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“this place is so clean!!! the customer service is great and I highly recommend going here. super super organized probably the best gas station I've ever stepped foot in.”

4.8 Superb40 Reviews

“Always quick easy in and out shopping mini varieties of different liquors and beers sodas chips goodies stop by for yourself and see how it is a very clean store.”

4.5 Superb42 Reviews

“Thank you Basel for your honesty and kindness. I left my wallet at the store with all my important ID cards and debit card. Basel made sure that all my documents in the wallet was safe. Basel turned a bad night into a wonderful night. I am forever grateful for Basel sincere Honesty and Kindness. Shukran and Salaam Alaikum!! Thank you Thank 100x over!!!!”

4.4 Superb41 Reviews

“Under New Ownership.Wonderful neighborhood Market. Excellent selections of various items. From Ice Cream to Liquor. If you like they will order whatever you need. I am new to the Neighborhood. It's with great pleasure I say Joe's Liquor Mart is the Best Neighborhood Market to come to Hemet in a very long time.”

4.5 Superb25 Reviews

“the people or guys that runs the market work really really hard all day everyday constantly customers are coming in out I noticed that the work they do ( cashier ) never take a break . it's a very very popular market for local homeless people there . . good fortune to owners of Lyons market we all should pitch in tickets to Hawaii they need break vacation .”

4.4 Superb18 Reviews

“We went to La Perla Market mainly for the Krunchy Krispy Chicken. The owner Orlando was a very nice person. We told him of our problem with a gas station which also has the same chicken brand, and he just smiled and said don't worry that he and his partner make the best chicken around. He even brought a sample of chicken for us to try and I will tell you this that we will be going back to his market from now on. We also shopped his market. And bought some items we needed. But as I said early, Orlando is a very nice gentleman, and will go out of his way to help you in hopes of you will be a returning customer. And yes my wife and I are definitely returning customers.”

3.7 Good39 Reviews

“Came in from Arizona for Christmas with the family. Friday evening I realized I had left some of my needed medications at home. I called the store on Stetson and State and explained to the pharmacist my mistake and problem. He checked out my 3 prescriptions and said if I was there in 1/2 hour he would have them ready. So thankful to him for helping me out.”

4.3 Superb10 Reviews

“I have been using Chevron since 1982! Except the times that I livef out of state. Their gas always seems better . This one has a food court to suit everybodys needs. If you dont find something great to eat in there you have not looked hard enough.And the staff is great!”

3.6 Good34 Reviews

“Was given great customer service By Frank, he took care of a situation that I was dealing with, true leader skills right there. Thanks bro, 7eleven should be proud to have you on their team”

3.7 Good15 Reviews

“So I don’t normally take a photo of a restroom, but as they say, a picture can say a thousand words. Very kind and uplifting person at the counter said she had high expectations, of the stores condition, to exceed customer’s expectations and it’s obvious throughout the building. This store has my vote for sure!!!”

3.7 Good14 Reviews

“I often go here when I need to make a quick stop for something I crave. Pizza, candy, ice creams, drinks, and more they have much to offer. I find them busy when I drop in day or night. Oftentimes I find myself stopping by late at night when the grocery stores are closed. The staff is always friendly, courteous, and helpful which makes it nicer to make a visit. The pizzas only take about 5 minutes so I am out quickly.”

3.7 Good14 Reviews

“My go to close by! Angel was friendly and helped me with all the questions I had. The suggestions and customer service were great. Thank you Angel for helping my family out.”

4.7 Superb3 Reviews

“This station has been my back-up when the Circle K on Sanderson and Esplanade is closed (semi regular occurrence). I've never driven over here to find them closed. I'm very pleased with this station!”

3.5 Good20 Reviews

“I've been going to this store for about a year now and, never once have I had any kind of bad experience. From the owner being totally chill to great customer service!”

