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“Nothing but positive experiences with Quinn’s. Very helpful staff, always friendly, with quick service that feels like an actual neighborhood pharmacy.Great place with great people. Neat selection of drinks, snacks, and supplements too.”

4.8Superb67 Reviews

“A great place with great people who make visiting a pleasant experience.Quick, convenient compounding. They also have a wide range of high quality supplements in store including niche supplements and blends.Definitely recommend.”

4.7Superb35 Reviews

“We have been filling our prescriptions here for years. The prescription is always available and accurate, the copay is always accurate if any, 99.9% is zero. Staffs are friendly and good. They take their time in going through medication with caretaker. It is a very busy pharmacy and long business history in the community. I call early in the morning at 9 am, they never failed me. Those complaining individuals should try reaching out to big chain store then voice their opinion. This one is a gem.”

4.8Superb26 Reviews

“Royal Pharmacy is the best! My father has been a customer for nearly two years and we are very pleased with their service. Emad goes the extra mile. He is reliable and promptly responds to all my questions and requests. My father’s prescriptions are delivered usually the same day, which is very much appreciated. I would give Royal Pharmacy ten stars if I could!”

4.5Superb25 Reviews

“Lena and her staff are seriously the best in the business!! You'll be amazed with how friendly they are from the moment you get greeted at the door , and then find yourself experiencing fantastic customer service and great communication each and every time you go in and they have knowledge that's second to none!! I've been a customer for over 4 yrs now and won't go elsewhere. There's absolutely no reason to ever make the mistake, sorry I mean the choice to go to one of those "TICKY-TACKY" pharmacies you'll find on every single corner and then stand in line for 3 hours. Try Lena ans her staff you wont regret it . Hell, they larger places wont miss you anyway because they can't even remember your name or your medication after 2 hours of waiting for it when they said "it would be done in 15 mins " yeah right ! Doesn't matter that your medication hasn't changed in the 10 years you've gone there and neither has your name . Been there done that and HELL-NO NOT AGAIN!”

4.4Superb27 Reviews

“The pharmacy staff was very accommodating for a short notice request for COVID-19 testing for a small party. The young pharmacist exhibited professionalism and care throughout the entire process. This pharmacy is very personable compared to traditional corporate entities and I would highly recommend for local patients.”

4.7Superb18 Reviews

“I’ve gotten mine and my sons Covid boosters here. This place is super efficient and on point, it beats any chain pharmacy by a long shot. In a world dominated by retail I’m super grateful for pharmacies like this one!”

4.2Good22 Reviews

“Champion RX Pharmacy is top notch! My mother lives in a residential care home in Laguna Hills and Champion RX is the home's pharmacy. They deliver all medications to the home on a timely basis. They have 2 deliveries per day, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Recently my mother had a UTI. I called her doctor at 4:45pm and the antibiotics were delivered to her home that evening. Now that's service! The pharmacists and staff are highly trained and always willing and able to answer any questions we have about medications. Rachael is especially helpful. She goes the extra mile to provide great customer service. In addition to timely deliveries, all of the medications are packaged on foil backed, easy to open bubble pack cards. This saves time and makes it simple and mistake proof to manage medications. Long story short, I highly recommend Champion Pharmacy!”

4.7Superb12 Reviews

“If you are not using the pharmacy and the Rite Aid store on Warner Avenue in Huntington Beach, CA, then you must change! I have shopped Rite Aid and their pharmacies for several years now and have always liked them. However, this particular one is hands down the best I have EVER used. I know the pharmacists more than the store employees just because I have used them more. They seem as though I have been a client coming there for years. They are all knowledgeable, kind, considerate and to the point. I have NEVER had to wait to have a prescription filled. I left an Urgent Care facility a couple of days ago. They had called in a prescription to this pharmacy and it was ready by the time we got there in less than 10 minutes. My son was so impressed he is switching his pharmacy immediately! Thank you Rite Aid!”

