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“A great place to ready-made meals and an assortment of goodies. Trader Joe's has been our longtime alternative to generic supermarkets. Everything is their own brand and delicious. Best ice cream you can buy from a market too.”

4.7 Superb199 Reviews

“This place is amazing.. the beer selection is Out of Sight!!! There Berliner Ale selection is incredible as well as there, multiple breweries are represented including one of my favorites Harland Brewery from P.B. California,Hazy IPA. Love this place could easily drop a 100$ in beer no problem..”

4.7 Superb134 Reviews

“My favourite place to buy organic groceries with lot of different varieties. Being a vegetarian I get many plant based food. Organic, milk, bread, juices, produce are reasonable.”

4.8 Superb72 Reviews

“This Trader Joe’s location is wonderful. It is always clean and well stocked. The employees are happy to see you and smile a lot. It feels like as neighborhood grocery store!”

4.8 Superb61 Reviews

“I am blessed to have had the opportunity to shop at this wonderful, clean, and well stocked store. It was great to eat some flavors from back home in Louisiana but here in Phoenix. Shaft was amazing and I pray God blesses him, his family and the establishment. If God says the same, I will be back to buy more!”

4.9 Superb41 Reviews

“It’s a tiny shop filled jammedPack with lots of treats and noodles I love. You can get fresh kimchi and other Asian products in house. Gotta try the kimbap fresh on the counter. They usually sell out by noon.”

4.7 Superb55 Reviews

“Me and my family went for Iftar this day the food was excellent five start everything was so tasty and delicious thank youGod willing, always success and success”

4.5 Superb67 Reviews

“First time to this location and I gotta say this location is super jam packed and cannot fit more than 2 two people and a cart in the aisles. But besides that very clean store and nice staff”

4.3 Superb112 Reviews

“Very clean, staff was super friendly and helpful. Especially the two young ladies named Kristen and Liz. The store has a variety and food, drink mixers, kitchen, and cleaning supplies.”

4.5 Superb58 Reviews

“I visit this Food City grocery store whenever I am in the area. A good opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich Hispanic culture, this store offers fresh produce at below market price, a good selection of Mexican cheeses, grilled chicken and grilled chilies, the latter of which are prepared on site on charcoal, respectively rotary grills, right in front of the store. The store was partially renovated recently adding a Starbucks island and a self-checkout lane.”

4.6 Superb44 Reviews

“Happened across the store. I didn't even know it opened so I went in to check it out. It's like $1.75 store that has other stuff but the best part is most of its Japanese I think. The prices are all different so don't think everything's $1.75. They have a lot of imported stuff. It was absolutely so fun to look at everything. And try all the different kinds of lays hot squid. Sweet basil. And some other. They had snacks and goodies. The owners are super nice. I would definitely stop in and try it if you haven't been there.”

4.5 Superb52 Reviews

“When you first walk in you aren't sure what it is exactly . . . gift shop, cafe, pizza place? But after you get your food you realize it is great. Sandwiches (pastrami) was amazing and pizza is very good. Next time in Phoenix, will be sure to visit again.”

4.2 Good128 Reviews

“01/27/24 UPDATE -Again found everything on the shopping list, employees were friendly no matter what job they were doing!Found everything I needed. Saw that scalloped potatoes were on sale for $4.99, so on an impulse we bought that and a rotisserie chicken for tonight's dinner! Yay!”

4.1 Good243 Reviews

“Grocery store is still open but a fire closed the restaurant portion of the business. Lots of different options in the grocery that you won't find in the regular supermarkets, great place to pick up authentic ingredients to make your own meals at home!”

4.6 Superb36 Reviews

“Smart & Final Extra! at 1450 N 43rd Ave in Phoenix, AZ stands out as a shopping destination that combines convenience, quality, and savings. Here's why Smart & Final Extra! deserves a 5-star rating:1. Extensive Product Selection: Smart & Final Extra! offers an extensive selection of products, catering to the diverse needs of shoppers. From fresh produce to household essentials and bulk items, it truly is a one-stop-shop.2. Bulk Savings: The emphasis on bulk packaging allows customers to enjoy significant savings. Smart & Final Extra! understands the value of providing quality products in larger quantities at competitive prices.3. Fresh and Quality Produce: The produce section at Smart & Final Extra! is a testament to freshness and quality. Whether you're looking for crisp vegetables or ripe fruits, the variety and quality are impressive.4. Excellent Deals and Discounts: Smart & Final Extra! consistently offers excellent deals and discounts, making it a go-to destination for savvy shoppers looking to maximize their savings without compromising on quality.5. Clean and Well-Organized Aisles: The store's aisles are clean, well-organized, and easy to navigate. The thoughtfully arranged layout contributes to a pleasant and efficient shopping experience.6. Friendly and Helpful Staff: The staff at Smart & Final Extra! is friendly, approachable, and always ready to assist. Their commitment to customer service creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere within the store.7. Convenient Parking: Ample and convenient parking options make it hassle-free for customers to access the store. Easy parking adds to the overall convenience of shopping at Smart & Final Extra!8. Fresh Deli and Bakery Options: The deli and bakery sections provide fresh and delicious options for those looking to grab a quick meal or snack. The quality and variety make it a convenient choice for those on the go.In conclusion, Smart & Final Extra! at 1450 N 43rd Ave is a retail gem that combines quality, variety, and affordability. Whether you're stocking up for the week or making a quick run, Smart & Final Extra! delivers a shopping experience that exceeds expectations. I eagerly look forward to my next visit for more quality products and unbeatable savings!”

