to Laukau and JP for bringing the islands to the the desert.”

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“Great prices. Not that busy. probably the best thing for your buck when it comes to groceries. I always forget about this place though in the little bins you can buy candy are awesome”

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“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing my family to have a car wash at your facility to raise money to lay our son, brother, uncle, daddy, nephew, grandson to rest!! Los Tres Amigos, we're amazing and I recommend them for future fundraising. Again thank you.”

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“Fun little store with lots of local options. I never know what I'm gonna walk out with. They have premade vegan meals that are super good, bulk soaps and spices, premium local meats. It's a good place to shop if you're willing to spend a little more to support your community.”

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“Basha’s is old school in a good way when it comes to customer service. They are my go to grocery store, specifically, because they help me avoid stepping foot in Walmart. That in itself is priceless. For example, unlike Walmart, I don’t fight for parking spaces, I don’t have to watch people walking around the store in pajamas, or in ratty swimwear, with their nasty unmentionables hanging out - and every Basha’s store is clean with decent prices and great selection. Best of all, Basha’s doesn’t seem to have the aggravating practice of switching up inventory locations to keep me guessing where things are in the store. Like most guys, I hate shopping, so I’m in and out. That’s what keeps me coming back. No weirdness and just fast grocery errands. Plus they actually have real people to ring up and bag my groceries! Like I said - old school, but great.”

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“Los Altos Ranch Market is a grocery store chain that specializes in Hispanic foods and products. The Mesa, AZ location is one of several stores throughout the Southwest region of the United States. The market offers a wide variety of fresh produce, meat, bakery items, and specialty items such as spices, cheeses, and Latin American snacks. They also have a bakery and deli section where customers can find freshly made tortillas, tamales, and other traditional Mexican dishes. In addition to grocery items, Los Altos Ranch Market also has a selection of household items and beauty products. Overall, the market is a great destination for those looking to find authentic Hispanic foods and products.”

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“Good Sprouts! It's on the cleaner side. I just hope they wiped down beverages bottles cleaner, once they store it in the refrigerators. I'll still give them a 5, someone probably just missed it.”

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“I purchased an Elegance cake... it was heavenly! The birthday girl and all the guests loved it. I trust Safeway's bakery for all my special-occasion desserts. The cream puffs are delicious, too!”

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“I just moved to the neighborhood and I'm glad ? to make this my new neighborhood grocery store. Everyone was so helpful. First , I came here looking for Menudo, and the Deli helped me get some meat and rice too. Then, I shopped around the store and realized everything else I was looking for for my weekly groceries was right here in this store. I was so happy I didn't have to drive to any other grocery store , because I got all the food I needed here at Food City. Thank you ? for being so helpful.”

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“Tried Ranch Market down the street and the crowd was nuts. So I searched ol Google maps and found this place. Got some ranchera steak with carne asada marinade.....and all the fixings. In and out and quality food. Highly recommend!Support the little guy rather than waiting on long long lines down the street.”

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“Albertsons is my favorite store to shop in for groceries. It is always well-stocked, and extremely clean, and logically organized. It’s easy for me to find anything I’m after.”

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“Management hopped right on another register and opened it up right away so you did t have to wait long at all. I love when management is active and willing to alleviate stressor their employees.. that's good business! Thanks for being supportive, I love to see that.”

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“Love this place showed up while they were cleaning and getting ready to close in like 15 minutes and they still welcomed us for service. As we were leaving they let others continue to get a few things. Great food ,and business.”

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“Smaller selection than the big grocery stores, but they emphasize quality over quantity. Prices are a bit higher, but again, everything is 'natural' and 'organic', so if that's your thing, this is the place.”

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“Food is really good but I give 4 stars because it is expensive like Cane Asada is about $12.00 per pound when I can go to El super at $6.99-8.99 per pound. Also usually it's packed with only 1 person on register. Need to get more cashier stations to speed up traffic.”

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“Yeah... pulled a thousand dollars out of the Wells Fargo ATM and headed toward Apache junction and purchased a 1994 Honda Shadow from a realtor who was helping his friend sell it.”

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“Friendly employees, and met a customer who helped me, I'm having a tough time just list my father. I had such a good time. I'm definitely shopping here. I met a friend as well, great products and produce!”

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“i was in the store about 11:30 a.m. on 7/7/ 2023 this morning, bought a 12 pk. i was rude to the cashier. i did call there but no answer, too busy i guess. i want to tell you i am sorry and i apologize to you. i'll try and do better, you have a nice day too :)”

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“Plenty of parking and right next to the light rail. It was pretty busy for a weekday. The nice thing though was the inside of this Food City is pretty big- larger than other locations. The bakery selection had more variety of pastries as well.Something was off though in the food in their deli section. Maybe it was luck of the draw but the pickles tasted off...I do prefer that the cashier was generous with the taco meat, but I still prefer the warm food from the Scottsdale/ Tempe location, as they taste fresher than this branch.”

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“Cool people here this long bearded ?‍♂️ nice guy was really cool got me unloaded real quick.Park the n the street before Checking in, go to the door that says DOCK DOORS middle of the building at the stairs.This street is under construction at the moment so be carful maneuvering around there.”

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“Deli Department06-17-2023This morning I received outstanding service from all three persons in the deli department. The new employee in the deli department - sorry I didn't get his name as he was busy- , is a winner. Make sure to keep him, as well as the others. An absolute pleasure to shop in this store where all employees are in a good mood. I needed some help with check out, and again it was done with a smile!Mr. Manager, thanks for making shopping friendly again.Ken H.”

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“It's definitely clean, and well stocked - my only gripe is the prices, and I understand, it's difficult for anybody to compete with the likes of Walmart and Amazon.”

3.8Good170 Reviews

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