3.4Good77 Reviews

“Absolutely! One of the best, stores in OC. I see and deeply appreciate how hard all , the attentive, respectful, kind professional employees work to make the day! , of all their guest. They call me guest every time. I wish to especially commend all staff in pharmacy. In each & every store I have the privilege to shop in. It’s Always a pleasure! I encourage public, to visit & experience the for yourself. Please don’t take my word. Allow yourself that ? … all my love. Sincerely, ??”

3.6Good38 Reviews

“Maria was so helpful handling our unique situation. We came from out of state and needed medication and she called our insurance to make sure we were able to get it. Thank you Maria”

3.6Good37 Reviews

“The pharmacy staff was very accommodating for a short notice request for COVID-19 testing for a small party. The young pharmacist exhibited professionalism and care throughout the entire process. This pharmacy is very personable compared to traditional corporate entities and I would highly recommend for local patients.”

4.6Superb11 Reviews

“CVS is one of the family’s favorite stores. Parking is great; easy in easy out of the lots. The employees are always cordial and helpful. The shelves are well stocked and the stores are clean.”

3.3Good66 Reviews

“I was looking for a place to get a MMR vaccine for my daughter so she could go back to school I didn't want multiple vaccines combined in the same shot or day,I wanted to space them out to prevent any kind of allergic reaction or encephalitis but, I had a difficult time finding a doctor or pharmacy that would make this accommodation.Until I found coastal care pharmacy,Pharmacist Marcie is so sweet and great with kids, she was absolutely amazing she wanted to make sure that everything was explained to me she went through all the procedures properly showed us all of the pamphlets literature on the single dose versus combining themeducated me above and beyond. I highly recommend coastal care pharmacy”

5Superb6 Reviews

“The people here were very patient with me in my effort to get a vaccine. They took the time to explain to me the recommended durations between vaccines and why. I also had an old insurance card that did not have the latest information and they helped look into my updated infurance information.Overall very friendly, knowledgable, and patient. I am grateful for their efforts.”

3.4Good29 Reviews

“Walmart pharmacies in general are much much better than the competitors. The one on beach st in HB is outstanding. Take the time to get to know the pharmacists. Worth it!”

3.3Good40 Reviews

“I come here a lot for clients, Sabrina is the most helpful person I’ve had at any pharmacy. She is always willing to help me find anything I need and always pleasant as can be.”

3.7Good15 Reviews

“This busy group is always helpful. My prescriptions are usually ready sooner than scheduled, which I really appreciate. I've tried various pharmacies closer to where I live, but problems with the others (mostly rx's not being filled after I had submitted them online and then had to call the pharmacies twice when they weren't ready as scheduled) kept me coming back to this one, so I'm staying with Ralph's Peninsula HB.”

3.1Average60 Reviews

“Shoutout to the Bakery Dept, manager Rosa and decorators Lanie, Jennifer, Maria and crew for this amazing birthday cake for our grandson’s birthday! Cake was moist and delicious and the decoration was over the top, exceeded our expectations!?⭐️”

3.1Average57 Reviews

“I have been utilizing this pharmacy for years since I have been on a number of medications, and I am overall pleased. Some of the pharmacists are lovely and I got to know them well. They showed that they truly cared about my health and they would notice when I wasn't there to pick up medication if I was in the hospital/etc and were always so nice and caring. Some pharmacists who must be newer since I didn't see them years ago aren't as friendly, but have never been rude or anything of that nature. I have received a number of immunizations which are always quick and no trouble. I will say a lot of times they don't have my medication ready which is annoying sometimes but i acknowledge it probably isn't their fault.”

3.1Average48 Reviews

“This is my new Go-To CVS when in Orange County.It's a small CVS but usually well stocked, clean, well lit, smells good, has a positive vibe with helpful, sometimes friendly employees. For people that don't live in the LA area--coming to this CVS from an LA CVS is like going from the dungeon to the penthouse.It's a whole other system and distribution and product availability in the LA market I have been told -- than OC so I am always happy to shop in an OC CVS--especially this one. This CVS has their own large easy free parking lot--enter from Beach or Warner.My only beef is that because they don't want to have to clean up from the homeless that like to use a restroom for 30 minutes to SSS, they tell all their customers that the restroom is out of order. One time they let me use it and it was the most beautiful restroom of any public restroom ever except some of the newer Irvine City Parks. This CVS restroom is nicer and cleaner than most people have at home.”