4.2 Good103 Reviews

“I was in a bind and Cookie Brokers was able to help me with a quick turn around after my Etsy order cancelled on me 4 days prior to my event. They were quick to respond and put incredible detail into these cookies that also taste delicious! Thank you, I’ll be back!”

4.6 Superb33 Reviews

“Nice variety of different food products, friendly staff, don't be afraid to ask for help with any suggestions or particular items. Lots of to choose from.Likes: Cakes, dumplings, smoked sausages, cheese, marinated cucumbers.”

4.4 Superb48 Reviews

“This place is the cleanest realest mother grocers you can come across in the wild Wild West! All organic shop!! They have high standards of where they order their fruit and veggies, always making sure to get the best for their customers and it shows!”

4.6 Superb32 Reviews

“Surprisingly good sandwiches for what the place is. Don't let the "gas station convenience store" vibe throw you off. The sandwich options are robust and are very good. If you're in the neighborhood and want a quick, delicious sandwich, this is your spot.”

4.6 Superb32 Reviews

“I was so excited when I spotted this place while driving near the area. I'm a Santaneca so I immediately knew this store was Salvadorian when I read the sign. So many of their products made me nostalgic of my hometown (galletas picnic, semita, nougats, botonetas, etc). I got so excited that I finally decided to make my boyfriend some homemade pupusas with the Maseca and Quesillo I got here. I wish it was closer to where I live but I think I'll make the drive often just to get some of my favorite Salvadorian treats. Service was good and friendly. Aside from Salvadorian food they also had other Latin foods so might be a good place to stop if you're looking for other cuisines ingredients.”

4.8 Superb24 Reviews

“I had to get a few things and I like this little store they always have what I'm looking for, very polite men that work there and irs a nice little drive there and back, very curious workers and affitant in and out. I was staying off and on helping a friend out when I first went to this little neighborhood market, prices are about the same as other little stores like that one.”

4.5 Superb36 Reviews

“In this day and age you don't expect a store clerk to go the extra mile... especially in a smokeshop. This was not a usual experience. I want to recognize AC. I was looking at sunglasses and noticed they didn't have a mirror. I went over to a security mirror up in the corner but that was no good. AC said, "here ya go" and he pulled the mirrored door off of the display counter and held it up for me to use. Totally unexpected and way more than he had to do. He was also very friendly. Thanks again AC!”

4.8 Superb21 Reviews

“My family and I have been coming to summer market for years. The staff is always friendly and the store is always clean and tidy. They have a wide variety of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean foods and goods. I will continue to recommend them to all my family and friends. Thank you. Summer market!”

4.9 Superb18 Reviews

“Walked in after visiting a European marketplace nearby. This place is pretty cool! It transports you into a different country with different cuisine and items. I love trying all things new so I looked around. It is a small store with a couple shelves of items I couldn't read but they do have a small hot deli! I saw what they served more of and bought a phyllo dough with cheese inside. The cheese was so good and creamy. They had sausages and other homeade food there. It was actually really good. I would definitely go back and try more of their food. The lady behind the counter was nice and helpful too. She explained to me what was what. I saw they served espresso coffee as well they I would have to try.”

4.7 Superb21 Reviews

“I’ve been to multiple Safeways across the valley and this one is my favorite. Everyone who is staffed here works really hard and is super friendly. The store itself is always cleaned and well stocked. Big shoutout to everyone there, you all are doing great ??”

4.1 Good77 Reviews

“My favorite place to shop for supplements. They have all kinds of new products with nootropics, drinks, all kinds of awesome things. So happy to live close to this store.”

4.1 Good76 Reviews

“We love Sprout's and shop here multiple times every visit to this area! Exceptional produce and healthful products at reasonable prices. We love their fresh, made to order sandwiches too!”

4.2 Good50 Reviews

“The cantina inside was some truly authentic south of the border cuisine. We absolutely enjoyed the food that was served inside hot fresh moist tender delicious flavorful undoubtedly some of the best experiences we have had regarding Mexican heritage foods. The best time to visit is in the morning when everything is fresh and there are no lines.”

4.1 Good66 Reviews

“This Whole Foods has friendly staff. I was able to stock up on many essentials for my week-long stay in Phoenix. I stocked up on Dave's Killer bread, Green Kale, Blueberries, sweet potatoes, avocado, yellow onions, green bell peppers, assorted varieties of apples, vine ripe tomato, organic unsweetened soy milk, lemons, limes, hummus, banana, non-dairy yoghurts, and canned beans. I would have given five stars yet was bummed that there are no bulk bins here. I suggest a much needed room for improvement would be to have bulk bins. At other Whole Foods I have shopped at over the years they usually have well stocked bulk bins with ample supply of nourishing variety. Since I am here only a week would have been nice to do one stop shopping here. As a result I had to head over to Sprouts to use their bulk bins. Suggestion: Have bulk bins here and next time I return will bump it up to five stars.”

4 Good110 Reviews

“You’re not going to find a better Caribbean grocer in Central Arizona. S&O always has fresh products, never with freezer burn like other places. Seems like they get regular shipments because they were out of cheese for bun and cheese one week then had a ton the next time I came in. The price is nice and the service is nice.”

4.8 Superb16 Reviews

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