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“I love coming to this drive thru mini mart! Being a mom of 3 it is so convenient to come here when we need a quick snack or beverage. Today I found an ample amount of Prime drinks, which some family across the pond are OBSESSED with these hydration drinks. The woman working was so kind and her and I chatted for about five minutes. She shared her stories about this craze on how it’s helped business with them carrying a wide variety of them. This is my favorite drive through mini mart. Very clean, accessible, and friendly employees!”

4.7Superb58 Reviews

“Always poppin off in this liquor store. Good deals and tastings for all holidays and just your casual taco Tuesday. Everyone is always so friendly including their dogs. My dog LOVES to stop by and say hi. Very social spot if you're looking for a little company.”

4Good80 Reviews

“I've been a loyal customer of this liquor store for years, and I continue to be impressed with their exceptional customer service. The staff here are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, even after all this time. They've consistently helped me find the perfect drink, and their recommendations have always been spot-on. The store remains clean and well-organized, making my shopping experience a breeze. As a longtime customer, I can confidently say that this is the place to go for outstanding service and a top-notch selection of beverages. I'm a happy customer and will undoubtedly continue coming back!”

4.4Superb37 Reviews

“SUPER FRIENDLY SERVICE ! My wife and I made quick stop here on Friday to drop off our Mega Millions lotto entry forms. When I walked inside the shop there were 2 cashiers serving customers. I stood for a moment and the male cashier said..I can help you. When I got to the counter the guy ( wearing a facial mask ) are you today ? BLEW ME AWAY ! No one ever asks how am I today. I wished the guy well....his name was Austin. I saw that the female cashier was also very friendly to the customers. I told them both as I was leaving that I wish more people were as friendly as you guys !”

3.9Good67 Reviews

“This is an older & still quaint little center that is home to one of my Favorite markets if not my favorite market Irvine Ranch Market. You have to try their Deli having cases of cold varied salads, meats & their hot fresh cases is my Fav because everything they have is DELICIOUS! PERFECT for 1 one person picnic, lunch or dinner & for large events as well. The bakery? Every single confection is amazing & Fresh. Their Smoothie & health juice shake drinks are very good too! One thing that sets them apart? Is that they are all so willing to help you get exactly what you want. They value their customers. I'm goin shopping now! See you there!”

4.1Good43 Reviews

“Lots of beer with great price. Lots of deals always. Just ask staff for the deals. They have many beers outside and they will give cold one from inside if we talk with the staff”

3.9Good23 Reviews

“Would be 5 stars except for the short angry bald guy ,during the day shift that physically threatens peopleSituation is that i walked out the store with an exchange for the fountain drink i bought that tasted like soda water , tried three diff drinks all the same result , told the bald guy and he called me lier etc which resulted in me asking to exchange for a bottled drink , he refused so i took one anyways and he followed me out to my car and started calling me names , physically threatened me and told me hed get me back if i ever came in again ...Which i will because other than him ...I love this store . The owner and other employees are awesome, store is always open and clean.”

3.6Good36 Reviews

“This Rite Aid store is great. It's in a part of town that can be a little run down, but they are a shining light. Great associates, and good product selection. Don't forget, they still have award winning ice cream for 1/2 the price as those other places.”

3.4Good73 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) I had no problem getting gas. The attention was good and fast from the cashier(Original)No tuve problema para cargar gasolina. La atención fue buena y rápida del cajero”

3.6Good33 Reviews

“It's interesting that these big major gas stations sometimes will offer you discounts if you have their company card. Saved quite a bit by having the mobile exxon card this time.”

3.9Good18 Reviews

“There is nothing they can do to improve my experience, because the staff at this CVS (inside my Target store) are great. They remember the names of regular customers. They acknowledge that people are waiting in line during busy times. They are pleasant and helpful. And they remind customers when new vaccines are available. I actually enjoy picking up my prescriptions.”

3.6Good29 Reviews

“If you're looking for a quick cup of coffee at a convenient store I would suggest circle K they have fresh ground Bean coffee machines that makes the best cup of coffee for a great price.”

