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“Daniel deserves a raise and I wish him the best of karma. I am dealing with a lot right now and I have not had the best experience with this post office so I was not expecting much help. He helped me re-open my same mailbox. I was not expecting that and I am so grateful for his help. We don’t always realize how far the most-simple acts of kindness and willingness to help can go. Daniel did a great job”

2.8 Average29 Reviews

“This is an excellent post office. The employees here do their best dealing with a lot of customers and handling issues the best they can. It is not their fault that other people have issues they can’t control or fix. I love coming here to mail my packages and I know a lot of other people here do as well. I feel bad, they receive a lot of bogus complaints. A perfect example would be the one below me. What exactly is your complaint? You mentioned what he did to somebody else and your reasoning lacks anything factual or relevant. Put yourself in these people shoes and stop trying to dehumanize people who deal with the public.Keep up the great work Jeffrey, Kaila, Kiara and Lee!”

2.4 Poor20 Reviews

“I used to come here for my packages and mail but now I just have my mail come to my unit.The staff was friendly, but the reason that I quite coming was that I didn't like Michelle hitting on me.YUCK!I also found her to be creepy!”

4 Good34 Reviews

“This is the best post office ever! Blanca is always so kind, efficient, and knowledgeable (she also has the best sense of humor around). I love this post office!!”

5 Superb6 Reviews

“This is the post office that does passports for anyone with base access. Not sure why it's on Google maps multiple times with different addresses, but it is located in the 22 area across from the air field on 10th St., which is the same street the new McDonalds is on. It's back a couple blocks and the building number is NOT 1103. It is 22103”

4.5 Superb8 Reviews

“Set up my appointment online. Showed up 10 minutes early and they took me right in. I was out in 10 minutes. Very friendly women helped me.. service could not have been handled more professionally nor more friendly. Now I hope I get my new passport quickly. Fingers crossed!!”

3.8 Good22 Reviews

“Thank You Chris and JonJon for changing my attitude towards going to the Post Office. I ship packages numerous times per month and use to dread the Post Office. Now, knowing either Chris or JonJon will be there and I'll be greeted with a smile, a hello and a genuine sense they care makes going here feel like a happy outing and not a dreaded chore. They are both friendly, professional and very knowledgeable any time I've asked or overheard another customer asking for help. The atmosphere and energy here is nothing but positive.Definitely recommend heading here to ship your packages.Thank you, thank you Chris and JonJon :)”

3.9 Good14 Reviews

“My experience with regular service is fine. Unfortunately 5 weeks ago a common delivery box in Calle Sobrado was vandalized. The Homeowner Association replaced the delivery box with a new one in a week, but there is a master key lock needs to be installed by the Post Office Personnel. We the neighbors are waiting for over 3 weeks for this master key lock to be installed. I stop by the post office every couple of days to pickup my mail. Today the manager told me no much he can do, the wait can take two months just to install the missing master key, in the meantime, no delivery service. I think this is unreal to take two months to install a master key in the box. I like to see your opinion.”

3.6 Good39 Reviews

“Small P.O. but staff friendly, easy to run in and get your mail or mail a little item already paid for. Usually a small line forms if you have to pay for shipping at the PO. They only have counter room for 2 tellers and no automatic weigh and pay stations. But it is close to grocery store, ice cream shop, banks, drugstores, liquor store, and fast food! If it absolutely positively has to be postmarked today it is good to run in and mail it here but check the cut-off time. Has handicapped ramp and parking spots”

3.6 Good19 Reviews

“This is a one-person operation and Lynn has worked here for years. She is one of the hardest workers I've ever seen in the USPS, and she has to contend with a lot of rude, demanding ignoramuses on a daily basis (see some of the other reviews to get an idea). I am an online seller and packages mailed from this office get scanned into the system within minutes. This is not true of the Encinitas main office where scans frequently do not happen at all (making sellers/shippers look lazy and dishonest). I have had a PO Box in this office since 2019 and I have never had anything but excellent service here, with the box and at the counter. Treat people with respect and they will respond in kind.”

3.3 Good4 Reviews

“Small and old post office building that is tucked away behind the main roads in Vista. I personally go here to get mail supplies that they always have available.”

2.8 Average19 Reviews

“The lady that works at this post office is so helpful and kind. My wife and I have been going to this post office for about two years, and our experience here has been fantastic.”

2.5 Average23 Reviews

“Went in to have something shipped, I have never shipped anything so I didn’t know what to do. Mike the clerk helped me out. Explained the different options, was very professional, polite and patient because I had a lot of questions. He went above and beyond. Thanks Mike!!”

2.1 Poor20 Reviews

“I had a most wonderful experience with the consummate professional Evelia Lorenzo. Both my wife and I had appointments for our passport applications. Evelia was very thorough, courteous, and jovial throughout the whole process. She made it very smooth and easy, and was actually quite entertaining:) On a sidenote the exterior of the whole facility is very dilapidated and very poorly maintained. They should do more to improve the overall look up the facility. There seemed to be transients nearby as well. The overall service was superb. Thank you!”

1.8 Poor38 Reviews

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