3.5 Good17 Reviews

“I switched my prescriptions from Walmart here yesterday and am so glad that I did. We came in, and there was no line, which is Always great. The ladies who helped me were very nice and informative. I read past reviews and was expecting the worst, so maybe.... it was the way they were treated... I don't know. Either way, they were kind to me. Instead of paying $20.00 at Walmart here, I only paid $5.00. What a huge difference! What I did learn is that there is: 1. There is no cash back at the pharmacy section 2. $35 cash back at the regular register per transaction. 3. There are a lot of coupons printed on the receipt. Thank you, pharmacy ladies, for making it a great experience for me.”

3.5 Good15 Reviews

“Clean, well stocked without being stocked with clutter, their options include self-service blended shakes, it's hot food items fresh and fully stocked, and all their fountain drinks available including slurpee machines THAT ALL ACTUALLY FUNTION SIMULTANEOUSLY! The clerk was fast and on the ball at serving multiple customers at the same time...a good skill. The place was spotless at 6pm on a Saturday...always a good sign.”

3.5 Good11 Reviews

“The guy who makes the fried chicken here rules! Same name as me too. Excellent customer service and it always smells great in there. Bathrooms are clean and almost no hobos outside.”

3.2 Average41 Reviews

“Wow, i absolutely adore the owner! Helped me with everything i needed. They have the best prices in hemet and the best ever staffs. Go here if u ever need anything! U wont regret it”

3.2 Average11 Reviews

“For the most part, I always have a pleasant experience here. Today was a bummer. Purchased a carwash and the darn wash STOPPED HALFWAY. Of course I went back inside to let them know and they were every courteous and gave a refund. 5 stars!”

3.1 Average13 Reviews

“The clerks are very nice and helpful! The pharmacy guy was awesome came out on floor and helped me find something! Very respectful very helpful wish they would get the raspberry Smirnoff back!”

3.1 Average16 Reviews

“Wow, i absolutely adore the owner! Helped me with everything i needed. They have the best prices in hemet and the best ever staffs. Go here if u ever need anything! U wont regret it”

3 Average21 Reviews

“wish this AMPM would consider mounting a bicycle rack . like we riders know very well it only takes second for someone to take advantage and ride off with bicycle and when that happens nothing left to do but walk back home ..”

3 Average29 Reviews

“This pharmacy, on south Sanderson, Hemet sends me reminder’s to fill my prescriptions monthly. This is so helpful for me because I’m older and can’t remember to call them in. I know when to go and when not to go for my pickups. Very seldom do I have to wait in line. ?”

3 Average30 Reviews

“I came to the store thinking this would be a in n out situation because of the walgreens app I'm usually satisfied with the app but not this time I was stuck on the aisle scratching my head even went to the pharmacy department but they were so busy with a long line I didn't have time to wait then this girl name destiny who is a Walgreens employee offered me help she was amazing I explained my situation she help me with the correct aisle and even came up to me with a cheaper price over the counter medication that was on clearance. As I was waiting in line to get checked out I went and asked for her help with another issue and she was fast knew exactly what I was talking about even with the embarrassing story of why I was looking for this and she made me feel no judgment took me to the exact location of the product I was there for in the first place . Thanks destiny because of you I'll be retuning . Wish all customer service ppl were like you . Your doing a great job and was a life savor tonight .”

2.8 Average24 Reviews
2.6 Average14 Reviews

“I got locked out of my car here with my phone inside and waited for AAA for two hours and these employees were so sweet they offered me something to drink and continually asked if I needed anything. finally one of the ladies there used her AAA for my car, they sat and waited with me after they were off because it was night out they said they didn’t want me to be alone. I have never in my life had such excellent costomer service especially at a gas station! The gas there is on the lower side too so that’s a plus.”

2.8 Average59 Reviews

“I missed the Walgreens that I go to was still a 24 hour Walgreens. It is much needed in this community. It is greatly missed. The pharmacy is clean and they do a good job.”

2.6 Average28 Reviews

“This Walgreens management and workers, went out of their way during the holidays to make sure all gift cards were good. An employee asked if okay to check if the numbers are good before purchasing. Told him of course, since it's for a gift. He told me they pulled so many fraudulent gift cards off the racks. Want to tell the management thank you for keeping our holidays safe and thinking of your customers.”

2.5 Average20 Reviews

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