3.4Good51 Reviews

“I was in a horrible situation about a month ago, at midnight. This was the only place I could find that was open. Luckily, the cashier let me use the phone. I didn't know the address, I asked him the address, he had a very thick accent but was pleasant throughout the four hours I was stuck there. However, the address he gave me was 1110 Arlington Dr.I don't understand why he gave me that address, but it screwed me over that night and I was stuck in the freezing rain until 4 am. He even wrote down that address when I asked him because I couldn't understand him.I'm not writing this review to criticize him, as he was VERY nice and sympathetic, I'm just trying to figure out why he gave me that bogus address! It's funny in hindsight but I will always wonder "Why?"”

3.4Good41 Reviews

“This 7-Eleven is always great the staff is always helpful they are very cool and polite there are a couple of homeless people out front but they usually don't bother anybody or even ask for money I go to the 7-Eleven all the time always feel good about it”

3.2Average72 Reviews

“I love this location’s pharmacy. Alex has always been extra nice and always goes above and beyond to serve me every time I went to the pharmacy to pick up meds. Good job Alex!”

3.1Average78 Reviews

“This is a pretty nice Cvs! They have tons of greeting cards! They also have a lot of different flavors of Pedialyte in case you're having a colonoscopy. The line is really long so you have to be patient while checking out. They are definitely understaffed.”

3.1Average38 Reviews

“Speedway has fair prices. I’m always trying to find better prices when it comes to gas (need a Tesla). This location has a propane station, and a mini mart. Takes Apple Pay and their receipts always print out. This location is off baker and Randolph.”

3.1Average24 Reviews

“I came looking for disposable masks and couldn't find any but a worker helped me find them! She was awesome because I was about to give up, they really need to put them in a more noticeable place or place a sign to draw attention to them considering the usefulness of them now....”

3Average97 Reviews
3Average25 Reviews

“This Circle K is by far, hands down, the cleanest Circle K I have ever been to in my entire life! Even the beverage bars taste clean! You can tell when a store cleans the nozzles on their beverages. You can really notice the difference in the taste! The employees here have great customer service skills! I travel miles just to come to this specific Circle K! Come see it for yourself! You will be totally satisfied in all aspects, and leave with a smile on your face!”

3Average25 Reviews

“It's a clean organized store, it has an ATM inside the store. The people working there is friendly, educated and makes an effort to assist you when you requested it.”

2.8Average28 Reviews

“My visit was very pleasant. The cashier/staff member was very nice to me and said welcome when I came in and when leaving told me to have a nice day. Store was clean and organized. I’d love to go back to this 7-11.”

2.8Average34 Reviews

“I have had nothing more than such a fantastic experience shopping here. I do feel bad for how undervalued each worker is now a days, they are all always so kind and helpful. I just don't see how people will tend to ruin the employment staff by being disrespectful always yelling at them and never allowing them to speak its always I need a manager because you just are so disrespectful to me(yes I witnessed people treat the employees poorly on a daily). As much as these people try their hardest to continue improving on the store, they gave out candy this Halloween just to be generous to everyone. If you truly want a fantastic experience just pay them with respect as if they ARE HUMAN BEINGS and not be so rude and harsh to these poor people who always are understaffed unfortunately. I love this location and will continue to shop here each day even if I don't want to buy anything Ill still go in and grab some gum or candy just to check on the employees and make their day just a lil more beautiful. Businesses only function when the consumers work with them not make it more difficult. Everyone always wonders why no one works and it's because no one like to deal with ignorant people that make it such a challenge to do your shift so you can afford life.”

2.8Average49 Reviews

“Love coming's clean and friendly employees,,,I'm here for gas or the famous.."crushed ice" and huge a** Soda and a snack”

2.7Average17 Reviews

“Katrina the Pharmacist was helpful and efficient. She kept the line moving and made sure I had the correct insurance so I paid the least amount for my medication. Prescription was ready within 3 hrs of my Dr prescribing, maybe earlier but I didn't show up until then. Thanks Katrina.”

2.8Average67 Reviews
2.6Average16 Reviews

“Darn good prices and some right proper employees.They are friendly.The place is as clean as a chemistry lab and they allways let people use the restrooms.The restrooms are really clean as well. I would definitely recommend shopping and getting gas at this establishment to all my friends and family.”

2.6Average28 Reviews

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