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“Great customer service and we were able to get the knee scooter that I really needed for my broken foot. A few other places were out of it, but it was suggested we come here. Glad we did. It's so much easier to use and get around with than using a wheelchair. They have so much more here than just pharmaceuticals and mobility equipment. Check them out if in need of anything.”

4.8Superb77 Reviews

“I went in on a Saturday morning and was able to fill my daughter’s medication quickly and the pharmacist went above and beyond and explained the medication in detail and what to expect. My daughter even got a little treasure from the box and that made her day! thanks for being so friendly and professional.”

5Superb46 Reviews

“Absolutely just the best place they sat with me explained everything showed me how to use everything just great and ? OMG they have a little shop inside and it's Amazing all sorts of chochkys and smelly goods and craft items I could spend hours just walking around looking at everything ❤️❤️‼️”

4.2Good75 Reviews

“The people who work here are so genuinely nice, and they want to take care of people. I’ve never seen anything like it in a pharmacy. If you are at Walgreens or Walmart, do yourself a favor and switch to these people. Brad, Rebecca, and Jessica, etc.. it does not matter. These people are the best!”

4.6Superb27 Reviews

“Not just good service, but GREAT Service!! My Doctor is A1. Dr. Rosenfeld has been my Doctor for years and has helped keep me Cancer Free from all of my several different cancers!!#Expert#Good Location”

4.8Superb21 Reviews

“Have to give a HUGE shoutout to our small town local pharmacy!!! I messaged them about needing some prescriptions for Tonia!! Travis went to the pharmacy on Sunday and filled all of them for us!!!! Not too many places that would open on a Sunday afternoon and spend that much time filling them for us!!! Small towns are the best!!!! Anyone feel free to tag Travis !!!! Thank you so much!!!”

5Superb14 Reviews

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“OutPatient surgery waiting area on the 3rd floor room 359. The Receptionist was really great and informed us how the progress was going and even took the time to help a spouse with pharmacy process. I think her name is Joanna Rausch or something like that but giving a shout out to her friendliness and even thanked each Veteran. THANKS”

4.5Superb17 Reviews

“Very pleased with the service. I needed help to printing passport pictures. Was helped by an employee who was already helping another customer nevertheless was able to navigate between both of us in a calm and pleasant manner. A bit tricky to enter and park due to the traffic. Certainly recommended to visit outside of rush hours.”

3.6Good39 Reviews

“Best pharmacy I've been to! They are fast, and polite and very helpful. This is now my pharmacy and I seem to have the worst luck with pharmacies but not this one. I was ready to quit my meds but thankfully I didn't have to thanks to this location!”

4.3Superb12 Reviews

“Hands down the best pharmacy I have been to. The staff there is fantastic and will take time to listen to all of your concerns or questions. Everyone is very friendly and would recommend this place to anyone in the area!”

4.1Good14 Reviews

“I’m always satisfied with this location. Compared to other surrounding CVS stores, this one exceeds expectations. I have not had a single issue with the staff here. Highly recommend.”

3.9Good16 Reviews

“Always super friendly, and helpful. Shockingly so, considering the circumstances involving other major pharmacies. I choose this place over others if I have the option”

4.3Superb11 Reviews

“I really didn't realize how this store has just about everything you need. They carry all kinds of snacks and drinks. The store is very clean and laid out were you can find everything. I noticed today they had soft drinks on day but 1/2case of soda get 1 free. Great friendly folks working the store today. The pharmacy is huge as well. At nighttime it's lit up with plenty of parking which is great.”

4Good13 Reviews

“Has been our pharmacy for years. Friendly people - very overworked! If there are problems filling a prescription, you will not be notified, so stay on it! This is my only real complaint with this pharmacy, but I understand that they simply don't have the time.”

3.4Good27 Reviews

“Staff is friendly, patient, and very professional. Wait time is a little long, but that's likely due to the high amount of prescriptions coming through the place.”

3.6Good18 Reviews

“Never been happier with a pharmacy! Staff are friendly and helpful and seem to always do their best. I’ve been going here for approximately 5 years and have noticed the same employees here almost every time I go in. It’s nice to see the same friendly faces and know I’m in good hands. I get all my prescriptions here as well as any vaccines I might need. They’ve always been wonderful and I can’t imagine going anywhere else! Thanks to the extraordinary team at NHM Pharmacy on MLK!!”

3.4Good25 Reviews

“Each time I have used them my orders get filled in a quick and orderly manner, have not ever had to wait on them and their check out is fast and courteous !! Address me in a professional manner and ALWAYS thank me for using them !! I didn't even have to ask for how to save money on my prescription either, they handled it quick & easy for me !! Thank You for your service :)”

3.3Good29 Reviews

“I love this Walgreens! Im so glad its the most convenient for me. The staff is nice and helpful. Layla in the beauty department is so helpful and knowledgeable of what's new and what works. I havent been disappointed in any of her suggestions.”

3.1Average39 Reviews

“I have been a customer for many years. I have always been treated courteously and the staff has gone out of their way to assist or answer any questions. I believe it depends on one's attitude how you are received and treated.”

3.1Average15 Reviews

“The world’s smallest Walmart at 2100 square feet of retail space. The same low Walmart prices.Essentially, it’s a cost-effective convenience store with a pharmacy. Interesting to check out for the novelty. Easy access for University of Arkansas students as it is on the campus.”

3.6Good7 Reviews

“been going to this walgreens since college. super friendly staff, especially those in pharmacy. this store wasn’t that good a few years ago but it’s improved a lot and is a great location !!”

2.7Average57 Reviews
2.8Average17 Reviews

“This Wal greens is very close to home. I enjoy the clearance items here. They tend to have excellent sales on toys. Good selection of products too and the staff have been very helpful in instructing me on how the point system works and assisting with updating my information in the system.”

2.8Average17 Reviews

“I love that even though they are very busy, the folks in the pharmacy treat me like I am a V.I.P. They are knowledgeable, fast, patient, and kind of professional. It's closer to the house, so I value my time and they do too. The Township location is my store! ?”

2.5Average68 Reviews

“Best experience I have had at a Walgreens pharmacy. Instead of the typical it will be a few hours to count 30 pills. The lady smiled and said she thinks we can count those really quickly. Within 2 minutes I was out the door with my script.”

2.5Average44 Reviews

“This was a great walgreens! They had everything that I was looking for. They had toys, drinks, a couple of clothing items, umbrellas, beauty supply, cleaning products, and they had a perfect spiffied up pharmacy! But the icing to the cake, the cherry on top, the cheese sauce on the macaroni, the soil in the plant, the camera cover on the computer, the wax on the candle for me was that there was a beautiful dog in the corner. The baby was all by herself and she had no collar I asked the Walgreens employee if I could take the baby. She said yes because the baby was a stray. I have never been more complete in my whole entire life!”

2.4Poor17 Reviews

“I called up here to see if I they had my medicine in stock, as the Wedington one did not. Rebecca, the pharmacist was very kind and helpful. She not only told me they had it, but switched it over to her store and told me I could pick it up whenever, it would be ready for me.Good customer care is hard to find nowadays, and Rebecca was great.”

2.3Poor59 Reviews

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