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“This location is HANDS DOWN THE BEST one I’ve ever visited, and I’ve been to a lot. I have a personal mailbox here and I’ve never been treated better. All the staff are great, and I must give a special shoutout to Jeff and Casey, they have treated me exceptionally well.Other UPS stores take notice, this is how you run a smooth operation.”

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“The Postal Annex crew here in Bressi Ranch makes my shipping and receiving stress free. I love coming into a store where everyone working learns your name and you feel like you are dealing with long time friends and family when you get to know them. Hermie runs the show and she is very knowledgeable in the business. It is nice to have some time before appointments to stop and chat. This is a family owned business and for those of us that are local to Carlsbad, I highly recommend utilizing their services! Thanks for letting me know I received a package Postal Annex crew!”

4.1Good56 Reviews

“I live around the corner and come to this store frequently. Every time I go in the young staff (Chris, Ella, D, Dre) are super helpful and maintain professional decorum even when customers are not being courteous to them. Please remember that if there is a long line, #1 you're just as much a part of the long line for whoever's behind you. #2 it is not the store staff's doing.”

3.6Good148 Reviews

“This place has been an awesome supporter of the neighborhood school: Jefferson Elementary! Our color copies were sharp, vivid, and perfect for our event. THANK YOU!!”

3.6Good88 Reviews

“shout out to owner Ana and her whole team! we had an awful experience at UPS on El Camino and Ana more than turned our day around! We will be exclusively seeing her for our printing business and you should too❤️-Miranda and Adam (Sundog Sound)”

4.8Superb19 Reviews

“I had a great customer service experience at this Staples location because of Krissy. I was picking up an order of business cards and Krissy took the time to acknowledge that the cards weren’t printed as legible as expected. She took initiative to correct the situation and get it fixed. The employees at this location are kind and attentive. Kevin assisted with the refund and it was a smooth, easy process. Krissy deserves a raise! Thank you Krissy and team!”

3.5Good77 Reviews

“Nick and Stephanie went above and beyond to help me out with a very important shipment that was very time sensitive. FedEx, if you want to keep your customers, you need to take care of employees like these two. They are the only reason I may consider using FedEx again.After a horrible experience with larger FedEx company that spanned multiple days (involving a delayed shipment of an expensive cold ship container, rush ordering another one, finally getting the first container and having to cancel the new one, having to go to a FedEx in SC to get a waybill that was supposed to come with the cold shipping package but never did, being told that they don't make waybills anymore but I still need to manually fill one out because it was a bio-type shipment, delaying my priority overnight package that was shipped Thursday and supposed to arrive Friday to Monday, and dealing with at least 10 different customer service people on the phone telling me different things or straight up making up stuff or completely shutting me down), I was having a very rough day calling FedEx customer service to help me with my cold ship package of breastmilk for my baby that only would stay cold for 48 hours since it was delayed past the Friday noon delivery time based on the priority overnight guarantee (to be delivered on Monday). I was unable to get customer service to help deliver the package on Saturday, but I got one semi-helpful rep to help redirect the package to be picked up at this local FedEx on Saturday (or so he said). I went to this FedEx in Carlsbad and it turns out the rep didn't change it in the system for me to pick it up that day and I'd still have to wait for Monday since it was in a large shipping container with many other boxes.Here come Nick and then Stephanie to save the day. Nick was so nice, and I know he wanted to help as much as possible. He was working in the front that day and he explained to me the situation very kindly, but said he would talk to his manager to see what could be done, and that I could check in later. When I came back later, unfortunately I heard that they didn't have enough staff (on Saturday) to go look through a shipping container for my box. I explained my situation, and Nick really listened and understood my concerns (unlike all the other FedEx reps I talked to all day). He went to talk to his co-workers to see if anyone could help and found Stephanie who volunteered to help find my box, and she succeeded!!! I believe some others in the back may have also helped out during this process as well and I'm so grateful for all of them. I don't even know how to express how thankful I am for the staff there to help me with this, and especially Nick and Stephanie who mobilized the team and went out of their way to help a very distressed mom on a Saturday! Thank you so much, Nick and Stephanie! Your help and kindness will not be forgotten!”

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“This is my favorite UPS location by far!!! The staff are all so amazing and so friendly! I'm in there frequently and every single time I'm there, my experience has been great!!!”

3.1Average190 Reviews

“Daniel deserves a raise and I wish him the best of karma. I am dealing with a lot right now and I have not had the best experience with this post office so I was not expecting much help. He helped me re-open my same mailbox. I was not expecting that and I am so grateful for his help. We don’t always realize how far the most-simple acts of kindness and willingness to help can go. Daniel did a great job”

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“I am wondering if the store is under new management. I went in today, and there was a lot of workers, and I was approached by many of them asking if they could help me in anyway. They were very responsive, and nice. It was a pleasurable experience there today. I don't think it's been that way in the past.”

3.2Average9 Reviews

“This is an excellent post office. The employees here do their best dealing with a lot of customers and handling issues the best they can. It is not their fault that other people have issues they can’t control or fix. I love coming here to mail my packages and I know a lot of other people here do as well. I feel bad, they receive a lot of bogus complaints. A perfect example would be the one below me. What exactly is your complaint? You mentioned what he did to somebody else and your reasoning lacks anything factual or relevant. Put yourself in these people shoes and stop trying to dehumanize people who deal with the public.Keep up the great work Jeffrey, Kaila, Kiara and Lee!”

2.8Average98 Reviews

“Always a positive experience at this location. I could've have conveniently gone to UPS or the USPS. I LOVEEE the people that work here. Love seeing the diversity too which is not uncommon for FEDEX.The staff always take time to get the price for shipping gifts to family friends.Wendy is awesome!”

2Poor8 Reviews

“Thoroughly enjoy coming in here as Krysta makes this experience exceptional. Always very prompt, kind and provides the best service! Never a bad experience and always leave with a smile!”

2.6Average71 Reviews

“I just popped onto Yelp to find this store's phone number. I saw the 3.5-star reviews and was shocked! I love this store. Everyone is always so helpful. I especially appreciate they are currently open on Sundays.”

2.4Poor37 Reviews

“I went to return something via FedEx here yesterday. I *thought* I had done a good job of applying the label and taping it all together. I hadn't. Turns out, as the very nice woman explained, Scotch tape will not keep its adhesive in shipment, and my label was wrong. She patiently took apart the packaging, and we found the shipping label email on my phone and sent it to her inbox where she printed it and put it all together. No charge. Just excellent support. Thank you to this woman and this Postal Annex!”

2.3Poor57 Reviews

“I have no idea why the low scores, the young man working at the front is on top of it. He's polite and fast...super knowledgeable. I have been in numerous times and there's never been a problem”

1.9Poor61 Reviews

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