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“This pharmacy has the best costumer services, specially Edmundo who I talked to several times regarding my issues with the delivery for my prescription. Please do not get the delivery with the company "Delivered-it" they have hundreds or bad reviews in yelp, they lie, they won't do the delivery as you expect knowing that and what you are waiting for is a medication. Ask the pharmacy to use another way to get your prescription via mail.”

4.7Superb82 Reviews

“Came here on a whim. Had a pleasant experience as we were helped by Jay. He is super easy going and knowledgeable on all the products. He has a great attitude and everyone was super friendly when we walked in. We love our experience so if you’re look for a dispensary in the area, look no more… this is the ONE!”

4.2Good51 Reviews

“This is the place that I've been going to since maybe 10 + years ago. I love every staff member there and they treat me like a prince. I truly appreciate their help in being diligent and precise in their work. Thank you so much for your help!”

4.6Superb28 Reviews

“I've been coming here for over 20 years. Love the service and the staff, I have not had a single negitive event in all those years!!! Great staff great service, get treated like family..”

4.7Superb21 Reviews

“Great value for my money with reliable and friendly staff. My prescriptions arrive on time and all in one piece to my mailbox like clockwork! Love the service and value.”

3.7Good86 Reviews

“I've been using Creative Compound for my pets hypertensive medication for the last year. Each time they've always delivered quality medications, great customer service. I love how updated they keep me in regards to when the vet responds to refill requests, estimated ship dates, and when medications have been dropped off ( I'm never home to receive)I used another service for a new medication and they did not provide any of these options. I'll be sticking with Creative Compound.They are always quick to answer any questions regarding the medications ( taken with food/ without/ etc) and work so well with my schedule. I often switch up the delivery address and they're always happy to change the address for me.Also the flavorings always make me smile, my pup loves them too!”

4.3Superb21 Reviews

“A trusted pharmacy for my specialty Bio identical hormones. 20+ years. I'm feeling strong and balanced. My skin and mind are resilient. Thank you Mesa Verde Pharmacy.”

4.2Good21 Reviews

“Very nice customer service from the ice cream server as well as the cashier. Believe his name might be Kevin?? He helped us with our 3 orders of single scoop ice cream cones and informed us where to find the napkins. Later it got so busy in the store that he ended up ringing us up for the Easter toy that we bought. Made sure we had the store discount card and greeted us a nice day out.”

3.5Good55 Reviews

“They are great at letting you know a prescription is ready to order. When you do order they are just as prompt letting you know it's ready. I kept forgetting and they were very good at reminding me.”

3.6Good37 Reviews

“Love the pharmacy. James the Manager leads by example and does a great job. He always answers my questions and helps. Two of his employees Jennifer and Nat are so friendly they even know me by name and always greet me. They provide excellent service. These three go the extra mile and make the trip worth it.”

3.4Good70 Reviews

“I love my "little" CVS pharmacy in my neighborhood Target. I have never had an "awesome" experience at any pharmacy ever.....until now. Everyone is so nice, they always answer the phone and are eager to help, I never feel rushed or pushed aside and they take their time with you!! I am making it my new preferred pharmacy.”

5Superb4 Reviews

“Excellent team! Always friendly and professional. Celina is super sweet- helped me get my vaccine today- The Pharmacist did a great job!! 5 Stars, Always, for this team!”

3.4Good26 Reviews

“Home care RX medication delivery is amazing Once the process is complete, the medication is delivered right to the home. And delivery personnel are friendly and professional.”

3.8Good4 Reviews

“I came looking for disposable masks and couldn't find any but a worker helped me find them! She was awesome because I was about to give up, they really need to put them in a more noticeable place or place a sign to draw attention to them considering the usefulness of them now....”

3.1Average91 Reviews

“Pretty good most of the time, pharmacy dept is wonderful!!! Mgmt doesnt like to get their hands dirty and cashiers are lost about cvs care cards thats a point of training severely needed.”

3.1Average72 Reviews

“This is a pretty nice Cvs! They have tons of greeting cards! They also have a lot of different flavors of Pedialyte in case you're having a colonoscopy. The line is really long so you have to be patient while checking out. They are definitely understaffed.”

3.1Average38 Reviews

“I have had nothing more than such a fantastic experience shopping here. I do feel bad for how undervalued each worker is now a days, they are all always so kind and helpful. I just don't see how people will tend to ruin the employment staff by being disrespectful always yelling at them and never allowing them to speak its always I need a manager because you just are so disrespectful to me(yes I witnessed people treat the employees poorly on a daily). As much as these people try their hardest to continue improving on the store, they gave out candy this Halloween just to be generous to everyone. If you truly want a fantastic experience just pay them with respect as if they ARE HUMAN BEINGS and not be so rude and harsh to these poor people who always are understaffed unfortunately. I love this location and will continue to shop here each day even if I don't want to buy anything Ill still go in and grab some gum or candy just to check on the employees and make their day just a lil more beautiful. Businesses only function when the consumers work with them not make it more difficult. Everyone always wonders why no one works and it's because no one like to deal with ignorant people that make it such a challenge to do your shift so you can afford life.”

2.8Average49 Reviews

“Katrina the Pharmacist was helpful and efficient. She kept the line moving and made sure I had the correct insurance so I paid the least amount for my medication. Prescription was ready within 3 hrs of my Dr prescribing, maybe earlier but I didn't show up until then. Thanks Katrina.”

2.8Average67 Reviews

“Dear Joel,I wanted to thank you for your amazing help at CVS. You have been incredibly helpful with all my shopping needs, and I truly appreciate it.From the moment I walked into the store, your friendly smile and knowledge of the products made me feel welcome. You always knew where to find everything and guided me to the items I was looking for.What sets you apart is your patience and willingness to assist. You listen to my questions and concerns, and your recommendations are always helpful. Your excellent customer service skills made my shopping experiences enjoyable.I also want to thank you for your kindness and understanding. Even when I felt stressed, your caring attitude made a difference. Your positive and compassionate approach is truly appreciated.Your exceptional service deserves recognition. I want to express my gratitude for your dedication and genuine commitment to helping customers.Thank you again, Joel, for your outstanding assistance. CVS is fortunate to have someone like you. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed”

2.8Average77 Reviews

“I have used this Pharmacy for at least 6 years and I have always had great experience with this CVS. Very professional and response to our needs.I can highly recommend this Pharmacy...”

2.6Average49 Reviews

“I am traveling to Senegal for a medical trip and Andrew, the pharmacist, was SO helpful and kind with helping me getting the correct medications/ discounts because my insurance wouldn't cover the whole prescription. Andrew was a complete life saver and made this whole process so much easier for me. He is always very kind when I come in to get medications, and is overall very knowledgeable and helpful. Give this man a raise!! He deserves it!!”

2.7Average104 Reviews

“I prefer this one than the one down harbor across target because you guys are truly respectful and won’t deny when emergencies because I went to try to ask at the one across target if I can use the restroom because I was on my monthly and he denied me and I asked again and said please and responded me with “nope” and told him that the one down harbor by chucky cheese let’s me and he responded it “then go over there” and I go into that rite aid and they have seen me walk in before because I visit a love one by the cemetery and they close their BAthroom early so I go into that one but that’s the service they give so yea I highly recommend this rite aid on harbor and wilsion thank you for being respectful and nice”

2.5Average54 Reviews

“The male cashier was awesome. He walked with me to see if you had pool noodles in stock. He helped me with your coupons to ensure I saved money. He was professional, kind and friendly. I prefer to shop at CVS due to your awesome coupon program and wonderful customer service. Thanks, CVS! Leezette Lopatic”

2.3Poor70 Reviews

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