3.3Good16 Reviews

“I truly prefer a local pharmacy to a big chain pharmacy. Bella Terra takes the time to assist you and you really feel like they care. Plus they have snacks there. i had a prescription transferred there and it was real easy. I would recommend them to anyone”

3.7Good6 Reviews

“Went here for medications. Never had an issue with any staff. The pharmacy staff are very by-the-book and professional. No complaints.Edit: Removed all mention of Quest Diagnostics staff because they are next door.”

3Average59 Reviews

“This review is for the Photo Center located inside this CVS on the corner of Goldenwest/Warner. CVS is one of the few retailers these days that still offer in-house photo production services - something that other big-name retailers have gone away with - Costco, Sam's Club, Target, to name a few. You can browse the different products they offer on their website, and depending on the item, you can check for same-day availability based on the CVS store location you want to pick up at. The selection, design, upload and placement of the photos are all done online via their nifty browser-based photo editing/design interface. When finished, you just review your purchase, confirm store location - and then send it off. The store receives your order, and depending on production time - sends an email to you when it's ready for pickup. For my same-day photo calendar order, I received a confirmation email when the order was placed, and another email when it was ready for pickup. Production time was accurate - a little over an hour for same-day servicing if you make the cutoff time. If you order something more elaborate - same-day or in-store pickup might not be available, in that case, you'll see estimated production & ship times for delivery to your home. I lucked out when I stumbled across CVS's website after seeing if the other retailers listed above had eliminated their own in-house photo services - and came across two limited time offers expiring today for 50% off with min. of $20 (so pretty much BOGO free, since the calendars start at $19.99). The deals are pretty decent - if I didn't get the 50% off, there was another offer for 40% off no min. Pickup was easy - I came about an hour before closing to avoid weekend traffic, Kim the friendly clerk was able to bring up my order and payment was made without issue. Photo calendar is great, considering the cost and timeliness.”

3Average31 Reviews

“I love coming to this Costco for lunch sometimes. Not too far from where i work. Me and my crew came here for lunch today. We ordered 3 large Pepperoni Pizzas and drinks. Costco make some of the best hot dogs and pizzas here. After that i got a couple shopping items i needed for home. Nice atmosphere, The lunch crowd really come out to Costco. Being that they are surrounded by so many other businesses off near Beach and Edinger. Anywho, We pigged out and had a great lunch.”

2.9Average136 Reviews

“Excelent service, clean, and professional. They were very accommodating and are quick to meet your needs. Above all it was really kind and friendly service. I highly recommend this place.”

5Superb1 Reviews

“Joe was an outstanding employee who went above and beyond. He greeted me when I walked in. He was on the phone with a manager or someone else at CVS and paused his conversation to ask me what I needed help finding. Then, when checking out he offered a helping hand and was very kind. CVS is lucky to have Joe at this location.”

3.1Average9 Reviews

“My husband and I went into this store and were impatient at first because what we went in for wasn't working out. After Yvonne and Renee helped us I felt really bad for acting the way I did because all they were doing is following there rules. I watched them helping other and trying to do the best they could to make sure everyone felt they were important. They really did there best which was above and beyond never had a bad attitude the whole time. I feel the need to address this and call myself out for being impatient and selfish.”

2.9Average80 Reviews

“THANK YOU JAMES! I don't know much about the inside of this store, because I spent about 30 seconds in the store itself. But.. I am someone who has hit a bit of a rough patch in life. And when it rains it pours. The very nice older gentleman with the accent I can't quite put my finger on, and the younger gentleman James... with a very simple act of kindness, turned my extremely stressful & hellish day, into a quiet and calm evening of relief. They were very kind, compassionate, and understanding of a difficult situation. And I cannot say enough good things about these two men. Thank you both. I'll not forget this. And I'll pay it forward,”

2.8Average49 Reviews

“My family has been going into cvs for years Tammy is always helpful today I was just adding money ony card but it was busy but I was treated with the respect like always from tammy”

2.8Average52 Reviews

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